Why Texting Your Dealer Sucks

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, November, 2nd 2013 by THCFinder
Texting a drug dealer is always a pain. Some are hard to get a hold of and other times, you just have a hard time figuring out what to say. Whatever your problem is, talking to a dealer via text can be a seriously frustrating endeavor. This list is ten of the most annoying situations when texting someone who has marijuana that you want.
- "Hey I got your number from FRIEND A. I'm FRIEND B."
Texting someone you've never met before is weird in the first place. Texting someone who you've never met that you're trying to buy bud from is even worse. It's best to meet these people before you text them if possible. Have a mutual friend introduce you. Meeting up with dealers that you don't know well can be extremely annoying (I had some punk 18-year-old continuously call me for days after I bought bud from him... It got to the point where I almost changed my number!!!)
- "Do you have fishing tackle?"
Talking in code makes absolutely no sense. It's tough to understand what people are referring to sometimes. While it may be smart to talk in code if you're worried someone will get your phone and read it but it's easier to just put a passcode on the phone instead. Talking in code can wind up being too confusing to even want to deal with. If being straightforward makes you feel weird, just ask the dealer if they're free to get coffee and then just meet them where ever. Keep it simple if you're going to talk in code. Making things complicated not only gets confusing but annoying.
- "Hey what's up?"
The first text that gets sent to a dealer is the most frustrating one. I don't know if I'm the only one that does this but I spend at least five minutes with my fingers above my phone's keyboard, trying to think of the best way to tell my dealer I need weed. Of course, coming right out and saying it isn't the best idea. You have to go through the formality of saying hello first.
- "Hey what's 3.5?"
Trying to establish the amount of bud that you need can be a very tricky maneuver if you're trying to be inconspicuous. Eighths, quarters, half ounces, etc are pretty obvious terms. I suppose that using the numbers makes the most sense, unless you and your dealer have worked out another system of amounts.
- Drug dealers don't work on normal people time
This is a proven fact that dealers do not work in the same time zone as the rest of us. They never get anywhere on time and "I'll be there in fifteen minutes" means that they won't show up until tomorrow night. Dealer time is also never convenient for the buyer and the only time they ever seem to be free is when you're busy.
- Where is the line between "annoying" and "I want some damn weed!"?
Since dealers don't work on our time, they also don't really answer their phones when they're needed. So how many times do you text a dealer before you're deemed annoying? Who knows. Sometimes, repeat texting is the only way for a dealer to pay attention to you.


The Green Rush

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, October, 31st 2013 by THCFinder
the-green-rushWithin the next few years, marijuana will probably be legalized. With the new study that was released this Tuesday, saying that 58% of Americans back the legalization of cannabis, the facts are facts. If America wants to smoke, we should definitely be able to smoke! But as with anything that stands to make a lot of money, there are things to watch out for if you're thinking about jumping on the green rush bandwagon.
Even though medical and recreational marijuana are positive things, people are not all for the cause. While they're on the green rush, their idea of green is not the same as ours. As we're fighting for cannabis to be an accepted medicine, these evildoers are preparing to scam people out of their hard earned money. Investing in cannabis as it gains popularity will definitely make some people money but it'll be those that are lucky and smart about it.
This industry will not only make people a lot of money but if investing with scammers, there is a lot of money to be lost. People think that an exploding industry such as marijuana is something that everyone can make money off of but it's not about the money. Patients deserve to get a medicine that is proven to work and work well, with very little negative side effects for the users. It's slightly unsettling to think that marijuana, like every other product ever, will at some point be a commercialized business with the potential for extreme corruption, as we're already beginning to see.
Marijuana hasn't been legalized yet but there are stocks already available for purchase in the cannabis market. These stocks are dirt cheap, most of the time they're $0.01 a share. But be warned; buying any marijuana stock from an unknown source could result in a severe financial loss. If investing in medical marijuana is something you're interested in, be sure that you research the companies first and do so through a legitimate institution. There's nothing wrong with investing but it is necessary to do it right, especially in a business like cannabis that will absolutely take over the market when it becomes legal.


Parents and Pot

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, October, 30th 2013 by THCFinder

Talking to your parents about pot is a tough thing for most people, especially when the situation involves a parent that is a cop or a military member.

talking to your kids about pot stonerdays

Not everyone is open to the idea of legalization and parents especially seem to have a hard time letting their kids make the choice to smoke. The easiest way to talk to your parents is just to be honest and tell them the truth.

