Cannabis; Out Of This World

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, December, 10th 2014 by THCFinder
There are many things that make the cannabis plant different from other vegetation that lives on the planet we inhabit. First and foremost, the plant shows gender. There are no other plants that can clearly be classified as male or female. And if you go back in history to about 12,000 years ago, the cannabis plant has no fossilized records. No evolution of the plant has ever been found, leading some to believe that the plant may have brought here from another planet, by something other than humans.With the closest genetic relative being the strawberry plant (which we don’t recommend smoking!), the cannabis plant is baffling to those who believe in the amazing possible world that exists in the stars.
The word “cannabis” is a Greek word, although the root is said to be African. The Greek translation of the word? “Canna” in Greek means “canine” or “dog” while “bis” or “bi” is the number two. Directly translated, the word cannabis means “two dog plant”. Intriguing to some? Absolutely. Why would anyone name marijuana the “two dog plant”?
In Africa, there is a tribe that loves the cannabis plant. Located in Mali, West Africa, the Dogon tribe is a fairly well documented group. One documentation comes from a Greek traveler named Herodotus, written around 300 BC. When he visited the Dogon tribe, they were in the process of a year long celebration that happened once only every 50 years. The celebration was in honor of the star, Sirius, in the winter sky. They said that it was the “two-dog star” and the home of the “two dog plant”, cannabis. The tribe members said that the two dog plant was brought to them by the Goddess of the Two Dog Star. Their celebration was to honor the bringing of the plant and the star’s existence in their culture. While some people might write this off as coincidence, the strangeness deepens. 
The Dogon tribe possessed specific knowledge about the Sirian system for thousands of years before scientists invented the modern telescope and any equipment that could verify the existence of the star system. Sirius B, a white dwarf star near Sirius, was also known by the Dogons, which they named Po Tolo. The tribe knew that the star was white, very small, and that it was also the heaviest star in the group. Even though there were no photos taken of the star Sirius B before 1970, the Dogons knew that it had an elliptical orbit to Sirius A, a 50 year orbit period, and the fact that it rotated on it’s own axis. What makes this even odder is the fact that the Dogons knew even more about the Siruis system, going on to describe the third star in the system, which they named Emme Ya. In 1995, two French astronomers published the results of a multi-year study that actually proved that there was a small, red dwarf within the Sirius star system, which they called Sirius C and the Dogon tribe was taken much more seriously. Since the tribe had known so much about the star system, it’s hard to say that they might’ve been wrong about the appearance of cannabis on the planet. 
If the plant did indeed come here in a ship from Sirius or however, why was it brought here? The cannabis plant is now known to promote healthy living and can cure a multitude of different illnesses that afflict humans. From cancer to Alzheimer’s to anxiety and depression, marijuana has proven time and time again to be a cure-all. If aliens did bring the plant to us, were they trying to help our species from dying off due to our own destructive nature? Do you think that the cannabis plant could possibly be from a totally different planet?


Hemp Vs Cannabis; 5 Differences You Should Know

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, December, 9th 2014 by THCFinder


Cannabis and hemp are different plants, even though the belong to the same family. The plants look like, grow similar, and are beneficial to humans in so many different ways. But while cannabis has a potential to be an amazing medicinal asset to the human species, hemp proves to be something that could overtake the industrial world and eliminate many harmful substances that we currently use today. Unfortunately, there are still people that don’t get the difference between hemp and cannabis. The following five facts will give you some idea on why the plants are different and you can tell someone next time they tell you that “hemp and marijuana are the same damn thing”.


