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Candy Jack - Sativa

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, January, 26th 2015 by THCFinder





Candy Jack - Sativa

Candy Jack was the second place sativa winner at the first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in the U.S. Great for stress and pain relief and also concentration.


Iowa Cancer Patient Dies After Conviction

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, January, 26th 2015 by THCFinder
iowa-cancer-patient-dies-after-convictionLastJuly, there was a 49 year old man, Benton Mackenzie, who was put on trail for growing medical marijuana in order to make an oil for treatment for a rare form of cancer that he was suffering from. Both Benton and his wife were convicted of marijuana manufacturing and conspiracy. Their son Cody was convicted of drug possession. When the trial ended and the verdict came through, the family was sentenced to probation rather than prison. But even though the sentencing left the family out of jail, Benton’s health began to deteriorate after the sentencing in September.
After the conviction was made, Benton began to travel to Oregon in order to get his medical marijuana treatment. His affliction was something known as severe angiosarcoma. This rare and aggressive form of cancer produces large skin lesions. Even though Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed a law last year saying that marijuana CBD derived oil was legal for the use of epilepsy, Benton didn’t qualify since he suffered from cancer. 
Patients such as Benton need to get access to the medicine that they need. Regular treatments sometimes just don’t cut it. For such aggressive and invasive forms of cancer such as angiosarcoma, chemo might not be an option. If medical marijuana oil works for these sick people, there is no reason as to why they shouldn’t have it. Specifically focusing on epilepsy in Iowa causes cancer patients to be cast aside, forced to treat their illness with more destructive methods like chemo. Benton’s mother, Dottie Mackenzie, told papers that Benton was “at peace” with his disease and the conviction when he died.


2 Chainz Vs Nancy Grace

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Fri, January, 23rd 2015 by THCFinder
2chainz-vs-nancy-graceWe all know the tyrant Nancy Grace is a total nightmare to the marijuana community. She talks about the plant as if it’s straight up “the devil” and constantly just reminds me of the mother in the movie Waterboy. Most stoners are too familiar with her awful arguments against weed, sticking mostly to using just straight fear tactics with no hard evidence. As Erik Altieri, communications director for NORML put it, “It is unfortunate that Nancy Grace is content to continue her groundless fear-mongering campaign against the responsible regulation of marijuana. With her outrageous claims that marijuana legalization in Colorado would set off a statewide crime wave proven false by the fact crime was down across the board in the state in 2014, it seems she is willing to keep tilting at windmills for the sake of ratings rather than simply admit she was wrong. One has to wonder, when it comes to Nancy Grace and her outlandish remarks, is reefer madness to blame?”
Last Tuesday, Nancy Grace actually hosted a show in which she guest starred the famous rapper 2 Chainz. The rapper has been arrested for marijuana possession before and thought it would be a good idea to appear on Grace’s show in order to try to set her straight on marijuana law reform. While the lyrics of 2 Chainz might not strike one as debate worthy, he shuts Nancy Grace down with some extremely rational arguments. “Umm, I’m not sure if you know but everybody has the ability to get their hands on pot right now, whether it’s legal or not,” he explained to Grace in the segment. “I just feel like if you legalize this particular drug, it could cut out certain things in the criminal justice system as far as the overcrowding of prisons…”
2 Chainz went on to explain how the regulated marijuana market would help to even out the financial trouble that the country is in, along with the war on drugs and thus, confusing Nancy Grace beyond belief. She really got miffed when he mentioned that he did indeed used to sell weed. But of course, Grace just talks in circles until her segment is over and then blindly declares victory even though she’s been out-argued by someone who’s clearly more educated than her. Grace promoted the clip on Twitter under the hashtag “#pot2blame”… Most of us know that pot is definitely not the one to blame here. 


Super Sour Diesel - Sativa Strain

Category: Nugs | Posted on Fri, January, 23rd 2015 by THCFinder


super-sour-diesel-weed super-sour-diesel-weed-2 super-sour-diesel-weed-4

Super Sour Diesel - Sativa

A sativa-dominant hybrid, Super Sour Diesel has a candy-like smell and a very distinct taste. Great for energy and focus, and works well in the daytime when you have to get things done.


What's your favorite piece to smoke out of?

Category: Glass | Posted on Fri, January, 23rd 2015 by THCFinder



Army Warns Washington Marijuana Stores To Not Sell To Troops

Category: News | Posted on Fri, January, 23rd 2015 by THCFinder

I was shocked yesterday when I was sitting in my cubicle at work looking at stuff on Twitter, and saw a couple of tweets from attorney Hilary Bricken (Weed Blog attorney of the year!) stating that the Army has sent warning letters to some of her marijuana business clients telling them to refrain from selling marijuana to troops. Below is the tweet:

army marijuana businesses tweet

At first I thought there must have been some kind of misunderstanding. However, a follow up tweet included a redacted version of the letter, which can be seen below:

army marijuana businesses letter

The letter doesn’t include what penalty will occur if the business doesn’t comply. It also doesn’t state what exactly the Army wants from the marijuana business as far as ‘evidence to the AFDCB that you agree to stop selling these substances to military personnel.’ How is that even possible? I’m assuming Army personnel don’t exactly come into the store in full camo and present their military ID at the time of purchase. This letter borders on harassment, and I’m curious to see how things play out.




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