When a parent first finds out that their child is smoking the reefer, I would assume that the first thing they feel is disappointment. They think that they’ve failed raising you and that you’re now going to turn in to a drug addict and begin begging for money on street corners because they still think that marijuana is a gateway drug. You have to realize that them getting angry is more so at themselves and not at you. They think they’ve failed. In fact, you’ve now been enlightened to a better, more creative life.

kids and pot stonerdays

So after the initial shock of you telling your parents that you smoke, they’ll begin to try to deter you from the plant. “Well what about school and your job and your FUTURE?” All you need to say is that there is definitely marijuana in your future. When the plant becomes a common, every day thing, there will be many new jobs available and lots of money to be made in the business. Even then, if marijuana is decriminalized there will be no prejudice against it. Therefore, any job that tests for THC won’t anymore because let’s face it, everyone will be smoking when the law changes!

smoking a joint stonerdays

After explaining this to them, they might just drop it. Or they might continue to pester you. My parents are both police officers so you can imagine the weird talk I had with them when I started writing about marijuana last summer. They really weren’t happy to hear that one of their children was going to be a “criminal” and support “illegal things”. My mother thinks that I’ll go to jail any day now just for writing about the plant, not even smoking, selling, or growing. They hate marijuana that much.

parents and pot stonerdays

Talking to your parents, while sometimes awkward and angry, is definitely better than lying to them about it or just not telling them at all. Honesty is the best policy and if you still live in an illegal state, it’s probably better to talk to your parents about it now rather than you get arrested ad have them find out when the cops give you your one measly phone call. Who knows, you might end up with awesome parents that want to smoke with you!

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Are Sexy Stoners A Help Or Hinder For Medical Marijuana?

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, October, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
Shuffling through the social media webpages associated with marijuana, one will see the incredibly large amount of scantily clad ladies. Sometimes the girls will have some cannabis related accessory in the picture and sometimes, there won't be. Of course these girls are a beacon of attraction for male smokers all over the place but they also could be a direct weapon against the fight to legalize medical marijuana.
It is common knowledge in the mass media world that sex sells. It is an iconic topic that people utilize to sell products, promote music, and just because it looks good. Girls like this are empowering to other girls and sometimes promote the acceptance of all body types, which would obviously be a really great message to send with cannabis. Not only are we trying to help people by allowing this plant, but we promote positive self images and acceptance. Companies also benefit from these pages because a cute stoner girl's page attracts attention and is a good use of product placement. Whether or not the girls realize that they're a marketing utensil, it does benefit the small, start up companies that may have fizzled out if it had not been for female promotion via social media.
Although it does seem like this kind of provocative advertising may seem like an awesome idea, keep in mind that there are still people that are going to attempt to use this as a weapon. Just the other day, I was on Instagram and saw a risqué photo with a comment reading "If you're wondering why medical marijuana isn't taken seriously, here's the reason". After reading that, you have to admit that there is another side to the advertising idea of using naked women. A very negative side that people may try to use against the cause if they find it. You don't see Zoloft being promoted by girls in bikinis, so it stands to be argued that girls in bikinis could be viewed as negative publicity for medical marijuana.
Social media is a tool that can be used to an extreme benefit for those who know what's it capable of. Some of these pretty stoner ladies promote such a positive image, like the stoners who promote healthy living and exercise. However, there is a difference between promotion and pornography. Knowing where to draw the line is extremely important. While there are some photos on Instagram that manage to keep it classy while showing skin, there are others that may possibly be used as a weapon against our cause. Of course, it's up to the person behind the username to differentiate a positive message verses a negative one.


Cannabis Receptors; An Evolutionary Mistake?

