Washington Banning Pot In Cars?

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, October, 6th 2014 by THCFinder
In the cannabis legal state of Washington, you would think that with the insane amount of tax revenue pouring in, there would be no one complaining about the legality of a plant. But of course, there's always going to be a problem, especially with such a new industry. Unfortunately for those in Washington, there may be a serious problem with obtaining any kind of weed in the future, whether it be recreational or medical. Thanks to the people who deem cannabis comparable to alcohol, even though the two substances aren't even in the same league.
We all know that cannabis and alcohol have a lot in common. Both have been prohibited, fought against, and gradually accepted (although weed in still working on that one). But most smart people are beginning to realize that comparing the two isn't as easy as previously thought. While newbie stoners shouldn't be toking and driving, absolutely no one should be drinking and driving. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission wants to end cannabis carrying in cars if the container is open, making things a bit tougher for patients who travel to work, school, or other places that required having cannabis in the car. The new rule would ban the driver as well as passengers from having open cannabis containers in the car.
The reason behind this change? Since the legalization measure passed, more and more drivers have tested positive for marijuana use. In 2012, 18.6% of "suspected" impaired drivers tested positive for THC, says the Washington State Toxicology Lab. In 2013, that number increased to 25% of tested blood samples, which was the first year that I-502 was put in to effect. Additionally, there has been an increase in people testing positive for 1 metabolite of THC, which shows the use over the last few days. But while these numbers are increasing, Darrin Grondel, the director of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, says that there aren't any traffic accident or fatality increases this far, showing that while people may be smoking more, stoners aren't exactly veering off in to ditches on the regular.
Washington state bases much of the marijuana laws off of the pre-existing alcohol ones, according to Alison Holocomb, the lawyer who drafter the I-502. While it is important to keep people safe while in this changing time, it's also important to know that cannabis and alcohol are two completely different substances. Not to mention the fact that since I-502 passed, more individual blood samples have been tested... So wouldn't that mean that the number would increase because the amount of samples increased?


Does Marijuana Make Food Taste And Smell Better?

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, October, 6th 2014 by THCFinder
mj-making-food-taste-and-smell-betterIf I am about to eat some fantastic food, I almost always consume marijuana first. It’s something I have always done, and so do most of my friends and family. I have always felt that I find the food more enjoyable when I consume marijuana first. It’s no secret that marijuana can induce ‘the munchies’ but there is now scientific research that explains why. Per Vice:
Led by Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux, a team of European neuroscientists proved that THC—the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana—fits into special receptors in the brain’s olfactory bulb, allowing users to smell and taste food far more acutely while high. Since these scientists study neurological diseases, rather than write a column on the intersection of cannabis and cuisine, their report tends to focus on practical medical applications of this exciting new discovery, rather than its role in giving rise to what the New York Times has dubbed haute stoner cuisine.
“Many feeding disorders [like anorexia] are accompanied by altered perception in general,” Marsicano noted. “Smell is particularly linked to food intake and is particularly altered in different diseases…so smell and its regulation by the endocannabinoid system could represent a future target for therapies against these and other diseases.”
Marijuana never ceases to amaze me. If you know someone that wants to enjoy food more, recommend marijuana to them. Also, if you know someone that suffers from an eating disorder, or needs to eat more to help a health condition, also recommend marijuana.


If Your Pet Eats Weed...

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, October, 6th 2014 by THCFinder
if-your-pet-eats-weedAnimals as well as humans have THC receptors in their brains. However, the plant effects them far differently as compared to humans and it's not a good idea to give your furry best friend some of the pot brownie you're mowing down on. But anyone who owns animals knows that pets can usually get in to places that they're not allowed and the kitchen is one of those places. Pets are far smarter when there's food involved and if you happen to either leave your medicated treats out or if your pet managed to break in, it's important to know what to do if they've ingested some cannabis.
If you think that your pet has gotten in to your stash, you should be aware of the symptoms that are associated with cannabis over-consumption. These symptoms include but aren't limited to things such as low heart rate, lack of activity, anxiety, disorientation, tremors, vomiting, and diarrhea. In more severe cases, the pet can have seizures and potentially die if there's been too much cannabis ingested. Most of these symptoms are the worst case scenario and typically, the pet will experience lethargy or possibly go the other way with hyperactivity and anxiety.
When the terrifying experience happens, where you find that your cat or dog has managed to devour a plate of cookies, brownies, or vat of butter, there are two options. Depending on the symptoms, you can induce vomiting and try to get your pet to excrete whatever it's gotten in to. However, this can be extremely expensive and most stoners don't have the money to afford it. The second option, and what happens more often than not, is to let the bud dissipate in your pet's system. Be sure that they're comfortable and have lots of water. Keep an eye on them and be sure not to leave them alone until you're sure that they're feeling better. In the future, be sure to hide your weed from your pet so this situation doesn't happen again.
Pets can ingest cannabis to help with the same problems that humans have, including arthritis and pain in the heart, stomach, spine, and eyes. But they're much smaller than we are and that needs to be taken in to account when giving your pet bud. It's recommended that you only use cannabis on your pet if recommended by a vet and don't EVER blow smoke in your animal's face, as the smell to them is much stronger and can be overpowering and painful for their sensitive noses and ears. Love your pets, don't let them get a hold of your weed!


