How To Conserve Weed

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, January, 20th 2014 by THCFinder
Weed may be a plant but that doesn't mean that it's easy to get a hold of. For a lot of people, marijuana is still something that is bought on a street corner, rather then the dispensary down the road. So for those stoners who are stuck in places where bud might be hard to come by, I've come up with five ways to conserve your weed or at least have backups stored in case you run out and need an emergency nug. Even if you can get your hands on weed easily, that doesn't mean you have the money. So these tips work for people in legal states as well!
1. The E-Nug
Most stoners do this no matter what. They have a secret stash stored somewhere so that when they run out of bud, they have something to smoke on. Usually this nug is stored in a small jar, container, or grinder and stashed away until needed. Definitely a recommended step because you'll be able to get high while you wait for the lagging weed man!
2. Master The Corner
Cornering a bowl should be considered an art. If you know how to conserve weed, cornering your bowls like a pro is how you make a little bit of weed last a long time. A small bong pack can be four good sized hits in a straight tube. Trust me, I've had to conserve weed like crazy before in those broke college days.
3. Save All The Keif
Don't smoke all of your keif at once. It's usually a good idea to save a bit every time you empty out that chamber in your grinder so that once you actually do run out, you have some awesome keif to get you baked until you can get some more bud/dabs/whatever you're smoking.
4. Stretch It Out
Don't smoke unless absolutely necessary. Bad day, headaches, etc are definitely good reasons but if you're low on weed and just wanna smoke to be high, you should probably refrain. Save the bud for when you really need it!
5. Buy A Little Extra
Sometimes, it's a good idea just to throw on a few more grams. While it may cost a bit extra, having the ability to smoke when you want is just that nice. It's worth it t spend that extra bit so if you're ever debating, it's usually better to buy more than less if you can afford it!


Smoking Weed Doesn't Make You A Bad Person

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, January, 17th 2014 by THCFinder
It's extremely unfair that stoner stereotypes are still part of the smokers every day experience. Whether you live in a place where marijuana is legal or not, stoners always seem to face some kind of difficulty when making their way through life. Those who choose to broadcast their smoking habits by wearing cannabis clothing or even just simply speaking up about their plant beliefs are more often than not met with some sort of snide remark or rude comment. Which isn't fair, considering some of the most successful people around these days seem to be smoking the reefer. There are two kinds of people that are against marijuana when it comes down to the bottom line.
The first group of people who strongly speak out against cannabis is the religious type. A lot of people who strongly believe in some sort of religion like to preach about how marijuana is bad for you and that it's the "devil's plant". People definitely still use that term, I would imagine mostly those who come from the deepest parts of the south. Now there's nothing wrong with believing in religion but if you do believe in some kind of creator, a supreme being that brought life in to the world, then you have to accept the idea that cannabis was put here for a reason. It seems unlikely that the plant's main purpose would be to be hated by the human race, especially since it occurs naturally and without human interaction. Some stoners even argue that marijuana is mentioned in the Bible and there are numerous other religions that use the herb in rituals and refer to it as an extremely powerful thing.
As for the second group, it's purely those who refuse to accept change. They are the ones who have believed that cannabis is wrong for such a long period of time that there is just no convincing them otherwise. They will argue with you until they're blue in the face but will never actually produce any legitimate information. So most of the time, they repeat the same few phrases; "it's a gateway drug", "it's bad because it's illegal", or "it's a severely mind altering substance". When arguing with one of these people, that's pretty much all you're going to hear from them. They don't have solid evidence and they refuse to listen to yours. The best way to deal with this kind of person is to just say what you need to say and let them talk until they run out of hot air.
Bottom line; marijuana use doesn't make you a terrible person. Stereotyping someone for smoking marijuana DOES make you a bad person. Just because someone likes to light a plant on fire and inhale it means that they're a terrible person, probably a criminal or a gang member? No. The stereotypes associated with cannabis need to fade out and disappear because we all know that they're not true. It's key to remember that all stoners should act the way they want the cannabis industry to be viewed.


