The Marijuana diet could help you loose weight!

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, November, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
the-mj-diet-marijuana-dietJust when you think you've tried every fad diet to shape up and slim down -- you might be surprised at a new one stirring up controversy these days. Its called the Marijuana diet.  Our Liz Bonis  takes a look at what obesity experts say -- about dropping pounds with pot. When it comes to the power of pot -- a number of states now say it can legally be used to treat a number of health concerns.
You might be surprised however to hear that it's hotly debated if weight loss is one of them. Unless you talk to Art Glass, author of the book, The Marijuana Diet. We talked to him by Skype from a state where he admits he can't legally use pot yet for this purpose -- in spite of that he claims that after several years on the diet.  
Glass has dropped 65 pounds and says "The marijuana diet has proven to lose weight in people better than anything else." Here's how he says the marijuana diet works: You smoke one to three inhales of marijuana Eat super foods such as blueberries or green leafy vegetables Juice with green smoothies and fast intermittently. Then you do what Art calls sofa exercises - which he showed us by skype.
Glass says the weed is what works for weight loss, and he has studies and testimonials to back it up. "Because marijuana has cannibinoids in it is the only plant that has that, and cannibinoids do incredible things for people's minds and their bodies," Glass said. So the real question we had to ask is, is it really then the marijuana or perhaps the reduced calorie intake that might be leading to weight loss, and as you might imagine, experts have a bit of a mixed opinion about using controlled substances to help you lose weight.
Doctor George Kerlakian is a bariatric surgeon who reviewed the marijuana diet and some of the studies Glass claims support weed for weight loss. 


Green Is Green

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, November, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
green-is-green-mbotwinMost stoners work hard to make the money that lines their pockets. The economy in America is rough and not all countries are financially stable so the way that people make money varies. Some stick to the traditional jobs. A 9am-5pm, maybe? Or it seems that smokers tend to gravitate towards service industry jobs and wind up being a server or a bartender. Even then, there are some that don't get those jobs and have resorted to selling marijuana in order to make their way in the world.
It's not just in America that this issue is apparent.  Nigerian fisherman named Yoto Seibokuro, 27, was arrested with six other people for dealing marijuana. Seibokuro stated in his newspaper interview that he started selling cannabis in order to support himself. when the income from fishing just wasn't cutting it when it came time to put food on the table for the man's large family. Since cannabis is so easily renewed, selling it can be an extremely good way to make money when there's no jobs available.
If you can't get a job to support yourself, there's a strong chance that just giving up and living in your car is not an option. Most people would never even consider letting it get that bad. Selling marijuana is a fast and easy way to make money and people will take advantage of that. Money and bud are both green. Smart people know that. When all other options have been exhausted, what exactly is a person going to do? Cannabis, while having a lower street value than most other illegal substances, isn't as dangerous as other drugs. Plus it's medical value allows the seller to not feel guilty about giving the plant to others.
It's amusing to think that the government shuns cannabis when there are so many people that are profiting from it. People make their lives around cannabis and use it to feed their children. With so few options and the cost of living going up every day, how are people supposed to survive? Resorting to selling cannabis is an easy way out, providing you're located in a place that doesn't allow easy marijuana access. While the risks associated with selling marijuana are high, people are willing to risk their freedom in order to provide for their families.