California; Myth Vs Reality

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, October, 3rd 2014 by THCFinder
cali-weedThere is a constant war raging between the stoners from the east coast and the west coast. Both coasts argue that their weed is better, although most people seem to think that California, because of it's warm climate and awesome outdoor grow conditions takes the cake. The east coast boasts a much better indoor grow set up, as their skills have been honed in on the indoor technique. Each coast definitely has it's ups but each one has considerable downs as well. I am from the east coast, the land of freezing winters and insanely humid summers. I lived there for 23 years, smoking bud, working, wishing for life on the west coast. This year, I finally got my wish but quickly found out that California was not what I expected.
California, to me, has always been the promised land of green. Since the cannabis laws have been so lax in the state for so long, it would appear to most stoners from other regions that basically everyone in California is always in a good mood, always high, and never out to harm anyone or do anything negative at all. The streets are hypothetically lined with dispensaries and it's incredibly easy to get your med card. All you have to do is walk down Venice Beach right? It may be naive but this was my vision of California when I left for Los Angeles in the summer of 2014.
Upon arriving in the state, the first thing that hit; it's hot. And not east coast hot. The heat there is humid and makes it tough to breathe sometimes but after a quarter of a lifetime spent breathing that beast coast air, I'd say I was pretty used to it. California is like an oven if you're not near the coast. Because of the foothills that cover the state, the areas between the hills and the ocean get to spend all day cooking in the sun. This can get extremely disorienting, especially when you see people walking around in pants and long-sleeved shirts when the temperature is over 100.
When heading to California, one thinks that it'll be extremely easy to get your med card. Well that's definitely true... If you're a California resident. Without the proper ID, however, you're not getting a rec card... Or any semi legal bud. If you're from a small state, that may seem like no big deal. But the DMV in California is everyone's worst nightmare. Standing in line for hours, just to take a written test? Yikes! But say you get through the arduous process of getting your new license and get your hands on a rec card. Congrats! Now comes the difficult part of seeing what dispensaries aren't just trying to scam you out of your money. Granted, there are definitely good places to go to get your meds. But be aware that just because the shop sells cannabis, doesn't mean it's good cannabis. Be sure that you're going to highly rated dispensaries that come recommended by people you know or on trusted sites like THCFinder!
The weed in California is good. At least, the stuff I was getting was. Although it was from a street dealer... Just like back home. The allure of being able to go in to dispensaries wore off quickly once the realization dawned that they're not all good places and the bud sold was sometimes far below tolerable smoking standards. Some of these places basically sold bags of mushed up grass. It was so disheartening to see medical shops sell such low quality product... Something that one definitely doesn't expect to see in California. But overall, the bud that I did manage to acquire was good and was almost (ALMOST) as high inducing as the Querkle strain based in Rhode Island that will forever remain my favorite.
One thing that seems to be far more prominent in the west is the shatter game. While the beast coast seems to be overrun with butane stew, the west coast proved to be a step ahead in the concentrate game, producing some beautiful shatter that will get you super stoned and feeling awesome. If there is one thing worth visiting California for in relation to weed, it's the shatter. Seriously, if you don't dab while you're there, you're missing out.
What's the bottom line? Not to talk badly about California or the east coast... But just to give you a heads up of what to expect. Each side of the country has their own pros and each one has it's cons. While California may not be a place where you want to live, it is definitely a place worth visiting! Most of the people are nice, the sun is out every day, and the shatter will leave you couchlocked for days. Give it a try sometime! You may love it, you may not, but traveling to California is something that every stoner should try to do!


