Study Concludes Marijuana Increases Appetite By Enhancing Sense Of Smell

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, February, 12th 2014 by THCFinder
sense-of-smell-enhancedA new study published this week in the journal Nature Neuroscience has revealed why cannabis can act as an appetite stimulant.
A group of European scientists examined the standard smelling and eating patterns of mice, and compared them to patterns exhibited by mice given THC.
Both groups of mice were offered almond and banana oils; while the mice in the control group sniffed the oils and eventually lost interest, the group of mice who were administered THC just kept sniffing. When offered food, the mice who were given THC also ate substantially more than the control group.
Upon examining another group of mice that had been fasted 24 hours, the researchers found results similar to those seen in the mice given THC.
The scientists genetically engineered a group of mice without CB1 receptors in their olfactory bulb (the part of the brain responsible for sense of smell), and found that administering THC no longer had the same effect; the mice reacted to smells the same as the control group, and no longer exhibited an increased appetite.
Researchers determined that cannabinoid receptors located in the olfactory bulb were triggered by the THC, which acts as an imitation of the endocannabinoids naturally produced when experiencing hunger – thus, enhancing the sense of smell and increasing the appetite of the mice.


Cannabis And the Flu

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, February, 12th 2014 by THCFinder


Cold season is still upon us, even though most people are itching for their summer clothes. The flu in particular seems to be a real problem this year and many people have suffered that terrible sickness already. But for those who have managed to stay healthy (or those that are over it and want to stay that way), it seems as if marijuana can help with that. Since getting a flu shot creeps some people out, many are seeking alternative methods to keep their bodies in good shape this season.

The substances that fight the flu and strengthen the immune system are known as flavonoids. They are found in all kinds of plants and are responsible for plant colors, including red, orange, blue, green, etc. There are twenty different varieties of flavonoids found in the cannabis plant as well. But while there are only a few varieties of these flu fighting agents in some plants, the cannabis plant contains flavonoids that are not found in other plants, like the cannaflavins. This is also what acts as part of the anti inflammatory effects of the cannabis plant.

If you're getting sick a lot, it means that your body is lacking in the important flavonoid department. Marijuana can help to fix that imbalance. The plant helps to protect blood cells from rupture, as well as increase the power of your body's vitamin C supply. Benefits of cannabis in this aspect also include the anti-inflammatory agents and it also functions as an antioxidant. As you can see, the plant has amazing benefits when fighting the flu, with the last one being that it provides the body with antibiotic activity and disrupts the function of microorganisms, such as viruses like the flu and bacteria.

On the off chance that you do end up getting sick, try to avoid smoking. Medicate by ingesting your cannabis through edibles. If you smoke, you're only going to further irritate your throat and lungs. You want to be getting better, not worse. You can also make tea, which can always make a person feel better when they're sick. Stay high and healthy!


Dry Weed Is No Good

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, February, 10th 2014 by THCFinder
Stoners pride themselves on their dank, sticky weed. But what if you've got to keep your buds stored for a long amount of time? Even a few days in the jar can cause your weed to crumble at the slightest touch. You want to be packing your joints with weed, not weed dust. Here are a few of the best ways to keep your weed in your jar and not blowing away at the faintest breath of wind.
Humidifying Packs;
These are super cheap and can be found at your local headshop or cigar store, depending on what's closest to you. Usually, they're around $1.00 a pack and last a good amount of time, providing that you don't leave your jar open all the time. These packs also come in different variations of humidity so you can keep your weed super dank or just at an acceptable level.
One Dense Nug;
Some stoners report that by taking a single dense nug and dropping it in to the jar with the dried out weed will eventually make the entire jar a little more humid, evening out the amount of dampness in the jar. This method isn't proven so don't hold me to this one!!
Citrus Peels;
By adding in some peels of citrus, whether lemon or orange, you can gain some moisture back in to dry weed. Get a container smaller then your weed jar and put some holes in the lid (or cover it with plastic wrap). Put this smaller container inside the jar with your bud in it and let it sit for a few hours. After that amount of time, take the peels out to prevent mold. You should have added a little bit of dank back in to your weed and you won't complain about the citrusy smell (if you "burp" your jar intermittently, this smell will dissipate providing that you don't let the citrus peels touch your weed).
While this is usually a technique used to keep brown sugar from clumping together, it had been said that putting a piece of bread in the jar will get back just the right amount of moisture, giving you some good bud to smoke on rather then some ancient dusty nugs.
With no smell and no flavor, lettuce is great for keeping bud damp. Only leave the lettuce in jar for a short amount of time. If you leave it for too long, it can promote mildew growth in the jar and you can ruin all of your weed.


Children At Risk Due To Medibles?

