Happy Birthday Bob Marley

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Mon, February, 6th 2012 by THCFinder

Toke it up for Bob today!


Joan Rivers toking up

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Thu, February, 2nd 2012 by THCFinder


Marilyn Monroe smoking weed

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Thu, February, 2nd 2012 by THCFinder


The Drug That Demi Moore Smoked, Is Dumb, Dangerous and legal

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Tue, January, 31st 2012 by THCFinder

Get with the program Demi, smoke some cannabis and you will be feeling great and you definetely won't end up in the hospital!

The stories and rumors about Demi Moore‘s recent medical emergency/drug-induced hospitalization just keep getting weirder and weirder. First, she was “exhausted.” Then, she was on “whip-its” (a drug that I didn’t realize anyone who wasn’t a 16-year-old barista was using).

Now, it’s widely believed that the “stuff” she’d been smoking, which was mentioned in the 911 call, was “ spice” or “K2,” a supremely stupid, dangerous–and legal–synthetic version of cannabis, available at smoke shops and convenience stores.


Elijah Wood toking it up on his birthday today

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Sat, January, 28th 2012 by THCFinder


Armie Hammer Busted For Marijuana

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Thu, January, 26th 2012 by THCFinder
The Social Network star Armie Hammer has narrowly avoided a drugs charge after border control officers found a small amount of marijuana in his car. Officers in West Texas carried out checks on the vehicle, with the aide of a sniffer dog, who uncovered 0.02 ounces of marijuana as well as "three medicinal marijuana cookies and one brownie," according to Cbs News. The seizure of the controlled substance was made in Sierra Blanca, just a few miles from the Mexican border.
Luckily for Hammer, though, the haul was below the amount that the district attorney requires to press a felony charge. It is still possible that the country attorney could pursue a lesser charge, as the report will be passed back to the local sheriff. However, Hammer's lawyer Kent Schaffer has told reporters that no charges have been presented to the actor with regards to his detainment. His marijuana-related debacle pales in comparison to Snoop Dogg's arrest for a similar offence earlier this month, for which he was fined just over $500



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