Australian Senator Says Denying Medical Marijuana Is "Cruel"

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, June, 24th 2014 by THCFinder
aussie-senator-denying-mj-is-wrongAustralia isn't exactly the head of the marijuana community... But we can't forget about our pothead friends down under! This somewhat isolated continent is working just as hard on their marijuana reform as the rest of the world. And they're definitely making progress, now that their politicians are beginning to see that marijuana isn't a problem... But maybe denying people the right to smoke it is. Patients especially need the healing powers of this plant and those in positions of political influence need to know about it the most!
The Senator, Richard di Natale, is a doctor as well. He says that the evidence is more then clear that cannabis can be extremely effective against fighting specific illnesses. He stated in an interview with Nine Network that he "just thinks it's cruel to deny people the option just because there's some stigma associated with it." The negative stigma associated with marijuana doesn't even really have ground to stand on anymore, considering that the arguments against it were that it made women promiscuous and caused insanity. Both of those have been disproven. Not to mention the false bottomed argument that marijuana is a gateway drug, a theory that got booted out of the door years ago.
Senator Natale went on in the interview to say, "We're going to push to try and get people on all sides of politics to back this reform. The science and the evidence is very, very clear." In addition, the co-convener of the recently re-instated Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy and Law Reform Sharman Stone gave an amazing quote, saying "As a compassionate society, we must join other nations in allowing the regulated use of medical cannabis". The moves that Australia is making are so positive and patient-orientated, I can't help but give them a virtual round of applause.
Denying patients a natural, non habit forming medicine is absolutely cruel. Humans are designed to help others of their species, not watch them decay and die, while simultaneously suffering through something like cancer and chemotherapy. The medicines that are given to patients that are suffering are sometimes worse then the affliction itself. Marijuana has no side effects, is relatively cheap (compared to chemo therapy, RSO is basically free when you really think about the medical costs of the aforementioned procedure), and can be produced far faster then man made garbage. Marijuana is not a problem, it is a cure.


Does CO2 Increase Marijuana Plant Yields?

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, June, 24th 2014 by THCFinder

In the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis CO2 is an essential component. In nature air contains 300 or 400 parts CO2 per million parts and is constantly supplied (by the wind). The marijuana plants take the CO2 out of the air very quick. If the amount of CO2 is reduced by a third, there will not be any photosynthesis so also no growth.

The exhaust system makes sure CO2 comes in with fresh air and gets rid of the warm air with too little CO2 in it. Because CO2 is heavier then O2, most of it is close to the ground. make sure that the fans mix the air so the CO2 can reach the marijuana plants. If you do not add extra CO2 to a closed grow environment it is necessary to continuously let the exhaust and ventilation system work while the lights are on. This will provide good conditions for photosynthesis and thus for development.

Limiting factors:

CO2, temperature, water and fertilizers could all be limiting factors. Not enough of one of the elements could slow the whole development of the marijuana plants down. With a higher level of CO2 in the air, the metabolism of the plant goes faster. If it rises to 1500 ppm, it will have to go with a temperature of 25- 30 degrees Celsius. Also the minimum humidity goes up from 40 to 60% and even the amount of fertilizers changes. If this is all done correctly though, the harvest can be 15 to 25% bigger in the same time (or less!).

If you want a strong marijuana plant with flowers close together and a short growth it is wise to artificially add CO2. This technique is very difficult so only experienced growers should try it.  Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana plants.

When to use artificial supplements of CO2:

When you have a heat problem and the exhaust system doesn’t work properly you could try using artificial CO2. Everything accelerates when you do this, so if it’s not strictly necessary. Don’t do this the first few times you grow marijuana. When you are more experienced it can increase productivity and gain time.

CO2: not easy to measure.

The devices you need to measure the CO2- level are very expensive, although there is a chemical measure process but you can only do this once with the equipment: a glass tube divided into degrees and a syringe. The tube is filled with a reactive substance for CO2. The syringe is filled with the air that you want to test. Break the tube at the two ends and attach it to the syringe. The air should flow through the tube and the reactive substance changes color: this indicates the CO2 level.

