The Ultimate Guide to the Right Vaping Temperature

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While the popularity for Vaporizers continues to grow at a rapid rate, knowledge for their optimum use tails behind. We are all familiar with the old, tried and tested, traditional methods of enjoying Marijuana like Bongs, Pipes, Blunts and Joints, however, we don’t all know the benefits of vaping. It’s only been in recent years, with the rise in legalization and acceptance that we have seen such a monumental surge in popularity for vaporizers. Through continuous lab tests and scientific research, the benefits of vaping are really starting to appear more frequently. Considered to be significantly healthier than smoking, it comes as no surprise to see the vape market grow at the rate it is. By removing the combustion element from the process, we are preventing several carcinogens and toxins from reaching our bodies. Carcinogens are toxins which are directly associated with the growth of cancer cells. Marijuana smoke contains a wide range of these carcinogens, which are unavoidable when inhaled. Rather than using combustion to release the active ingredients in Cannabis, Vaping boils the materials producing a vapor rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. As Cannabis is becoming more frequently accepted as a modern day medicine, the healthiest means of obtaining its active ingredients must be found. While not entirely healthy, Vaping is certainly a feasible alternative to smoking. While with smoking we have zero control over what takes place after lighting, with vaping you are able to change temperatures at the simple click of a button. In this article we will learn more about Vaping Temperatures, Vaping Techniques & Vaporizers in general to ensure you always achieve optimum results from your Vape Experience.


Convection Vs. Conduction

There are predominantly two kinds of heating techniques used in vaporizers today, Convection and Conduction. Convection works by heating the air in the chamber the Cannabis is held in, essentially creating an oven affect. Conduction on the other hand, works by direct contact with the ground weed being vaped. While Convection is known to create more powerful flavors, Conduction is known to produce the truly thick clouds we crave. There are a number of Vaporizers on the market which claim to mix the two forms of heating in a Hybrid style of vaporizer. These vaporizers are usually predominantly one or the other however vapes like the Crafty by Storz &Bickel and the Air II by Arizerare certainly setting the bar for the vapor produced using hybrid heating.


Vaping Temperatures


Each vaping temperature will create different results. The lower temperatures accentuate flavors while higher temperatures will create the thicker clouds. It is down to you to decide the happy medium you prefer. Personal preference plays an integral role in choosing the perfect temperature range for you. The higher temperatures can sometimes produce harsh, overly hot vapor while the lower temperatures usually lack in vapor density. I’d recommend a medium to high temperature like 185 degrees celcius to ensure all the active ingredients are vaporized thoroughly while also protecting the flavors. There are a number of active ingredients in Cannabis which all vaporize at different temperatures.


  • THC- 157℃
  • CBD- 160-180℃
  • Delta-8-THC - 175℃
  • CBN - 185℃
  • CBC- 220℃
  • THCV - 220℃


Vaping Techniques & Tips

For optimum results from your Vaporizer, it is recommended to take slow, exaggerated draws. By taking these longer, drawn out tokes we are allowing the unit to maintain its set temperature. It also counteracts any draw resistance and ensures both the flavors and the vapor are of the highest quality. The majority of vaporizers require a particularly fine grind when it comes to producing the optimum vapor. However, some don’t need this much care, read up on your vaporizer and its tendencies and learn the perfect way to work your unit. There are countless reviews and walkthrough videos all over the internet, use them. One tip, which is imperative to the longevity and usability of your device is to keep it clean. Set yourself two minutes after each session to keep your vape clean and in workable order. Like mentioned there are several tutorial videos available so try to prioritize it.



There are a number of factors contributing to the ultimate vaping temperature. The Vaporizer you are using, The way you are using it, What you are vaping, the list goes on. The difficult part is finding your own personal preference. Personally, I find 185℃to be perfect for what I’ trying to achieve, flavor and dense vapor. Play around with your unit and find what works best for you. If you are new to the vaping world and you are yet to decide on a vaporizer two of my favorites are the Crafty, the smallest vape by Storz &Bickel and the Air II, the newest vape by Arizer. With the Air II’s borosilicate glass airpath and the Crafty’s high quality German engineering it is easy to recommend both to you. There is countless advantages to making the switch to vaping, it is only a matter of  realising them. The health & financial benefits play enormous parts, but if that’s not enough, studies are starting to reveal vaping can activate 20% more THC than the traditional smoking. Food for Thought?


Would You Smoke Out Of This Million Dollar Pipe?

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The Wu-Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind album was bought and resold for millions of dollars. However, hip-hop isn’t the only modern art form generating works of art valued at a million. We’ve seen bongs sell for well over a hundred thousand dollars. So, it was only a matter of time before we came across a million dollar pipe.

We recently spotted it at the grand opening of a glass gallery in Massachusetts that had the piece priced at “1 million firm.” You’ll have to offer them something close to that to see if it’s genuinely firm.

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The “farm-to-table” approach has become something of a mantra for craft and boutique culinary companies trying to keep an edge on the competition. On its own, the final product just doesn’t cut it anymore. People want to experience the entire process, to be wowed at every stage by the care and attention to detail that culminates in a superb glass of wine, pint of brew, and now, weed. Taking a page out of the same playbook, a new marijuana grow op is offering free, full facility tours.

Denver Marijuana Grow Op Is Offering Free, Full Facility Tours

When you walk out of Seed & Smith’s Denver grow facility, you’ll likely have a newfound appreciation for the fresh cannabis products you’ll be carrying with you.

Of course, the tour exits through the gift shop. And why wouldn’t it?

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Well, that didn’t last long.

Nor was it supposed to.

Joe Rogan announced on episode 1033 of his acclaimed podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that November 1 marked the end of “Sober October,” a month of temperance that originally started as a bet with friends.

After 31 days abstaining from weed, alcohol and any other drugs you might expect Joe Rogan to indulge in, the comedian/MMA expert/cannabis connector decided to celebrate on his show.

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Marijuana Increases Libido

STANFORD, Calif. - Stanford University School of Medicine has conducted a study that links cannabis and wanting sex. The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine last week and indicates that one’s desire for sex is enhanced after consuming marijuana.

The scientists studied over 50,000 people for the study. The study found that on average, women who smoke ganja every day had sex 7.1 times monthly, while women who do not use marijuana had sex only six times monthly. Men who consume cannabis daily had sexual intercourse 6.9 times monthly compared to 5.6 times for men who do not use cannabis.

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The cannabis plant has several different cannabinoids. One of them is CBD, or cannabidiol, and there is a profound relationship between CBD and the human brain.

Originally from Central Asia, cannabis is grown in many parts of the world today. The buds of the Cannabis sativa plant are covered in a sticky dusting of crystal resin, that contains therapeutic compounds known as cannabinoids.

There are far more cannabinoids than have been discovered. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has classified cannabinoids as a Schedule I controlled substance, the same as LSD and heroin. Owing to such regulatory barriers, the scientific inquiry and research of cannabis is difficult. However, earlier this year, the National Academy of Sciences released a new report that reviewed 10,000 scientific abstracts and reached almost 100 conclusions regarding the medical uses of marijuana and cannabis- derived products. The report suggests, "Political and non-political strategies to resolve regulatory barriers to cannabis research, an objective and evidence-based analysis of cannabis policy is necessary.”

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