  • Genetics of the plants are different. Cananbis is believed to be one of the oldest domesticated crops around. In our history, it has ben grown from many different uses, from medical to industrial. The plants grew tall and strong and made in to a variety of oils, textiles, and foods. By breeding these plants with other plants, the end result was hemp. But with marijuana, the plants were recognized for being psychoactive and were bred for religious and medical purposes. This led to the highly potent, smokeable form of cannabis. According to Dan Sutton of Canadian Tantulus Labs, “The core agricultural differences between medical cannabis and hemp are largely in their genetic parentage and cultivation environment”. 
  • Cannabis plants contain cannabinoids, which research has shown that over 60 cannabinoids exist in the plant. THC is the most well known, followed closely by the ever growing in popularity, CBD. Marijuana contains high levels of this substance, while hemp does not. Countries such as Canada that allow the production of hemp classify the plant as any cannabis plant having less than 0.3% THC. Any plant with higher THC levels is considered cannabis. However, if you’re looking at CBD, hemp contains more of this compound. Not only that but CBD reportedly negates the effects of THC, differentiating the plants even more.
  • Since marijuana and hemp are grown for two separate purposes, the way that they are grown differs as well. “Medical cannabis has been selectively bred over generations and its characteristics are optimized in its cultivation environment to produce female flowering plants that yield budding flowers at the flowering stages of their life cycle,” says Sutton. Hemp plants are also primarily male, without ever getting the heavily resonated buds that the marijuana plant gets. When growing marijuana for THC purposes, the grow environment must be kept at optimal conditions. Everything including light, humidity, CO2, oxygen, and temperature must be monitored carefully in order for the plants to produce the highest amount of THC possible. Hemp does not need these conditions and can grow quickly and healthy without such supervision.
  • Even though the US Government schedules both hemp and marijuana as Schedule 1 substances, it is legal in the US to import hemp products from China, Chile, and the European Union. According to the Hemp Industry Association, there are about $500 million worth of hemp products imported in to the state every year. Marijuana is still not legally grown in most places and is subject to much stricter rules.
  • Laws restrict the study of cannabis, limiting the research that could benefit the entire human race. But even though the laws are tough, people are still researching. Developments in hemp technology are looking at developing types of renewable plastic that will be a great replacement for the plastic used in car parts. Researchers at the University of Alberta even created a supercapactior using raw hemp material, which would lead to the making of cheap, fast charging batteries made from hemp.


How The Weed Guy Saved Christmas

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, December, 9th 2014 by THCFinder
It was a dark and snowy Christmas Eve. The roads were covered in a sheet of fluffy precipitation and the trees sagged under the weight of the flakes that just kept falling. No one was out driving, no one was outside shoveling, not even the plows were going by. On a night like this, one would definitely require the help of cannabis. But the jars were all empty, keif catchers were scraped clean, and the only thing left in the house containing THC was a small bit of resin that no one really wanted to smoke.
So the four friends sat, watching cartoons sober, wishing that someone would respond to their desperate texts to find weed. They waited and waited but no messages came. At least the power was still on for the time being. They still had their TV and music to listen to, as well as power to charge their phones that they were constantly checking in the hopes that a weed man was coming. But alas, nothing.
Minutes turned in to hours and the friends were starting to fret that their Christmas eve would be spent trapped in the house with nothing to smoke. But suddenly, a jingle chimed out over the sound of American Dad and one of the stoner friends jumped up, shouting, “He responded, he responded!” The friends crowded around the phone, grappling to see what the weed man had said. “He said he can make it!” the holder of the phone said. The friends all cheered and asked when he would arrive.
Meanwhile, the weed man was suiting up. He donned his boots, a heavy jacket, and two pairs of mittens. He placed the bag of weed inside of his jacket and made sure that it was safe. It was a big bag, so at least the trip would be worth it in the long run. If he could even make it there! The snow wasn’t showing signs of slowing and he hadn’t seen a car in hours. The weed man opened the door to the outside, looking at the blanketed world. He sighed and shut the door behind him, dragging his heavy feet through the snow around his buried car to the bike that he had posted up against the side of the house. He brushed off the bike quickly and got on, pushing the pedals extra hard as they dipped in to the snow. 
The trip was only a mile but now, it seemed much longer. He couldn’t see the road and the streetlights weren’t helping much, as they were blotted out by the driving snow. He pedaled hard, wishing that it wasn’t snowing but at the same time, enjoying the quiet of the night. It had only been snowing for three hours but at 6pm, it felt like 3 in the morning. Pedal, breathe, pedal, breathe. He kept on pushing, hiding behind the brim of his hood.
Suddenly, the front wheel of the bike slid out from under him. He tumbled off the bike, landing in a small snowy ditch on the side of the road. For a second, he didn’t get up. Was this really worth it? The trip never seemed so bad in the car. Sure, these people were his friends but really? He got up and brushed the snow off of his jacket. The bike was buried in the snow and he tried to just grab it, falling over again. He frustratedly kicked at the snow, cursing it for falling so heavily. Digging at the snow, he located the handlebars of the bike and pulled with all his might, freeing the bike. Slowly, arduously, he climbed up the side of the ditch back to the road and got back on the bike. Before pedaling away, he made sure the bag of weed was still safe inside of his jacket. Once he knew it was still there, he started pedaling again.
He pedaled for what seemed like hours. That is, until he looked up to see that he had made it to the house. He threw up his hands in silent relief and pulled the bike in to the driveway, leaning it against the side of the house. He removed his mittens and knocked on the door. After waiting for a minute, he started to get angry. Did they just stand him up? Just when he was about to walk away and begin the journey back, the door flew open. Four smiling faces were staring back at him and what was this? A cup full of cocoa, topped with whipped cream.
The weed man smiled and kicked off his boots, making his way in to the warm house. His friends crowded around him, congratulating his perilous journey. He took a sip of cocoa and pulled the big bag of weed out of his pocket. The friends cheered and one of them pulled out a bong and a grinder, offering it to the weed man. He plucked a bud from the bag and ground it up, letting the smell of weed fill the house. He packed the bong and took the first hit, letting the smoke trail out of his mouth while he handed the glass piece over.
“Thanks, dude,” one of his friends said, slapping him on the back. “You really saved this Christmas."