Mom Calls Cops On Son For Seshing

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, October, 3rd 2014 by THCFinder
mom-busts-kid-smoking-weedSome of you are lucky enough to have parents who enjoy toking up. Others, not so much. But for the majority of pot lovers everywhere, we've been sneaky enough to avoid a huge confrontation with our parents while still toking in their houses. There are others that aren't so lucky, like a young man from Indiana who's mom decided that she couldn't stand the stoners in her house and called the police on heer 18 year old son and a few of her friends.
On Sunday afternoon, police responded to a call in Porter County where they found a distraught mother of four attempting to break in to her son's room while he and his friends fought her off. The reasoning for the mother's attempted break in was the fact that she didn't want her son smoking around her three younger children. Thanks to the mother's call, the police took it upon themselves to full on drug bust these teenagers, who were merely sitting around a table getting high. To make matters worse, the mother then consented to a police search of the bedroom after Tyler, the young man, told the police "we smoked it all" when asked where the rest of the weed was. Unfortunately for Tyler (and his mother), the cops uncovered paraphernalia, a small scale, and a tiny bit of leftover bud that had failed to get smoked.
The mother's brilliance managed to get her in to a heap of nonsense as well. Since Tyler Laster is under her care, she now gets stuck with the fines and fees associated with his arrest. He is currently spending time in Porter County Jail for maintaining a common nuisance (so basically being a teenager), possession of paraphernalia (a pipe probably or possibly a bong), and possession of marijuana (the report didn't say how much, just that it was a small amount, so we'll assume less than 7 grams). For these "crimes", Tyler faces the following penalties in his home state of Indiana: up to one year in jail as well as a maximum fine of $5,000 for the possession of marijuana under 30 grams, a maximum fine of $10,000 for possession of paraphernalia, along with legal fees associated with court dates, etc. Not to mention the fact that if things really went badly, the mother herself could have lost custody of her other children, as well as possibly get charged with a crime herself and lose her property.
Bottom line; no matter what, it's probably not the best idea to call the cops on your kids if you're a parent. It's not really a great idea to call the cops in any minor situation involving cannabis. Which also goes for the idiots who freak out and call the cops on themselves, ultimately getting themselves arrested as well as their friends (I went to college with a girl who called the police on herself after eating too many pot brownies... She started to freak out and called the cops because she started to think her friends had poisoned her). Just do yourself and those around you a favor... Don't call the cops on stoners.


Marijuana Lowers Risk Of Domestic Violence

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, October, 3rd 2014 by THCFinder
mj-use-and-domestic-violenceSome people will probably try to tell you that you're going to hit your girlfriend is you smoke weed. Yeah I know it's crazy. Which is why it makes sense to debunk that nonsense now. If you look at the numbers, as people always seem to do, you'll notice that the use of alcohol greatly increases the risk of domestic violence in today's house hold. It increases both the risk of being a perpetrator or the victim, up to and including intimate partner violence. And keep in mind that this substance is legal and served in almost every corner store in America.
Most turn a blind eye to the alcohol link to violence in the home, blaming it instead on other factors like television. Or marijuana, as is the case sometimes. But according to a study that was just published in the journal Psychology and Addictive Behaviors, couples who continuously use cannabis in their relationship are much less likely to engage in partner violence, putting them at a considerably lower risk of domestic violence.
The study, done at Yale University, Rutgers, and the University of Buffalo, took 600 couples and assessed them, determining whether the husbands' and wives' cannabis use was contributing to domestic violence at any time within the first nine years of marriage. The findings were obvious (at least to some), saying "In fully adjusted models, we found that more frequent marijuana use by husbands and wives predicted less frequent domestic violence perpetration by husbands. Husbands' marijuana use also predicted less frequent IPV (intimate partner violence) perpetration by wives. Moderation analyses demonstrated that couples in which both spouses used marijuana frequently reported the least frequent IPV perpetration". In stoner terms? If you and your partner are smoking weed, chances are that you're less likely to be involved in a violent relationship.
Other studies have been released regarding the topic of cannabis and domestic violence. A previous study of the subject was published in the journal Addictive Behaviors which studied alcohol  and cannabis. The study concluded that alcohol increases the chances of violence in a couple, while cannabis use did not. The study assessed whether cannabis or alcohol use by college age men was associated with the risk of physical, sexual, or psychological violence over a period of 90 days. This study also took in to effect the number of drinks that a person had, concluding that on days with more heavy alcohol use, the odds of physical and sexual aggression increased drastically. Marijuana use, the report stated, did not find that marijuana increased the chance of violence in the relationship.
People, as said in the above paragraphs, have long since assumed that cannabis contributed somehow to domestic violence. These studies successfully eliminate that stereotype. Years ago, something like this would have never appeared in print, says Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a professor at the State University of New York at Albany. "I commend these authors for writing up these results. There was a time when investigators with these data might not have bothered to write it up at all for fear that it would never appear in print, because it contradicts the federal anti marijuana sentiment. Times have really changed."



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