If you want to start growing, download my free grow guide and order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page.



Multi-Tasking; More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, June, 24th 2014 by THCFinder
Our world is extremely fast paced. Communication, obtaining information, visiting other places. All of this can be done with the touch of a screen, the click of a button. With people expecting everything so fast, humans can't help but multitask in the worst way. Even as I sit here writing this, I've got Adventure Time playing, and I'm currently checking Instagram. The fact that I'm doing this is actually worse for my brain then the bong that I'm about to hit... Crazy right?
Scientists at the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London conducted a study on 1,100 company workers in Britain. When the workers did their tasks while listening to electronic media, there was a greater decrease in IQ then compared to those who smoke weed or those who skip a night's sleep. I'm not joking. Your phone is actually more dangerous than your weed, a fact that is greatly over looked by today's insanely instant society. Our brains are focusing on too many things at once, causing somewhat of an overload. This makes us less efficient and far less productive, showing that multitasking is extremely bad for us as humans and it's probably a good plan to learn to slow things down and do one task at a  time.
Additional studies that contributed to this research include one done by the Energy Product Audit. At least 69% of workers have extreme trouble focusing on the task at hand and are very easily distracted by simply checking email. The study went on to say that 28% of the average work weed is spent doing just that... Checking email. That means that up to 14 hours a week, workers are sitting at their computers, hitting the refresh button on their email... Or their Instagram!
The next time someone tells you that smoking weed will make you stupid, you'll know the real issue and you can kindly explain that by listening to music while working on a computer is actually more detrimental to the function of that mushy mass in our skulls. Our brains are extremely complex but it makes sense that focusing on multiple things at once could possibly cause damage. Much like the REM cycle of sleep that repeats every 90 minutes while you're asleep at night, our bodies experience similar changes during the day. If you work in smaller amounts, while not focusing on anything else (turn off your phone, music, TV, and all other distractions and just focus on the current task), say twenty minute increments, and then took short breaks in between, your brain would operate more efficiently, therefore making you more productive.


Marijuana Gets Priority Over Alcohol

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, June, 23rd 2014 by THCFinder
alcohol-vs-marijuanaMarijuana and booze get compared all the time. Two substances, which people say are quite similar, while at the same time being at opposites ends of the substance spectrum. While alcohol kills 88,000 people a year (drunk driving, overdose, accident victims), a marijuana death has still not been reported. However, alcohol is legal and can be bought at any corner store. Marijuana is still very much the subject of prohibition and therefore, doesn't bring in anywhere near the sum that alcohol does. In the legal state of Colorado, we're beginning to see the real effects of marijuana legalization... A push against the booze business.
In Denver, there is a county fair that takes place that attracts hundred of visitors from all over the state. Usually, the fair hosts a beer pavilion but this year, don't expect to see it. Instead, the weed pavilion will be doubling in size, in an effort to replicate the amazing turn outs at other cannabis shindigs, such as the High Times Cannabis Cups, Seattle Hempfest, and the Boston Freedom Rally. The weed pavilion will host contests much like the ones held at the aforementioned events, including the best plants, judging of pot brownies, a speed joint rolling contest, and oh my god, a Doritos eating contest! So say goodbye to the beer!
The events will be 21+ so youngins, don't get your hopes up too fast! There also won't be any pot present on the fair site but the plant judging, brownie eating, and potency contests will be hosted at an offsite location and be fed back to the fair via video. Definitely a good compromise, seeing as the county fair is a family event. This meet-in-the-middle model will allow the stoners to enjoy the fair as well as the families who are used to a PG outing. But if parents plan on taking their kids, they should be aware that glass vendors and other products will be available for purchase at the fair (providing you're age appropriate).
Think Denver officials will be upset? Doubtful. With the absence of alcohol, there aren't many issues expected. In fact, the profits from the event are already through the roof, due to the awesome graphics of the pot pavilion's poster. The graphic features a cherry pie with a marijuana leaf cut out of it. Selling for $20 a pop, the posters have already outsold the main graphic for the fair. Not only that, but bud sponsors are paying top dollar for their spot to be a part of the first pot pavilion. OpenVape, a Denver based company, has paid $10,000 for a place at the fair and Medically Correct, an edibles making company, has put up $5,000. The medicated treat company is also planning on hiring shuttles to drive potheads back and forth to the recreational stores and shops so they can get their weed on during the fair... Hey, they had to make the Doritos contest interesting!