Ways To Be A Healthy Stoner

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, November, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
Let's face it, stoners don't have the best reputation of being healthy. Usually, people think we sit around and waste time for the most part. A lot of us don't do that but for those that do, this list will hopefully get you up and moving for the sake of fighting the stereotype. Not only that but your health will thank you if you move around a little bit.
1. Do chores. They're not the most fun thing that you could be doing. But at least you're up and moving. Whether it's laundry, dishes, or cleaning the living room. This way, you're not just sitting in one spot all the time.
2. Start doing a squat challenge. These will kick your ass, seriously. Doing squats not only gets your blood flowing but it benefits your behind as well. Trust me, you'll thank yourself for doing this exercise.
3. If you're running errands, you're not sitting. Get up and go grocery shopping or instead of making coffee at home, go sit and have one at your favorite coffee shop. Invite friends or go alone. Either way, you're out of the house!
4. Don't succumb to the greasy fast food giants. I know that they're tempting and taste amazing but with chicken nuggets made out of pink mush and burgers that drip grease to your elbows, it might be a safe bet to stay away from fast food as much as possible.
5. Avoid smoking and vape instead. Or eat edibles. Any kind of smoke in your lungs has the potential to cause damage. So those that are extremely health conscious should avoid inhaling smoke in to their lungs.
When it comes to be healthy, it really comes down to common sense. Pay attention to your normal habits and try to make them a involve a little more activity. Instead of always sitting around watching cartoons when you're smoking, make the choice to do something different. Being a healthy stoner also shows other people that we've surpassed the stereotype of being lazy and we're just as active and healthy as everyone else.


We are Almost There Lets End The Marijuana War

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, November, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
end-the-marijuana-warYes, with United States Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement that the federal government generally won’t interfere with states’ cannabis policy, the American people, the economy, and the planet won another battle in the inevitable march to the victory known as the Drug Peace. America’s longest and most expensive war, the Drug War, following voter legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington in 2012, is nearly over.
This is not just my opinion. The world over, reaction to Holder’s caveat-laden promise is being interpreted as the first major signal from the federal government that the war on one of humanity’s longest utilized plants, one considerably safer than alcohol, is winding down. From the New York Times (whose editors ran a September 2 editorial in support of Holder’s policy statement) to Britain’s Guardian, which is closely covering U.S. drug policy developments and earlier reported that a majority of Brits want cannabis law reform in the UK, it’s hard to find opposition to the direction the last stages of the war are taking. This is terrific. We’re almost there.
But almost there is not there. If you’re an independent contractor, as I am with my words and images, you’ll know that the only thing that matters is what it says when you sign an agreement on the dotted line. Everything else is song and dance, is how I put it in Too High to Fail, which spells out a sustainable model for bringing cannabis, America’s number one crop, into the taxpaying economy.
What the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) says today is that the federal government considers cannabis to be a schedule one felony, more dangerous than cocaine and meth. Will the Attorney General’s words (and the accompanying lack of backlash) embolden the legislative branch to remove cannabis entirely from the CSA, as must happen, thus allowing states to regulate cannabis like alcohol, in turn bringing billions into the aboveground economy and crippling criminal organizations? Let us hope. Better still: let us call our congressperson and senators.


Weed - No Regrets!

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, November, 27th 2013 by THCFinder



Percolator Preference

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, November, 26th 2013 by THCFinder
There are people that believe a perc is a perc and that there really isn't a difference. These people couldn't be more wrong. There are three main kinds of percs that come in bongs; tree, inline, and dome. Of course, there are tons of different kinds but these are the ones that tend to be most common. Depending on the kind of perc dictates the smoothness of the hit. The argument that bong water filters out toxins also assists people when they're picking a bong, regardless of the validity of that claim.
Tree percs contain multiple "arms" or "branches" that fill with smoke, while simultaneously filtering smoke through the water at the base of each arm. The tree perc offers a very fine filtration of the water and is an efficient design. The downside is that they're difficult to clean, especially when using the salt and alcohol method. However, the appeal of the tree percs hits draw stoners in. Clean hits are better than clean bongs to most.
Another common type of perc is the inline. This is my personal favorite. An inline is "sideways" and are pretty long, as they are positioned horizontally rather than vertically. Because of this, larger bubbles can be formed. The piece becomes more sensitive to the user's hit, which means the harder you inhale, the bigger hit you're going to get. Be careful. If not used to an inline perc, it's possible to get knocked on your ass.
Dome percs are the cheaper ones that people seem to find. They're really easy to clean, which is a huge upside to those stoners that find cleaning glass a real pain. They don't filter the smoke as well as the other percs and aren't as desired as other designs. But their low price tag and easily cleaned parts are definitely a good selling point.



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