Appeal of the Straight Tube

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, January, 16th 2014 by THCFinder
With so many different forms of glass out there, stoners have all different views on what's the best and what's not so good. Some stoners prefer the crazy designs that are being released these days but one can't really argue with the simplistic design of the good old fashioned straight tube bong. They're simple, hard hitting, and very easy to clean, making the straight tube the perfect piece for that semi lazy stoner... Or the stoner who just wants to keep it simple and get extremely baked in the best way possible... With a bong.
The straight tube is most often compared to the beaker, as they are similar in their looks. However, some stoners claim that the beaker gives the smoker a bigger hit than the straight tube because their bases are bigger, providing more room for bubbles to form and filter the smoke. The allure of the straight tube? They fill up with some serious milk! This provides dense smoke, but less of it. The beaker gives you more smoke but tends not to be as dense as the straight tubes are. Either way, the two are quite similar but it seems that stoners really like the straight tube and the dense smoke.
Since the straight tubes are... Well, straight, they're far easier to clean than any other bong. Most parts are removable and you can reach every inch of glass with rubbing alcohol and epsom salt or whatever it is that you use to clean your glass. It is agreed that the best size of straight tube, both for smoking ability and the easy access for cleaning. These solid pieces are easy to move as well as conceal so transporting them is never really an issue. The best thing about straight tubes is that they can come with percs and you can buy ashcatchers so no one can say that your straight tube is "boring".
The straight tube will always be a favorite among stoners of all ages. It's simple and easy, two things that stoners seem to really enjoy. Especially since the straight tube bong tends to be one of the cheaper ones, even if bought from a high end company. The straight tube provides an awesome high and definitely deserves a spot in your glass collection. It definitely has perks in the stoner world to have an easy to clean glass piece that hits well and looks nice!


The Price Is HIGH

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, January, 9th 2014 by THCFinder
the-price-of-weed-is-too-highIf you think that you're high, just wait until you hear about the prices that are coming with the legal weed in Colorado. Smoking without worrying about cops busting down your door is dope, don't get me wrong. But how keen are you on paying $100 for an eighth of weed that used to cost you $50 from your friend across town. Are the prices high enough to turn some stoners away from legal bud and back to street dealers? It's possible with a slight sacrifice.
People showed up to wait for legal bud on the 1st of this month got a real shock when they reached the registers to pay for their pack of legal pot. The 25% tax is a lot more intimidating when you're looking at your tab on the computer display. And what if you're that asshole that didn't happen to bring enough money? Now you're just holding up the line and everyone behind is you is cranky and sober. Rachel Gillette, the executive director at NORML, witnessed top shelf cannabis being sold to recreational users at a whopping $400 an ounce, a price tag you rarely see with the exception of the far north states, where growing marijuana is difficult indoors and the outdoor conditions are too unpredictable. Forget about the fact that this $400 price didn't include the 25% marijuana tax or the state issued tax that is also applied. Talk about breaking the bank. Medical prices will remain at their normal price, which is around $20 an ounce plus tax, a staggering drop from the recreational price. Medical cannabis users will also avoid the 25% tax, which will only apply to recreational users in the state and tourists.
The prices are all over the place, with some dispensaries selling an eighth at $25 one day and $70 the next. Hopefully, these amounts will stabilize quickly, giving recreational users a better idea at what they'll be paying if they want to smoke. It may take a bit but even the tax may decrease, once state lawmakers figure out that legalizing cannabis can only be a good thing for their local economies.
Last year, Colorado State released a report saying that the estimated level price of an ounce at retail will end up being somewhere around $185 an ounce before taxes. That seems like an alright price, definitely as compared to the insane $400 an ounce price that currently seems to be the norm. If the prices don't fall, then it's estimated that a lot of stoners will fall back to the black market and street dealers, in order to keep some of their hard earned money in their pockets.


