New Memoir Reveals JFK Jr. Smoked Marijuana, Enjoyed Tantric Sex

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Mon, March, 7th 2011 by THCFinder
A new memoir written by JFK Jr.'s former girlfriend Christina Haagreveals some interesting and intimate details about his life.
In her book, Come To The Edge, she writes about their relationship in 1980s, describing smoking marijuana with him on the beach, his recommendations of tantric sex books, and even a near-deathkayaking experience.
She says that Kennedy packed "a book on tantric sex a friend from Andover had given him after returning from Thailand. 'It comes highly recommended, he said with a wink.'"
And while in Jamaica, he was offered a joint by locals and "stretched out on the sand and finished what was left of the joint."
JFK Jr. passed away in 1999, during a crash while piloting his own plane.
He was known to be a thrill seeker so Haag's stories don't surprise us.
We wish we could have seen what he would have become. Another life that was lost too soon.


Charlie Sheen strain hitting Marijuana Dispensaries!

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Mon, March, 7th 2011 by THCFinder
Snoop Dogg really can get high off that "Charlie Sheen" ... because TMZ has learned several California marijuana dispensaries are now selling a strain of the sticky icky named after the actor.
Our spies in the weed community -- yes, paranoids, they exist -- have learned a new cannabis straincalled "Charlie Sheen" went on sale in several dispensaries last week ... and we're told it's been flyingoff the shelves.
In fact, one employee tells us the weed is in such high demand, they've had to start growing more.
So where does "Charlie Sheen" rank? As you can see from the pic ... somewhere between Jupiter and Venus ... so, we're guessing it's pretty out of the this world. 


Keith Richards' daughter nabbed by police for graffiti and drugs

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Wed, March, 2nd 2011 by THCFinder

New York (CNN) -- The daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was arrested after allegedly scrawling graffiti on a building in a Manhattan neighborhood Tuesday night, according to police.


Theodora Richards, 25, was also slapped with drug charges after police found her carrying marijuana while writing "T (heart) A" with a paint marker in the city's Soho district, said a New York Police Department spokeswoman who declined to be named.


Richards, who has modeled for brands like Burberry and French Connection, was charged with two counts of making graffiti, possession of a graffiti-making instrument, criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana.


Richards is the daughter of model Patti Hansen and the Rolling Stones icon who gained international fame not only for his music, but also for years of drug use and multiple scrapes with the law.



Rapper Juvenile arrested for pot possession in Louisiana

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Mon, February, 28th 2011 by THCFinder

The rapper, Juvenile was arrested over the weekend for pot possession in Louisiana.   Juvenile (Terius Gray) was reportedly pulled over for speeding.  He was then arrested for speeding, driving on a suspended license, for drug possession (marijuana).  He was released after his $750 bond was posted.  He will face the charges during a court date set for April 1.

This has been a long road for the rapper, who has had nine songs hit the Billboard Hot 100 including 'Slow Motion' (No. 1) and 'Back That Thang Up' (19) during his career.  He has faced drug charges twice in the past, as well as being arrested for assaulting his barber.  The most recent drug charge was in arrested in  August 2010 and  plead guilty to a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. Juvenile received a suspended sentence:  three months in jail and six months probation along with a $250 fine.

Juvenile has also had his share of misfortune in the last couple of years that has caused him to avoid the press.  He skipped the funeral of his then 4-year-old daughter as well as his daughter's mother, Joy Deleston and another child after they had been murdered by Deleston's older son, Anthony Tyrone Terrell.   He was criticized for not going to the funeral of his daughter though even now he has difficulty talking about it saying in 2009:



Natalie Kenly: Charlie Sheens New Girlfriend, 24, Is a Marijuana Bikini Babe

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Thu, February, 24th 2011 by THCFinder

Charlie Sheen’s newest arm candy has been revealed! The actor was spotted engaging in some PDA with a mystery blonde on Monday who has now been identified as Natalie Kenly, a 24-year-old graphic designer and former cheerleader from Sherman Oaks High School.

Charlie, 45, was photographed with the Natalie, who has recently dyed her hair blonde.


According to Radar Online, Kenly was arrested for underage drinking in Lake Havasu, Ariz. in 2006. In her booking photo, she is a brunette.

Kelly was also a brunette on the cover of Cali Chronic X Magazine last, where she is dubbed Natty Baby, and is a regular model for the publication and is quite the marijuana lover, as she was even crowned”Chronic Girl 2010,” TMZ reports.



Lady Gaga Admits Smoking Marijuana Claims Its Inspirational

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Mon, February, 14th 2011 by THCFinder
Lady Gaga admits that she smokes marijuana but claims she uses it principally when she is writing new songs.   The lady who hatched from an egg on the Grammys last night feels that “sugar coating” her lifestyle or behaviour and pretending she doesn’t use drugs would be untrue to herself.
In an interview with Anderson Cooper for ’60 Minutes’, she said: “I still smoke a lot of pot when I write music. So I’m not gonna, like, sugar coat it for ’60 Minutes’ that I’m some, like, sober human being, ’cause I’m not.”
Despite admitting her own cannabis use, the 24-year-old singer – who tookhome three prizes at the Grammy Awards last night says she doesn’t want her younger fans to experiment with illegal substances just because she has.
In the TV interview, she added: “I don’t want to encourage kids to do drugs. But when you asked me about the sociology of fame and what artists do wrong – what artists do wrong is they lie.  And I don’t lie.  I’m not a liar.  I built good will with my fans.  They know who I am.  And I’m just like them in so many ways.”



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