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, February, 7th 2014 by THCFinder
If you've seen some of the edibles packing, you'll understand why a child might confuse a medicated brownie with a normal one. They don't understand the writing so that won't stop them from trying to eat it. There are parents, doctors, and school workers that are upset about the fact that medicated treats seem to be getting in to the hands of children more often then not in the state of Colorado.
It was reported from Children's Hospital Colorado that there were 14 children that were seen in the emergency department between October 2009 through December 2011. Before the year 2009, there were no reports of children ingesting marijuana. The kids that did eat marijuana infused food were said to be sleepy and slightly disoriented and one was reported to have trouble breathing. Since eating cannabis has such a different effect then smoking it and children are so much smaller, it's difficult for their small bodies to handle the high doses of THC that some medicated treats contain.
There was one young girl named Evelyn Hernandez, age 2, who was playing on the lawn of her family's apartment building and stumbled upon a cookie in the grass. She managed to get in a few bites before her mother took the cookie away. A few hours later, the little girl was drowsy and having trouble walking by herself. The parents took her to the hospital and she tested positive for THC. The young girl is fine now and seems to have suffered no ill effects from eating the medicated cookie.
If you do purchase medicated treats, it is very important to keep them out of reach of children. Colorado is trying to push through new packaging that will make the treats very difficult for a child to get to but sometimes, the treats are dropped or left unattended and unwrapped where a child could get a hold of them. It's important to keep all kinds of medication away from children, unless they're using it under doctor supervision.


Shows That Mention Cannabis; Part I

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, February, 7th 2014 by THCFinder
Stoners and cartoons go hand in hand! As cannabis becomes a more accepted part of society, popular culture shows are beginning to reference the plant more and more. So not only are our favorite shows funny, they're now talking about a stoner's favorite thing; weed. Here are five episodes of popular cartoons that have referenced the good old marijuana.
1. "Bendin' In The Wind" Futurama
In this episode, Fry and Bender stumble upon an old VW bus, which as we all know is the classic stoner vehicle. When the crew of Planet Express is inpecting the van, the professor asks "Where's the device that slows down or speeds up the passage of time?" and Fry replies "Under the seat", pulling out a bong. The crew later follows Bender and singer Beck around on tour in the VW bus, even dressing in tie dye clothing.
2. "Our Gang" The Cleveland Show
In this Family Guy spin off, the end of the episode shows Cleveland, Cleveland Brown Jr, and Rollo are in the car driving. Cleveland is giving the two boys a lecture on drugs that are acceptable to use. His exact quote; "I hope you kids learned something today about drugs, which are bad except the ones that aren't, like ibuprofen. Marijuana is also okay if it's legally prescribed by a doctor in any of the thirteen states where such laws apply; Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Time for a road trip! Hehe don't you judge me. Half of you are high right now!" A seriously epic speech for a cartoon character... And yes, we're all pretty stoned when we're watching this.
3. "Joint Custody" American Dad!
This whole episode is based on weed, since Haylee's boyfriend Jeff is found out to be a wanted pot smuggler in the state of Florida. In order to get Jeff out of his life, Stan tricks him in to taking a trip with him. Stan plans on taking the boy back to Florida. But when Stan and Roger are sitting in a garage and unknowingly light up some pot, Stan ends up getting stuck in the snack aisle and Roger refuses to let go of a bag of cat food because he's so high, he thinks he'll float away.
4. "Episode 420" Family Guy
After killing Quagmire's pet cat, Peter and Brian are trying to hide the body. Peter is covered in blood and they get pulled over. After listing off everything that's wrong with the scene (open alcohol containers, Peter's bloody appearance, and the corpse in the back seat), the cops spot a small amount of pot on Brian and immediately pull their guns, yelling "POT! SMALL AMOUNT OF POT!" They then arrest Brian. When the family arrives to bail out their dog, the show goes on to reference the anti-marijuana commercials involving the crudely drawn boy and his dog on yellow paper, which is an extremely comical commercial to stoners.
5. "A Midsummer's Nice Dream" The Simpsons
This episode is packed full of weed and even includes the two pot smoking legends Cheech and Chong. When Homer finds out that his kids don't know who the two famous tokers are, he claims that he has failed as a parent and brings the family to see Cheech and Chong live at the local Clamphitheater (hahaha). So many pot jokes are thrown around, you won't have a chance to stop giggling.


Start Preparing For The Outdoor Marijuana Growing Season

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, February, 6th 2014 by THCFinder
FINALLY! February marks the beginning of the outdoor marijuana season for those in the northern hemisphere. Are you ready? Have you picked out an acceptable location? What strains are you planning on growing? This outdoor grow guide is intended to help with the major facets of outdoor cannabis cultivation, available on this link for free!
Part 1 will provide you with details on acceptable grow sites including their requirements and a few examples. I will be providing a new chapter every other week, and your feedback, tips, and pictures would be awesome to see. We plan on compiling all this new information so that we can eventually release THE ultimate guide to growing outdoors in one volume (as a free download, of course).
Virtually everyone’s ideal outdoor season ends with a large bag of top-notch marijuana. Every year, I have new experiences and learn new things like how nosy neighbors might get suspicious, how farmers might discover your plants in their fields, and how thieves get a kick out of stealing your crop just before harvest. Of course, that’s all part of the process for outdoor growers. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money for impressive results. For only 50 bucks you can end up with between 3 and 5 plants at 2 to 2.5 meters high that produce yields of around 500 grams per plant (that’s over a pound!).
Here is the first page of the free outdoor grow guide. Get your free copy here. Your first course of action should be to find an acceptable location for growing marijuana. The major things you want to look for are:
More sunlight correlates to larger plants and higher yields. If you plant in the shadows, at least make sure your plants get some sun each day.
Plants will be able to thrive in most areas, except those that are uncharacteristically dry. Of course, if you have more water at your disposal, then the plant can absorb more nutrients. Creeks, rivers, or other nearby sources of water are ideal. Bringing in your own water is also an option.



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