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Reality vs. Movies

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, September, 25th 2013 by THCFinder
reality-vs-movies-getting-highStoners love their movies just as much as they love their weed. My boyfriend has the most extensive DVD collection out of everyone I've ever seen. And trust me, we've watched them all in the company of each other and a big jar of weed. Half Baked, Dazed And Confused, and High School are only a few of the great pothead classics. Movies, however, seem to really exaggerate the effects of pot on the people that smoke it. What's the real deal on getting high as compared to the movie version?
High School is a dope stoner flick that I suggest everyone check out! This A+ student gets stoned with a childhood friend after getting accepted in to Yale (I think?) . Unfortunately for him, a young girl at his school recently got stoned before a spelling competition and ended up getting busted. While the two buddies toke, the principal makes an announcement that they will be drug testing the whole school to expel all of the "druggies". In an attempt to save their asses, the two friends steal a jar of kief from the most f-ed up dealer in town to put in some pot brownies that they plan on giving to the entire school via the traditional school bake sale. So basically, they get the whole school high. Like... Really high. But they portray it like the kids are all zombies. They stumble, mutter, and one ends up spending the whole movie trying to find the administration office. The movie is hilarious but I can't agree with how they show the stoners. 
Here's how I am when I'm stoned; I smile a lot, I pay attention to things, and I don't get mad when some dude cuts me off on the highway. I don't stumble around and mutter like the kids they show on TV. I've also never felt like I'm flying or tried to feed a horse a ton of munchies. Most of the time, I sit on my couch and watch TV or end up writing a bunch of articles or possibly just smoking more weed. I can't lie though, the flying feeling would be pretty dope if it actually happened. No stoner that I've ever spoken to feels like they're legitimately flying. While you may be up in the clouds, you're not actually up there... As much as we would like to be!
Basically, the movies exaggerate because it's definitely funnier to see stoners act silly. At the same time though, there's the issue of people thinking that that's what stoners are actually like. Which we're not. Potheads have come a long way since just goofing around smoking pot. All stoners go on adventures and eat munchies and have good times but not all of them spend a whole night just trying to snag some burgers. I know that when I'm stoned and going to get a late night snack, I get to my destination... FAST! ;)


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