Five Weed Documentaries You Should See

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, December, 8th 2014 by THCFinder
While some of the following movies have been around for a long time, it’s good for stoners to know where they came from! The cannabis plant has been loved by many, hated by many, and oppressed for years. With such a negative stigma attached to it, the marijuana plant needs supporters that know all of the information there is to know! It’s important to watch films such as this in order to know where we came from!
Magic Weed; History of Marijuana
Directed by Martin Baker and released in 1995, Magic Weed is about the American history of cannabis and what happened to hemp during the prohibition. With the main focus being on the American relationship with the plant while simultaneously looking at the uses of hemp in the world, this film also includes interviews with Michka Seeliger-Chatelain and Todd McCormick.
This flick is narrated by Woody Harrelson and is a great historical look at cannabis and it’s many uses. While it’s being formal, the documentary provides a bit of entertainment at the same time. This flick would be good for those who are interested in the propaganda part of marijuana prohibition, as well as the effects that this stigma has had on the US since the start of the drug war. 
In Pot We Trust
Released in 2007 and directed by Star Price, In Pot We Trust follows the cases of five people who have been diagnosed with debilitating illnesses and have been using cannabis as a medicine. The film includes comments from Dr. Lester Grinspoon as well. A great part about In Pot We Trust is that it also includes arguments from the other side of the cannabis argument. This gives stoners perspective on what we’re dealing with as a community.
What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?
If you have someone that’s telling you that cannabis doesn’t cure cancer, it would be a good idea to point them in the direction of this movie. Featuring world renowned scientists involved in the field of cannabinoid chemical compound studies, this film will absolutely blow your mind… And the mind of anyone who still doesn’t believe that cannabis cures cancer.
Clearing The Smoke; The Science Of Cannabis
Showing how cannabis acts in the brain and in the body to treat illnesses, Clearing The Smoke covers all sorts of afflictions. This includes epilepsy, cancer, pain, and glaucoma. Medical professionals, patients, skeptics, and researchers are all featured in the film. It is a must see for anyone who wants to know what the future of cannabis holds and what it’s already known to do.


Ten Suggestions For Using Cannabis Responsibly

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, December, 5th 2014 by THCFinder


Some people do have trouble balancing their weed use with normal life. Let’s face it, while smoking weed definitely improves life, there are some situations that may just not call for it. Being a responsible stoner is important, especially these days with so much attention on the cannabis community. And while some will tell you until they’re blue in the face that they can handle their weed responsibly, it’s always nice to have a quick refresher on how to get high and get shit done!


