Marijuana Vs Big Tobacco

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, January, 1st 2015 by THCFinder
mj-vs-tobaccoThere has forever been a war between cigarettes and marijuana. While some stoners indulge in both, there are some that strictly do one or the other. Some people even use marijuana in order to help them quit smoking cigarettes, smoking a bowl every time they want a butt. Most people have found that it helps to deter them from actually smoking a cigarette. Big Tobacco is fully aware that their high profit market is about to be pulled out from under them and they are actively attempting to gear up their products in order to keep customers loyal. 
With marijuana legalization on it’s way, Big Tobacco is worried that the plant will become more desired than the traditional pack of cigarettes. Sure enough, many smokers will tell you, “If I could walk in to a store and buy a pack of joints, I’d never smoke a butt again.” Last month, two more states and the District of Columbia legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, joining Colorado and Washington. 
Unfortunately for Big Tobacco, they’re giving the marijuana market a leg up. Back when cigarettes weren’t so popular, companies had to use serious marketing strategies to sell their products. Since the marijuana market is doing the same thing many years later, there is already a basic structure of how to sell, market, and produce the plant. While consuming tobacco pretty much stops at smoking it, the marijuana industry stands to grab more attention because it can be consumed in so many different ways. 
Cannabis isn’t nearly as addictive as tobacco and seems to have the opposite effect for many of the problems that come with smoking cigarettes. Tobacco and nicotine can cause cancer, lung issues, and other problems while marijuana doesn’t even need to be smoked necessarily but can be vaped, eaten, applied as a salve, or taken as a tincture. the industry is sure to evolve even more as time goes on and Big Tobacco better watch out for the blossoming marijuana business. 


Family Looks To Marijuana To Stop Child's Seizures

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, January, 1st 2015 by THCFinder
mj-seizuresCarly Chandler is three years old and suffers from severe seizures that leave her parents at a loss. She is the child that inspired the medical marijuana law that is currently being implemented in the state of Alabama. Carly currently has over a hundred small seizures a day. At night, the seizures worsen in to gran mal. These convulsions are so severe that her parents worry that the condition will kill their little girl. Sometimes, the episodes last for longer than ten minutes. Dustin Chandler, her father, says that sometimes, all he can do is bow his head.
Starting in early 2015, families like the Chandlers will be able to treat their children with medical marijuana. They hope that it will provide immense relief for their suffering children. “Carly’s Law” was funded from the University of Alabama at Birmingham to study the marijuana derivative, CBD oil, in order to treat seizures. Governor Robert Bently signed the legislation in to law nine months ago but the university had to wait for federal approval to actually begin the study. 
Carly started having her seizures when she was just eight weeks old. Ten days after her first birthday, she was diagnosed with CDKL5, a very rare genetic disorder that causes severe neurodevelopment impairment. The symptoms? Frequent seizures. “We worry every day that she could die from what is called SUDEP, sudden unexplained death in epilepsy,” says Amy Chandler, her mother. “The brain literally stops and shuts everything down.” Right now, the little girl can’t speak or walk. She sits in a specially made rocking chair and rocks her head from side to side when she wants to go in her infant swing. In some ways, she is a normal three year old. She loves grilled chicken nuggets, although they have to be spoon fed to her. She laughs when her father plays with her and she especially loves the festive lights of Christmas.
Hoping that Carly’s brain can get a rest from her constant convulsions, the family would die just to hear their daughter speak. “Her voice would be priceless. Just to hear her talk to us,” Amy said. The Chandlers started their fight for cannabis after they saw a little girl in Colorado using CBD oil for her seizures. “We thought ‘Why can they have it and we can’t? Because they live in a different zip code?’”
Even though the scientific research regarding the CBD oil is limited, many parents have said that they see an extreme improvement in their children when put on oil regimens. There are many children around the United States that benefit from the use of CBD oil and hopefully, there will be many more as more parents work towards getting a real cure for their children. 


Signatures Gathered To Put Marijuana Decriminalization To A Vote In Wichita

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, December, 31st 2014 by THCFinder
decrim-to-a-voteI love local marijuana activism. I obviously love all forms of marijuana activism, but it always makes me smile when I hear of local efforts. I always say if we can’t get reform at the federal level, try for the state level. If getting a state level victory can’t be readily achieved, then go for a local victory. Enough local victories will lead to a state victory, and enough state victories will lead to a victory at the federal level.
On local effort in Wichita, Kansas has gathered enough signatures to put marijuana decriminalization to a vote. Per Whaxy:
Organizers of a Wichita petition to reduce penalties for marijuana possession announced they have collected more than enough required signatures to put an initiative on the city election ballot on April 7, 2015.
The push for change is being lead by Esau Freeman, president of the pro-marijuana group Kansas for Change. Freeman said they are planning to submit the signatures to election officials on January 7. It is exciting to see this effort have different results than the attempt before the November general election, which fell just short of the number of required signatures collected. Leading up to the submission of the signatures, the group will be making public presentations at a state legislative forum and City Council meeting. Both of these events will occur on January 6.
The petition, if passed, would reduce the penalty for marijuana possession by an adult of up to 32 grams to a fine of $50. If there are no other offenses, the violation would be expunged from the person’s record after one year. If an effort like this can succeed in a conservative area like Wichita, Kansas, it can succeed just about anywhere.


