Larry OG Wax

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Toxic Yoda Wax

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Black Yoda OG Wax

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How To Dewax BHO

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So sometimes when BHO is made, there are impurties that are left in the substance that some people don't want to smoke. And for good reason! Inhaling chemicals can cause breathing prbelms and no one wants to deal with that. It was suggested to me that I post something about this process. The following instruction was the best that I could find, as this process seems pretty complicated, especially to myself, someone who has never even dabbed before. With that being said, if this is not the preferred way to dewax BHO, I apologize and would like to hear how you do it! If you have a specific process to do this, I would love to hear it and you can email it to me at
The first step is to acquire the oil in the preferred solvent. If you buy it, great. If you make it yourself, be sure to avoid putting yourself or others at risk. Once you've finished that, you're ready to start. You take a large jar and add near boiling water about 2/3 the way up the jar. For bigger batches, you should be using bigger jars such as gallons and pints work well for smaller batches. Be sure to heat the jar up gradually before this process to avoid serious cracking. Add the oil to the hot water with a spoon or a blade and put the lid on the jar, leaving it slightly loose. Be sure to wear thick gloves for this part, as you don't want to burn your hands. LIGHTLY shake the jar over a sink and depressurize the jar by loosening the top. You should hear a rush of air when this is done. Repeat this once and on the last time, close the jar tightly.
Shake the jar vigorously for about 30 seconds, take a small break, and then shake for another 30 seconds. Proceed to place the jar in a warm bath, then a cooler bath, then cold. Do this process over time, again to avoid cracking the glass. When the water in the jar has become cold, remove the oil layer from the top of the surface. Oil and water do not mix and the oil will rise to the surface as soon as you stop shaking the jar. Filter the water through a coffee filter and discard the water, as it is filled with the very impurities that you're trying to get rid of. Scrape up the remaining oil and add it to the puck in side of a stainless steel bowl and use a blowdryer on high to evaporate the water. You should rotate the bowl as you do this, making sure you get rid of every last drop of water. Now you're ready to dewax.
Again, this process is not mine and was found online. If this is not the proper process, I do apologize. This method stated that you take a bottle of acetone and fill a new jar about 3/4 of the way up. Heat the acetone up in a warm bath for this process but AVOID using flame at this point in the process. When the oil is in the acetone, gently stir it so that the oil fully dissolves. Then, place the lid on and lightly swirl the jar to mix everything together well. Place the jar in a warm bath for a bit, then run it under hot water from the tap, then place the tap on the hottest setting. This process allows the two substances to mix together fully.
Begin to run the jar under cooler and cooler water until it is eventually cold. Then, set the jar in a cold bath. You can even set it in the freezer. This process will allow you to see what looks like snowflakes in the jar. This is the wax gathering back together. After a few hours in the cold, the process should be complete. Remove it from the cold and filter it through a large coffee filter immediately, using a funnel and a new jar to catch the liquid underneath. You should now have a good amount of wax in the coffee filter by now. The wax will be dark at first so you can pour a little more acetone through the filter (be sure that it's clean). Let that wax dry.
The last step can go two different ways. You can smoke your water washed, dewaxed oil by letting the acetone evaporate and repeating the hair drying process in a stainless steel bowl. If you want to get an end result that is extremely clear and incredible, you can move on to the process of charcoal filtering. This stage simply includes adding clear acetone to your jar of dewaxed oil/acetone. Use a taller, wide mouthed jar for this stage. The oil and the acetone will mix freely. Get some powdered activated charcoal that is used for cleaning. This can be found at the health food store. Put in about 3 or 4 tablespoons, stir, and put the lid on.
This jar should sit overnight. In the morning, the dark wax should have vanished, leaving the dark impurities at the bottom of the jar. Get a piece of thin fishtank tube and use it to siphon the liquid out of the jar. You should insert the tube in to the jar about an inch from where the charcoal sits or else you will end up with charcoal in the product. Place the other end of the tube in a shorter jar and siphon out the liquid. Fill the charcoal jar with acetone again and you'll be able to repeat this process in another 12 hours. You're almost done, don't worry.
Once you have completed the second pull, you let the solvent in the jars evaporate really, really well. Then put the substance in a stainless steel bowl and repeat the hairdryer process. Chase the oil around the bowl until it sticks and won't move. Just be sure that you don't burn it in the process! This should leave you with an extremely potent end result and seems to be slightly similar to the process of making crappy weed in to edibles to get a better effect. Again, I hope that I didn't make any mistakes in this process and strongly recommend that you either email your methods to me or comment them. Just please be kind, as I said, I am unfamiliar with this process and it is difficult to find information about it online. I hope this was somewhat enjoyable!


Juicy Fruit Hash

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