Cannabis & Pregnancy

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, November, 15th 2013 by THCFinder
cannabis-and-being-pregFor a lot of people, this is a very touchy subject. Understandable, considering the negative stigma that any sort of intoxicant from alcohol to caffeine can harm a pregnancy. Most of the time, this is enough for mothers to avoid using cannabis while pregnant. Since there is no research, the risk is too high and almost all mothers would rather quit smoking for the nine months that they're carrying their baby. When a mother is pregnant, there really is no need for munchies when an expecting mother already craves crazy food all the time, right?
As usual, it's hard to get scientific information on this topic. There are two main reasons for this. One is that there is no one to back a study that may or may not harm a mother and her unborn child. While cannabis has no known harmful effects, it's unknown what it could possibly do to a fetus. The second reason, and probably the one that's most annoying, is the fact that most doctors and hospitals will report mothers to the authorities if the mother admits to using cannabis while pregnant. If an expecting mother admits to using cannabis, the hospital can actually drug test the expecting mother. If someone is going to be honest enough to admit they use cannabis, why are they going to be punished for it?
Cannabis has been historically recorded as being an assist during childbirth and pregnancy. These reports go all the way back to the 7th century BC. That's a decent amount of time for people to have been using cannabis as a female medicine. There are records of both Chinese and Persian cultures using the plants seeds and flowers to prevent miscarriages, induce contractions, and lower the risk of pre-partum hemorrhaging. In addition, cannabis tincture has reportedly been used to speed up pregnancy and to terminate any nausea related with the baby. Add in the records of cannabis being used as a pregnancy medicine in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.
These days, records of mothers using marijuana are few and far between. Probably because of the illegal status of the plant. How unfortunate, right? This plant was used by very smart cultures for thousands of years to assist women in making childbirth and labor easier. Now, mother's have to quit smoking completely or risk losing their medical care or perhaps even their freedom. A survey done by the Vancouver Compassion Society and the BC Compassion Club published a survey that showed 36 out of 84 respondents said that they used cannabis during their pregnancy to treat multiple symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and problems with eating. 92% of those women said that cannabis was extremely effective in treating the problems that they were having. These women had different ways of taking the cannabis. Some smoked it, while others ate edibles and some used oils or tincture.
The small amount of studies that have been released about the effects of marijuana on the development and birth weight of the children has been discovered to be slightly minimal. Numerous reports have concluded that there just isn't enough evidence present to make a certain claim that cannabis has negative effects on pregnant women. So whether or not it is safe to use the plant while pregnant is up to the mother. Do you research. There are plenty of studies available, although most are quite outdated. In the end, it is your choice.


Marijuana; Schedule One

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, November, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
weed-schedule-oneBy rating the level of danger in a drug, the government can use it to scare people in to steering clear. Or so they think. While they may be attempting to do this for the right reasons, they are so wrong. Cannabis, a drug that has been proven by many studies and backed by many doctors, is a schedule one in the Controlled Substances Act. Most people are aware that this schedule also includes heroin, LSD, MDMA, and peyote.
There is no possible way that marijuana is more dangerous than MDMA and absolutely not more deadly than heroin. This classification means that cannabis has zero medical value. Weird, considering the amount of amazing qualities this plant seems to have for people with cancer, depression, arthritis, etc. Scheduling cannabis is completely unnecessary, seeing as how harmful the other drugs in this category. Not only that but studies show that cannabinoids drastically reduce the size of tumors in mice, if not completely curing the furry rodents of the tumors all together. Does that really sound that dangerous?
If the government wants to categorize marijuana, they should be categorizing as the most beneficial medicine available to people. Even though the plant is illegal, there are pharmaceutical companies that produce synthetic cannabis pills that are supposed to rival the effects of the plant. However, a plant like this is only the most effective in it's raw form. Synthetic cannabis doesn't effect the body the same way as the natural buds and has been found to be pretty ineffective.
The truth is that marijuana has been considered a negative thing for so long that some people have closed their minds to the possibility of a medicinal value. By keeping the plant in the Schedule 1 category, the negative stigma remains. There is a medical value to this plant, whether or not the government will admit it (we all know that they know it's beneficial). As more studies come forward and the positive message surrounding marijuana grows, more people will detached from that negative image that has been associated with cannabis for so long. There is no way that the government or anybody else can deny the power of this plant for long. Now, it is only a matter of time before the movement becomes too big to ignore.


Marijuana is by far the No. 1 cause of student expulsions from Colorado public schools

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, November, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
marijuana-expulsions-in-schoolsDENVER - New state numbers show marijuana is the number one reason students are being kicked out of Colorado public schools -- and pot expulsions dwarf all other causes, like alcohol, disobedience and weapons violations.
In 2012-2013, 230 public school students were expelled for marijuana -- or 32 percent of the 720 total kids removed from schools that year, according the Colorado Department of Education. It was the first year that schools officials separated marijuana from other drugs in statistics quantifying the types of violations leading to expulsion.
Marijuana expulsions were more than double the figure for the second highest cause for expulsion -- detrimental behavior. And pot expulsions were more than triple the numbers for disobedience, weapons, alcohol and all other drug violations.
Educators worry that if more students are being kicked out of school for marijuana, more teens are likely using the drug.
This raises another question: Is legalization of marijuana in Colorado -- for both medical and recreational uses -- making pot more accessible to teens?
"We definitely see it a lot more at school," said 15-year-old Briana Major, a sophomore at East High School in Denver.
Where do students find marijuana?
"Just about everywhere," said Brennan Link, a 16-year-old junior at East High.
There's no denying pot has and always will be available to teens.
But has it become more accessible to minors since the 2010 state regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries and the 2012 vote to legalize recreational marijuana?
"I don't think most parents are handing it to their kids. I think it's more a case of it's available, so kids are taking it," said Christine Harms, director of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center.
Recreational marijuana remains illegal for people under age 21 in Colorado.
But here's what teens we spoke with say their peers think about the whole marijuana issue.
"They think that since it is legal, that even if they're not of the age that it's legal. They can still do it," Major said.
That's what has educators concerned.


