Hemp Protest in Front of White House

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, June, 20th 2012 by THCFinder

Last week David Bronner, the President of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, locked himself in a cage outside the White House and proceeded to harvest hemp plants to protest the fact that industrial hemp remains illegal to grow in this country despite having no “mind-altering” properties.


As you can see in the video, Mr. Bronner was cut out of the cage and put under arrest for his civil disobedience. The silliness of seeing them arrest this man does well to highlight the silliness of the whole situation. Mr. Bronner’s company imports 20 tons of hemp oil from Canada every year; that’s money that should be going to American farmers.


“Reefer madness shall be buried, American farmers will grow hemp again,” he said while cuffed in the back of a police car. And it’s true. Someday our offspring will read about marijuana prohibition the way we read about alcohol prohibition. As a time when our representatives went overboard and tried to control our lives, something that will always end in either dismal failure or revolution.


No matter what your opinion on marijuana legalization, there is absolutely no reason for industrial hemp to be prohibited. After all, if it’s good enough to import from other countries, why isn’t good enough to be grown here?





Jesus Chatline - Host Displays His Lack of Knowledge about Cannabis

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, June, 19th 2012 by THCFinder

This video is quite funny, until you notice that there are nearly 4,000 people watching this guy (Steven Chilton) live. That is more viewers than most webcasts will get. A caller into the “Jesus Chatline” asks about marijuana legalization and the host proceeds to display the most ignorance about cannabis that you’ve ever heard.


There seems to be a huge delay between the host and the caller and the caller seems to lose focus (perhaps a bit high and a bit flustered by the host) but the key to the whole thing is this show is rather popular by internet standards. Meaning there are more people like this host.


It’s one thing to be against legalization but still know some basic facts about cannabis. It’s quite another to get on the internet and spew easily proven falsehoods with a straight face to gullible viewers.


Which begs the question; does this guy really believe what he says, or is he playing a “character” on the internet for some other purpose? Is Steven Chilton real? Or does he just use religion for his own purposes like many before him?


It’s hard to believe any person that has an internet connection can be that woefully ignorant about something as prevalent as marijuana.



Live life your way

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, June, 18th 2012 by THCFinder



Going Green

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, June, 16th 2012 by THCFinder



Got your weed gear?

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, June, 12th 2012 by THCFinder



NY Times Op-Ed on Common Sense for Marijuana

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, June, 8th 2012 by THCFinder

Earlier this week we reported on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposing the decriminalization of marijuana possession in public view, as long as it was of 25 grams or less (MJ Decriminalized).


Republican State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos responded that the proposal would allow people to “walk around with 10 joints in each ear.” A silly statement at first glance – how big do your ears have to be to hold ten joint in each? – Senator Skelos’ statement belies the hysteria that still surrounds marijuana, the “reefer madness” if you will.


The New York Times editorial board responded to Mr. Skelos with an op-ed calling for common sense on the issue of marijuana. “The plan does not condone marijuana use,” the NYT board writes. “People smoking marijuana in public would still be subject to arrest. But it reduces open possession of 25 grams or less from a misdemeanor, which involves arrest and a criminal record, to a violation, akin to a traffic ticket. Even under the proposal, a person charged with a marijuana violation more than twice in a three-year period would be subject to a $250 fine or a sentence of up to 15 days in jail, or both.”


The fact is a lot of old politicians don’t know much about marijuana and don’t bother to learn about proposals concerning marijuana. This proposal would not allow people to walk around with marijuana in plain view. All it does is not charge people with a crime if police ask them to empty their pockets. Under current rules, actually possessing small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized, but having it in public view is a misdemeanor. In other words, pulling out weed in public is a crime, even if a cop told you to do it.


“Common sense” is the perfect phrase for the future of marijuana policy. If a policy violates common sense it’s probably not a good policy to begin with.





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