Down The Stereotypes

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, January, 8th 2014 by THCFinder
As cannabis users, we work extremely hard to disprove the annoying stereotypes that still stick with us to this day. No one seems to view Tommy Chong as a man who beat cancer with cannabis oil or as one of the leading cannabis activists, has brought the community much farther than we ever could have gotten without him. No they see him as some spaced out pothead that drives around in an ice cream truck full of weed. I think it's safe to say that marijuana has come a long way from "Dave's not here, man". While we recognize the foundations of the stoner community, it's important to show the world that we are not just a bunch of boring, lazy bums with no real goals in life.
While digging through the endless piles of junk on the internet, I stumbled across an article written by David Brooks, a writer at the New York Times. It was titled "Weed; Been There. Done That" and I felt compelled to see what a former smoker had to say about the status of cannabis these days and why he'd made the choice to not smoke any more. As with most, this choice just sort of happened. Marijuana is either for you or not, kind of like the idea of tattoo addiction. You either really like it and continue to indulge or you don't and you get a couple and call it quits. Brooks and his buddies just sort of let their cannabis use dwindle out. There's definitely nothing wrong with it but the portrayal of the stoner was more than offensive.
In the piece, Brooks stated that stoners are not interesting and that being a smoker is not something one should be proud of. I'm not sure if he's just been ignoring social media or cannabis just isn't as apparent as I thought but stoners are really proud of their smoking... Really proud. From stickers to sweaters to hats, stoners will wear anything that has cannabis related symbols on it. Entire companies are based off of sales of pot related clothing. If people are buying it, they must be wearing it. I myself am currently wearing a very comfortable pair of weed leaf printed socks and don't plan on changing when I go out later. Stoners are proud to smoke. And we are definitely interesting. Since the more widespread acceptance of cannabis, people of all different careers and backgrounds are being more open with their cannabis use. Doctors, teachers, police officers, and former military are all people who use cannabis. The weed smoking pool has extended past the drug rug wearing high school senior.
The article that Brooks wrote went on to say that stoners do stupid things. While it is true that stoners can be slightly goofy, we are not stupid nor do we do stupid things more than other people. In this day and age, stupidity is basically a birthright and being stoned makes it easier to cope with the absurd amount of stupidity that seems to have overtaken the human race. I can't stress it enough; "if you were stupid after smoking weed, chances are you were stupid before you smoked". That statement could not be more true. Being a functioning, upstanding stoner is something that pot users are extremely proud of.
Stoners work hard and you never know who might be a secret stoner. Your banker might be lighting up when she gets home from work or your dentist maybe packs a bowl after he's done drilling cavities out of your mouth. You don't know who smokes so there is really no reason to say "stoners are stupid" or "smoking pot makes you do stupid things". It's the choice of the individual to do stupid things. Marijuana doesn't make you do them, it's just a scapegoat.


What To Expect When Buying Legal Bud

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, January, 7th 2014 by THCFinder
Buying weed legally is probably going to seem weird to people for a while, since most people have been sneaking around police, laws, and parents for years when they're simply just trying to get a little high. Hopefully knowing what to expect might make people a little less uneasy about buying their bud at a store, rather than on the street. Buying and smoking cannabis should be an enjoyable experience. If you're heading to Colorado to visit one of the few recreational cannabis shops, here's what you can expect thanks to a fellow stoner who's been through the process numerous times already!
- Similar to the packaging of alcohol in most states, your marijuana will be sold to you in a brown paper bag so that everyone will definitely not suspect that you're carrying a sneaky substance with you. No one will know you just bought marijuana. Obviously.
- When you open the bag, your bud will be in there but you won't get to look at it yet! It's packaged in a sealed container and comes with a nice little card that tells you about the cannabis laws that are specific to the state of Colorado.
- Every container has a warning on it, a batch number, the day that it was sold, and the weight of what it contains. So basically, it looks like medicine.
- The safety warning states that you shouldn't operate machinery or use marijuana if you're pregnant.
- Each container is sealed with a zip tie and will remain sealed until opened, which means no stink thankfully!
- And now? You smoke! Enjoy the fact that your geographical location allows you to smoke a plant and not worry about going to jail for it! The rest of the world will catch up eventually... We hope!



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