Drunk Vs. Stoned

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, September, 24th 2012 by THCFinder



Tulip Joint

Category: Culture | Posted on Sun, September, 23rd 2012 by THCFinder



Our Federal Government Gives This Guy Weed Every Month!

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, September, 21st 2012 by THCFinder

This guy gets Weed from the Federal Government every month and yet they still claim is has no medicinal value! Hmmm.....




Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, September, 20th 2012 by THCFinder


Growing Weed 101

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, September, 20th 2012 by THCFinder

The Basics



How Does A Flower Become A Felony?

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, September, 20th 2012 by THCFinder

This video features a lecture from Doug Fine, author of the new book Too High to Fail - which shows how marijuana can revolutionize our economy. He gives a history of prohibition in this lecture as well as showing the incredible revenue that can be gleaned from legalization.


“ABC News reports that underground cannabis’s $35.8 billion annual revenues already exceed the combined value of corn ($23.3 billion) and wheat ($7.5 billion),” it says on Doug’s website ( Imagine if the American economy benefited from those numbers, instead of going into criminal drug gang bank accounts.  Actually, you don’t have to imagine: it’s already happening in Canada and Europe, though as yet U.S. leaders won’t heed the call to end the forty-year, trillion-dollar Drug War you have been financing to almost no effect since 1971.


“Considering the economic impact of cannabis prohibition—and its repeal—Too High to Fail isn’t a commune-dweller’s utopian rant, it’s an objectively (if humorously) reported account of how one plant can drastically change the shape of our country, culturally, politically, and economically.”


We are throwing so much money down the drain in a useless attempt to control people’s lives through laws when we should be focused only on those people who infringe on the rights of others.




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