Hot Water Vs Cold Water In Bongs

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, November, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
Bong water is purely something that is up to the users preference. However, some people find that it's more soothing to use hot water as compared to cold/room temp water. At the same time, using hot or warm water may cause an argument since there is the idea that adding ice to a bong causes lung problems. There are definitely differences in the kinds of water you decide to use.
Warm water tends to be soothing to people that are sensitive to the smoke or those with a cold. Those who use warm water use say that it also might give the user a better high, although that's slightly debatable. Since THCA becomes THC when lit with a lighter or wick, adding more heat could arguably dissipate some of the THC. Also, like mentioned above, adding that water vapor to the smoke could actually be harmful to the lungs, much like that of the ice theory. But if you've got a cold with  sore throat or a cough, warmer water is definitely better than cold water.
Cold water gives the weed a seriously crisp taste. This is the best if you're really trying to taste what you're smoking. Although colder water is much harder on the throat and lungs, some people genuinely prefer the hit of ice cold smoke. Adding ice has it's downsides, however, as the ice melts, the water must be continuously emptied. There also seems to be more reports of hard water stains on pieces when cold water or ice water is used, making cleaning a priority.
As stated in the Ice In The Bong article that was posted, there is very little scientific evidence to support that ice or hot water will effect the lungs negatively. Since everyone's body is different, it all depends on the person. But if possible, it would be smart to talk to your doctor about the effects of the water vapor in the lungs.


Lazy Stoners Or Uneducated Name Callers?

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, November, 13th 2013 by THCFinder

There’s a strong stereotype surrounding the cannabis community… We are lazy, stupid, and can’t contribute to society at all.

lazy stoner stonerdays

Now, that’s pretty harsh. There are all kinds of people that smoke weed. From young teens to senior citizens, almost everyone has smoked cannabis at some point in their life. Is their stereotype really true? Are we really that lazy?

fat lazy stoner stonerdays

In the time that I’ve been writing for the cannabis blogs that circulate the internet, I have seen hundreds of different stoners. I’ve seen the lazy do-nothings. Just because they don’t have any long term goals doesn’t mean that they’re not good people. If you’re a lazy stoner, chances are you weren’t that active to begin with. However, the majority of the people that I’ve dealt with are all types. There have been massive feeds I’ve seen run by teachers, cannabis cooking sites run by 80 year old women, and stoners that win gold medals in the Olympics. Lazy? Not so much.


If stoners are lazy, then why does it seem we’re the only group of people that are actively fighting for a cause? Stoners are not lazy people. By thinking hard and opening our minds to alternate possibilities, stoners are the ones that are creating new and improved ways to live life. The companies that sell stoner products are some of the most innovative out there. While on a small scale, these awesome products make the stoner’s life easier. Imagine if these people had the money and funding to make products that everyone could use to better their lives… How much better would the world be then?


Stoners aren’t lazy. That rude rumor was definitely invented by someone who’s never smoked, let alone knows anything about what cannabis does. If anything, smoking weed makes it okay to have a lazy day. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? While some people are rushing through life, getting closer and closer to the inevitable end, potheads have learned to slow down, to enjoy life, and to see things as they really are. There’s a large difference between lazy and what stoners do. It would be great if people could understand that concept and stop labeling smokers as lazy bums.

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Smoking At Work

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, November, 13th 2013 by THCFinder
Everyone knows that work is sometimes pretty tough to deal with. Since a lot of people still have to be sneaky about smoking, not to mention absurd stress at work, it can be hard to deal. Being stoned takes away the stress and allows a lot of people to do their jobs even better. But handling sneaky bosses and high volume environments, how is one supposed to be comfortably stoned in their careers?
You should always start a job on the sober side. Whether you're a functioning stoner or not, learning new tasks and skills is sometimes better done sober when it comes to making a living. But once you begin to get a handle on how things work, you can begin to figure out exactly how high you should be while at work. At certain jobs, people tend to want to be extremely baked. This includes any sort of service industry person, people who depend on tips and don't make a lot of hourly pay. The stress of dealing with needy or rude customers calls for a need to constantly be some level of high. Whether you smoke blunts on a cigarette break or sneak special brownies around in your bag, service industry people are always stoned. Construction, painting, and landscaping are also jobs that stoners tend to do better high. The attention to detail, not to mention being outside, makes for a perfect job to do high, providing you can get past the drug tests that those jobs sometimes do.
Being stoned when you get to work is easy but how exactly do you keep that feeling going? Bosses can be super watchful and it can be hard to toke up when you have to serve six or more tables or an entire house to paint. Your best bet at workplaces like these is to either take cigarette breaks, in which you can take a fast puff and at least be semi-stoned or have some sort of edible with you. These are inconspicuous and can be eaten fast enough so that no hungry coworkers try to steal it from you. The cigarette shaped one hitters or Urban Papers are good for super sneaky smoking at work, if you use the cigarette approach. You can also snag an empty pack off of a coworker to store these in. Talk about sneaky, right?
You can also find multiple small vaporizers that are easy enough to conceal. That way, you can pretty much just sneak in to the bathroom. If anyone comments on a funny smell, there's plenty of smart comments that you can respond with. Use your imagination. Smoking at work is a totally possible and it's not that difficult. You just need to know how to handle yourself at work. Be sure that you can do your job safely and the right way. If you're going to be stealth smoking, you need to at least know you can do what you're supposed to do



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