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, October, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
cannabis-receptors-evolutionSmoking marijuana has been an accepted practice by many different cultures for thousands of years. Of course, some people try to keep cannabis from reaching the public. Cannabis is considered an eye opening substance, much like mushrooms. It broadens the acceptance of ideas in a person's head and allows people to accept other possibilities other than what they're told. While this seems like an incredibly amazing thing, there are those that don't want citizens to be able to think freely.
Getting stoned goes far beyond the fact that "it feels good". We get high because we're built to get stoned... Literally. Our bodies, as well as the bodies of every other animal with the exception of bugs, has a cannabinoid system built in. The brain automatically bonds with THC and produces it's own endocannabinoids. If you believe in evolution, then this system had to have appeared for a reason, right? We must have utilized cannabis much more at some point in our history, as the system is still present in every human that is born.
Oddly enough, the cannabinoid receptor in life forms seems to have developed long before pot was even around on the planet. 550 million years before, in fact. If the cannabinoid system and receptors in the brain were an evolutionary mistake, then there must be a reason as to why the system is still around. Evolution produces traits that make living easier. Life on this planet must need cannabinoids to make functioning better.
600 million years ago, when the cannabis system first appeared, the following 75 million years had a surge of evolution for life on the planet. Oddly, these events seem to coincide. It is suspected that the appearance of cannabinoid receptors and the accelerated rate of change in life are related. Evolution's sole purpose is to improve life by changing things. If the receptors improved life on earth that drastically, there is a very solid reason why we should be using the plant on a daily basis. It improves life and everyone knows that life is extremely difficult these days. If it's possible to improve the quality of life just by ingesting a plant to make our own endocannabinoids stronger and better equipped to help make us happy.
So if the cannabinoid receptors were an evolutionary mistake, then it was an extremely good mistake. The fact that our bodies can process CBD and THC so well that it can kill cancer cells and completely eradicate depression and anxiety, among so many other benefits, is incredible. People are afraid to accept that our bodies are ready to process cannabis in an extremely positive way.


How To Clean A Vaporizer

Category: Culture | Posted on Sun, October, 27th 2013 by THCFinder
how-to-clean-a-vaporizer-articleSmoking a vaporizer is a great way to get stoned. The high is completely different than smoking a bong or a bowl. Marijuana that has been through a vape can also be used in food, although you need a lot more of it as compared to unvaporized weed. There are so many different kinds of vaporizers that are sold these days. All of them are unique but most of them are pretty expensive. While it's nice to have an expensive piece of equipment like a vape around, it's something that needs to be cared for.
Cleaning a vape can be a difficult process, especially if you're unsure of what you're doing. Not only that but every vape is different and therefore, every vape has to be cleaned differently. The following steps are a general idea of how to clean most vaporizers and can be adapted in order to clean your personal equipment.
What You'll Need;
A Small Toothbrush
70-90% ISO Rubbing Alcohol
Gloves (There is still resin in a vape and it doesn't leave skin easily)
Paper Towels
Hot Water
New Screen
Put on your gloves and clear the vaporizer of any leftover bud that's left from your last baking session. Using the toothbrush, remove the fine dust that's produced when weed is vaped. Make sure that you thoroughly clean all parts of the vape that you can reach with the toothbrush. Also, if you're cleaning a handheld vape, be sure to remove the batteries before you begin cleaning and be very careful when using any sort of liquid in the chambers.
Every vape has a screen. Find where yours is located. Since these screens are interchangeable, you can remove this piece. Take it out now but be careful. Depending on how long it's been since your vape was cleaned, this piece may be extremely difficult to remove. You may need to use pliers but BE CAREFUL! Squeezing these pieces too hard can result in cracks. Be gentle but firm. Remove the dirty screen.
Take some rubbing alcohol and dip the Q-Tips in. Using the small cotton swabs, scrub every part of the vape carefully. Each piece of this device gets resin on it so be sure that you pay attention to where the buildups are. The alcohol should remove the resin fairly easily. Occasionally, it may seem like no amount of scrubbing will take this stuff off. If this happens, just lightly brush over the spot with the rubbing alcohol and let it sit for a bit. Don't soak any plastic pieces in rubbing alcohol? Only use this Q-Tip method, as sometimes the alcohol can sink in to the plastic and effect your smoking.
After scrubbing the resin from all parts of your vape, make sure to run them under hot water to clear off the remaining rubbing alcohol. If you want, you can fill a small bowl with hot water and Q-Tip the pieces again with that rather than alcohol. Now, set your pieces out to dry on the paper towels. After the vape has dried, reassemble it and you're ready to smoke! Be careful cleaning vapes that have the chambers on the same part as where the batteries are, if you're familiar with that kind of vape. This set of instructions should be done very carefully. A vaporizer is an expensive investment and it's no good if it happens to get flooded with alcohol or water. Just be careful!



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