Medical pot superstore thrives while awaiting legal ruling

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, August, 15th 2011 by THCFinder
PHOENIX -- A Valley medical marijuana superstore is on track to crack $1 million in sales even though the state's dispensaries are in limbo because of a federal lawsuit.
"We Grow" hydroponics store sells everything that medical marijuana patients need to grow their own pot, except the plant itself.
Sunny Singh, owner of the store in central Phoenix, has plans to open up stores in Flagstaff and Tucson.
He said there's a lot of uncertainty about the medical marijuana law, passed by Arizona voters in 2009, because of the federal suit over whether dispensaries are legal. But, Singh said, "The medical marijuana act is in full effect. If you're a qualified patient, you can go see a doctor, get your evaluation done and get your medical marijuana card. You can get your card and cultivate yourself, up to 12 plants per patient."
Almost 9,000 people have applied for a medical marijuana card in Arizona and most applications have been approved.
Until the injunction against dispensaries is lifted, Dhar Mann with "We Grow" said the store is helping hundreds of patients who need marijuana.
"Whether that is you're coming to purchase your products to build an indoor grow room or you're coming to receive support services, such as classes, meet with a doctor for a cannabis evaluation, you can do that all under one roof here at our We Grow location in Phoenix," Mann said.
Singh added that "We Grow" offers a technician team that installs and manages your plants for you and helps you throughout your whole harvest.
Singh plans to open "We Grow" stores in Tucson and Flagstaff.


Smoke and fly

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, August, 15th 2011 by THCFinder

Why drink and dive when you can smoke and fly.



First results of 2011 Medical Marijuana Survey posted

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, August, 15th 2011 by THCFinder
The 2011 Medical Marijuana Survey (sponsored again by Legalize Utah) commenced last week and the responses are educational and interesting, much like the 2010 survey. To date 23 responses have been received, 14 from men and 9 from women.  All of the results are available via live stream at this link.
The age of survey participants show a majority of age 30 and above and the ethnicity shows a majority of Caucasians, however Hispanic and Asian respondents are also represented.
When asked if they utilize cannabis for medicinal reasons, the survey demonstrates 16 participants admitted to using marijuana to treat physical and psychological issues, including: Asperger's Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Dirsorder (ADHD), seizures, muscle spasms, chronic pain, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Glaucoma, Anorexia, Insomnia, Social Anxiety, stress and back pain.
When asked whether they chose to use cannabis rather than pharmaceuticals, 14 participants indicated they chose medical marijuana over man made, synthetic drugs.
The age at which survey participants began using cannabis medically varies from 13 through 30.
Utah specific questions were also included in the survey (as the survey is sponsored by Legalize Utah, Utah's first organization dedicated to the legalization of medicinal marijuana in Utah).
The first question was if the responder lives in Utah. Results show 87% of participants do live in Utah.
When asked if any of those living in Utah had ever purchased any “tobacco accessories” (pipes, hookas, bongs, etc.), the response was interesting. 
Media influence was also addressed, showing only 21% stating media has any type of significant influence on their choice to utilize medical marijuana.
Level of education and neighborhood type were also obtained, showing only 7% did not graduate and 64% have at least 2 year degrees.
Neighborhoods also had unexpected results showing 36% live in suburbia, 29% live in urban areas and 21% reside in rural areas.
The 2011 Medical Marijuana Survey will continue for the next few weeks with updates being posted as much as possible.


Super Peace Joint

Category: Culture | Posted on Sun, August, 14th 2011 by THCFinder

A perfect day for one of these bad boys!



Know your Trichomes!

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, August, 10th 2011 by THCFinder

Are you ready to harvest?



Company gets patent on marijuana patch for pets, but are they safe?

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, August, 2nd 2011 by THCFinder
Advances in veterinary medicine parallel much of what is done where humans are concerned — and it's all pretty amazing.
Despite the differences in our physiology and the way that things are handled, pets can benefit from using many of the same principles that are applied to humans.
Addressing pain in both companion animals and humans has come a long way, as I have written in the past. The use of massage, new medications, acupuncture and hydrotherapy have gained popularity, and according to some pets owners, provided good results, just as they have with people.
With medical marijuana dispensaries gaining popularity across the country, it's probably no surprise that a there would be someone willing to market cannabis to be used for pets.
A businessman in Washington state is touting the potential benefits of his company's marijuana patch, called Tetracan, for addressing pets' medical problems, like pain.
Jim Alekson, along with partners Chester Soliz and Walter Cristobal — developer of the patch — hope to have it ready for marketing by the end of 2011. The three men formed their company, Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems, in 2010 and currently have a patent on the patch.
Is the patch safe? That remains unclear. Much of the information that can be found on marijuana and pets has more to do with poisoning and the like, and there's no word from professional veterinary organizations.



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