Son Uses Fathers House To Grow Cannabis

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, December, 30th 2014 by THCFinder
sone-uses-fathers-house-to-grow-cannabisSome people get really heated with their parents when it comes to the topic of marijuana. While some stoners are lucky and have parents that smoke with them and support legalization, the majority of cannabis users don’t see eye to eye with the older generation. But that’s definitely not grounds to sneak behind your parents’ backs and steal the keys to their vacation home to build a marijuana grow op.
But that’s what James Jones. age 20, did. He learned how to grow cannabis by watching YouTube and stole his father’s house keys to have a place for his grow. After several months of Jones growing marijuana in the house, his father paid the property a visit and discovered what his son was doing. Along with the numerous plants in the home, there was also a note left for Jones’ father, reading “Dad, please don’t go mad. Ring my first, I have my reasons.” But his father disregarded the note and called the police. Jones was arrested. 
Jones pleaded guilty to the production of marijuana in court December 11th. The prosecutor of the case, Kate Marchuk, told the court, “After Mr. Jones’ father called them, the police came around to the house where 13 cannabis plants were found, blinds drawn, bright lights in one of the bedrooms, heat lamps, fans to control temperature, plant food, and chemicals. The defendant was interviewed and said it all belonged to him.” Jones admitted that he had taken the keys several months ago and would visit the plants twice a week to make sure that they were growing well. He was hoping to get two or three ounces from each plant. He maintained that he had been growing the plants for strict personal use because his smoking had begun to cost him so much money. With a premature baby in the hospital and no job, Jones thought to save money by growing his own pot. 
Jones ended up having to pay fines to the court as well as a two month community order with a requirement to be a daily curfew from 7pm to 7am. 


31 Year Old Mom Charged With Child Abuse For Giving Cannabis To Sons

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, December, 29th 2014 by THCFinder
cannabis-to-child-considered-abuseWe are beginning to see more and more mothers going to jail for attempting to help their children fight illnesses that are currently “treated” with prescription drugs that may or may not have terrible side effects. Most recently, a 31 year old Mesick, Missouri woman is being charged with child abuse after the police say that she gave her two children marijuana to help with medical issues. The children, ages 10 and 12, were both on prescription drugs when their mother decided to try cannabis instead, even though the plant remains illegal in her state. 
Amy Renee Cunningham didn’t want her two boys taking the medicines that the doctors were prescribing. Her 10 year old son was given marijuana to help with emotional issues. The 12 year old was reportedly receiving marijuana for treatment of ADHD. Considering that one of the most common “treatments” of ADHD is Ritalin, a pill that actually contains the word “meth” in it’s scientific name (methylphenidate). For emotional issues, doctors tend to prescribe Zoloft or Ativan for emotional issues, both of which can really have a devastating effect on a child. 
Cunningham is being charged with third degree child abuse after being investigated by CPS and the police. Another charge the prosecutor tacked on was the delivery and manufacture of marijuana. This poor mother only tried to help her children by giving them a more natural medicine. The effects of the medicines that her kids were taking are harsh and considerably more damaging than any effect of marijuana. Mothers absolutely do not deserve to go to jail simply for trying to help their kids live a better life.


Vice Releases Pot Cooking Show

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, December, 29th 2014 by THCFinder
cannabis-cooking-showEdibles are largely popular among the young stoners and those who just aren’t a fan of smoking (or they suffer from an illness that prevents it). While most of these treats are sweet and sugary, like brownies and lollipops, some places have begun to sell other food products containing marijuana. Soda, trail mix, even vodka. While these treats are good, wouldn’t it be even better to learn how to really cook with marijuana? Make full course meals with the plant, leaving your belly full and your mind high? 
Munchies, Vice Media’s food channel, recently released it’s first episode of a series that’s called Bong Appetit. The show is something that Vice is hoping will blow up in to the largest network for young people in the world. In this first episode, you mean a 91 year old grandmother who has perfected Italian classic dishes using the wonders of marijuana. “Nonna Marijuana” as she’s known, first emerged on to the YouTube circuit in 2011, working with her daughter, Valerie Corral, the founder of Wo/Men’s Alliance For Medical Marijuana (WAMM). 
“I like to cook with medical marijuana because I feel that it helps those who have been ill and had to endure pain, and I will use it if it helps anyone,” Nonna Marijuana told Munchies. While the grandmother doesn’t medicate herself, her daughter uses marijuana to treat grand map seizures, a result of a brutal car accident in the 70s. Even though Nonna Marijuana isn’t eating the marijuana infused meals, she loves to make it for others. 
Show producer David Bienenstock, who is based in Santa Cruz, California, says, “We’re moving beyond marijuana as something frightening. A lot of people are curious and food is a great way for people to access the culture. Once they can access it, they start to understand it’s something we shouldn’t be suppressing and should be celebrating.” There is absolutely more to the edible world than treats that may end up giving you a cavity. By creating a homey-feeling show like Munchies, featuring a woman who could virtually be anyone’s grandmother, Munchies will absolutely surpass the negative stigma associated with marijuana.



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