  1. If you’re “too high” to get things done or you being to blame the plant for your slacking, you should cut back a bit. Marijuana should be a life enhancer, not a life ruiner. And if it is ruining your life, chances are your poor choices are the cause, not a plant. Marijuana is not a scapegoat.
  2. Avoid using cannabis before work or school (unless you feel like you do better work while high or your work isn’t dangerous). If your medical condition calls for marijuana use before work or school, that is fine. But always be sure that you’re not in danger, as well as your co-workers.
  3. Know your limit! No one wants to deal with a napper and especially if you’re going to work or school, you need to know when to stop smoking so that you can continue to focus and get your work done normally.
  4. Be aware of your settings. Some places can handle you being stoned and some can’t. You may be able to function fine at home while baked out of your mind but it’s not recommended that you go to Wal-Mart on a Saturday while baked out of your mind.
  5. Keep the laws in mind, along with any health risks. Cannabis is still illegal in most states and you need to know your rights if you happen to run in to the law.
  6. Don’t give cannabis to minors. They may think that they can handle it but without a doctor’s recommendation, anyone under the age of 18 shouldn’t ingest cannabis. The penalty for supplying minors with cannabis is also considerably higher.
  7. If your friends are saying you get too high, you probably are. People around you need to be able to communicate with you, especially at work or school, so if you’re too stoned to deal, cut back a bit.
  8. Be respectful. Don’t smoke weed in public or in someone’s house that doesn’t smoke. It’s important to make sure that everyone is comfortable. There are still people who don’t smoke weed in the world and it’s important to not step on their toes.
  9. Using cannabis with other substances can possibly have negative effects. This includes alcohol. Those that smoke weed and drink a lot sometimes experience the dreaded spins, a feeling in which everything is moving around you. This can be dangerous so it’s recommended that you don’t mix cannabis with other substances unless instructed by a doctor.
  10. Driving while high is risky but can be accomplished if you’ve managed to learn to drive stoned. I can’t stress enough the fact that driving while high is like learning to drive all over again. You need to pay attention, listen, and know that there’s always a possibility that you’ll get pulled over. Relax and don’t get too baked while driving!


10 Stocking Stuffers For Stoners

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, December, 5th 2014 by THCFinder
December is here and before you freak out about what to get your pot smoking buddies for Christmas, roll up a joint and relax. While sometimes, shopping for stoners can be stressful, THCFinder is here to make it a little easier. Here’s a few ideas to get you started on this super stoney Christmas, both for stocking stuffers and larger gifts.
Joint shaped candles
These can be used at any time of the year so giving a pothead some joint shaped candles is definitely a good plan. These are great for stocking stuffers so wrap up a little pack of them for that special cannabis lover in your life.
Rolling papers
You can never go wrong with papers and with the multitude of flavors available today, every stoner has a favorite! From the grape flavors, to menthol, to papers made from 24k gold leaf.
Pocket scale
Since some people still have to buy marijuana illegally and dealers aren’t always the most trustworthy, having a pocket scale can prove to be a huge asset. Plus, it’s still small enough to stick in the stocking.
New glass
What stoner could possibly be unhappy with a brand new glass piece? Maybe you spotted something awesome on the shelf at your favorite headshop or maybe you know a glass blower who can whip up something awesome. Whatever the case, a stoner will love a new piece of glass.
Secret stash jar
Does someone in your life smoke weed and need to stash it somewhere? There are so many different sneaky stash jars available. If your friend likes Arizona, snag a stash jar made from an Arizona can. Or maybe Pepsi? PBR? Find out what your buddies favorite drink is and make them a custom one if you want!
Pot leaf ice tray
A super cute novelty item, a pot leaf ice tray is just something funny to give a friend. The ice cubes come out looking like little pot leaves that float around your drink, looking fabulous.
Little Black Book Of Marijuana
With topics ranging from brownie recipes to hippies to pot culture, this little carry-around book is something that every stoner should have. It’s informative and interesting, with a little bit of humor as well.
Glass cleaner
Yes, you could go out and buy some special cleaner, which might run you about $12. Or you could get a simple bottle of rubbing alcohol and some epsom salt. It’s not the most amazing of gifts but every stoner loves the first hit out of a clean glass piece!
Weedy coin purse
If you’re buying for a lady (or a man, as I’ve definitely seen guys with this little bag), a 420 themed coin carrier is a great gift idea. People need a place to put their wallets and cash when they’re out traveling and smoking!
Hemp wick
Have a stoner friend who hates lighters? Buy them a big case of hemp wick! Bee wax hemp wick is a great way to smoke and a cheap little stocking stuffer that your friends are sure to love!



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