Former Canadian Officer Suggests Cannabis Breathalyzer

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, June, 20th 2014 by THCFinder
cannabis-breathalyzer-testWhile Canadians are known for their super laid back approach to the marijuana business and have been a pioneer in new aspects of the plant, they've really taken a few steps back with this new invention of theirs. The invention? A cannabis breathalyzer that will supposedly show how much a person has smoked when they get pulled over on the side of the road. The goal? To get Canadians to fear punishment and adjust their lax attitude.
Kal Malhi is a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, division of drug enforcement, and is the person behind the cannabis breathalyzer. Dr. Raj Attariwala, a Vancouver radiologist, helped out with this creation as well. The two say that the most accidents that end up coming through the ER are people who have been impaired somehow. Citizens of Canada are outraged, considering that the benefits outnumber those of alcohol and now the two are being treated the same way. But while most people will explain that cannabis doesn't have the negative effects that alcohol does, a study in 2011 that was published in the BC Medical Journal suggests that cannabis "like alcohol, impairs the psychomotor skills required for save driving. Cannabis intoxication slows reaction time and impairs automated tasks such as tracking ability (staying in the same lane) or monitoring the speedometer."
Malhi and Attariwala say that people are getting really afraid to drink and drive, since the laws against being drunk while behind the wheel are seriously harsh. But while those laws are intense, the laws against being high while driving are simply a 24-hour roadside suspension. These two don't think that that penalty is enough. The Cannabis Breathalyzer will make it easier for police to detect who has been smoking as well as come in useful at workplaces that drug test. The invention still has a lot of testing and work to be done on it and is expected to pass through the necessary authorities within the next 18 months.


Colorado Issues Regulations On Cannabis Edibles And Concentrates

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, June, 18th 2014 by THCFinder
concentrates-and-edibles-regulations-issuedThere are many ways to consume cannabis. Long gone are the days when everyone just smoked joints or used small metal pipes. The cannabis consumer is getting more sophisticated every day, especially in Colorado. More and more people in Colorado are consuming cannabis edibles and concentrates. This has led to the need for regulations specific to edibles and concentrates.
Edibles and concentrates are trickier to regulate than flower. Edibles and concentrates involve flower, but also require additional processes. Dosage levels are stronger than flower, which creates even more issues. Getting the right regulations is important to minimize issues as Colorado continues to implement cannabis legalization. Of course, Maureen Dowd illustrated the need for both proper labeling and responsible use in her recent column detailing her experience when eating too much of edible, particularly for a novice.
Two new bills have been signed that will hopefully get solid and fair regulations in place. Per High Times:
Last week, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a pair of bills intended to establish tighter regulations for cannabis edibles and concentrates throughout the state. The edible legislation creates a task force to design packaging and labeling to ensure pot-edible products are clearly distinguishable from regular food products, especially critical for cannabis-laced items like cookies and candy that can potentially appeal to children.
The concentrate legislation authorizes a scientific study to guide the State Licensing Authority in establishing the equivalency of one ounce of pot in cannabis retail products, such as hash oil. Some lawmakers have expressed concern that an ounce of cannabis concentrate is considerably more potent than an ounce of flowers.
Colorado and Washington are doing something that no other state in America has ever done before – implement cannabis legalization. Creating regulations from scratch is no easy task, for any industry. There is no playbook for how to implement cannabis legalization properly. The rules are being written and re-written as the process goes along. However, I think Colorado is doing a stellar job at navigating the uncharted territory.



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