Profiling Cannabis Clothing

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, November, 22nd 2013 by THCFinder
profiling-cannabis-clothingCannabis lovers really enjoy showing off their green personalities with clothing and accessories, just like some people express their love for bands and music. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing cannabis clothing... To us. Others don't really see it that way. And by others, I mean those that give dirty looks to the individuals that choose to plaster their cannabis use on their clothes. These people obviously don't support the plant and definitely disapprove of us doing so.
If you wear cannabis related clothing, you've probably experienced someone giving you trouble for wearing something so blatantly illegal. Sometimes, it's just a dirty look and other times, the brave ones will make comments. Either way, whatever they do, it's not okay. Giving someone trouble because they wear what they wear is unacceptable. Most cannabis related shirts are pretty unoffensive, containing simple designs that are totally unoffensive. No one gives dirty looks to people who wear their favorite band shirt or a shirt with a clothing company logo on it. Does a screen print of a leaf or a sassy cannabis related saying really merit such harsh treatment?
There are some marijuana shirts that are pretty rough cut, even including curse words. Most, however, are pretty simple. A stoner should be able to wear what they want to, in order to show their support for a movement. The negative reaction to the choice of clothing just proves how ignorant people still are and that they still carry much resentment for the cannabis leaf. It's mostly a result of the lack of knowledge. A person that gives a dirty look to a fellow human based on the article of clothing portraying a piece of nature? Not only that but there are far more offensive shirts that are sold in malls. But yet it still seems to be cannabis related clothing gets the most negative feedback from others.
When people see marijuana clothing, they automatically stereotype the wearer. Lazy, stupid, criminal, etc. That's what they think. Of course, most of the time that's not true. But seeing as how their lack of knowledge on the subject is so great, they really just don't know any better. If they've spent their entire lives getting brainwashed to think that cannabis is wrong, then of course they're going to give us dirty looks. Unfortunately,, the best option in these cases is to just ignore them. Their ugly, scrunched up faces are nothing compared to the knowledge that cannabis lovers possess... We support a plant that cures cancer, that helps people to function. Whether or not they do, is their decision.



Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, November, 21st 2013 by THCFinder
mj-breathalyzersWhen Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment last year legalizing the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana, they were likely unaware of just how far-reaching and significant this decision was. Not only did the vote make Colorado one of only two states in the U.S. in which the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana is legal, but it also required lawmakers to pass several additional laws accounting for this decriminalization - such as the laws related to driving under the influence.
For instance, Colorado lawmakers were ultimately charged with the task of determining limits for marijuana use prior to driving - similar, conceptually, to the limits placed upon the consumption of alcohol before getting behind the wheel. And, while the limits established by the legislature have stirred much debate among Colorado marijuana users, a new marijuana "breathalyzer" test currently being developed may be able to quell some of the worries.
Colorado laws related to driving under the influence of Marijuana
Prior the decriminalization of marijuana in Colorado, there were no established presumed limits for what constituted "under the influence" of the drug in Colorado DUI cases. However, lawmakers recently passed legislation dictating that a Colorado driver will be presumed to be driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) if his or her blood contains "five nanograms or more" of THC - the active ingredient in marijuana - per milliliter of blood.
Obviously, the primary way of testing for THC in these circumstances is to test a driver's blood, which is where much of the controversy regarding the new DUID laws begins. For example, since THC is absorbed into the body's fatty tissue, it is possible that it can remain in a user's blood for a significant time after the effects of the marijuana have dissipated. Indeed, in one study involving 25 participants, six people still tested positive for active levels of THC a full week after stopping marijuana use.
Therefore, people who used marijuana regularly, such as those prescribed medical marijuana, may never actually be under the newly established five-nanogram limit - meaning that any time they operate a car they may be in violation of the law, even though they may not be actually impaired at the time.


Does A Strain Name Mean Anything Anymore?

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, November, 21st 2013 by THCFinder
For a lot of people, strain names are a huge part of picking what medicine they want to smoke. Different strains come with different benefits for certain ailments. But for those in illegal states who still buy their bud from a street dealer, and even those in medical states, run the risk of getting different bud than what it's said to be. Not necessarily a totally different strain name but different grow conditions contribute to the bud in the end result!
Getting weed from a street dealer means that you have absolutely not idea what the strain is, nor if the bud is quality. When in the situation of buying weed off of a less than reputable person, one learns to disregard strain names and stick to "good" and "bad". In my personal experience, I have seen Blue Dream look bright and fluffy, while other times I've gotten what was said to be the same strain, yet condensed and with an abundance of orange hairs. Very little similarities in what was said to be the same strain prove that strain name doesn't always matter.
At the same time, dispensaries get their weed from different growers as well. And as said before, every grow room is different. Different conditions produce different buds so not all medicine is alike. This is really apparent in purple strains, which can be more or less purple with hotter or colder temperatures. Even the different types of growing (hydro, soil, air) can effect the outcome of the flowers. Even a sad looking bag of nugs can have good genetics but the growing process effects the plant greatly and can make or break a harvest.
Basically, while strain names may be an asset to cannabis, some people just can't depend on them. Which is fine! Just be sure that you know what you're getting. Those with medical access don't have to watch out for it as much because the dispensaries are so meticulous about the bud they sell. But those still buying from a street dealer should be aware that the name given isn't always what it is and it's better just to go with "nameless" sometimes, rather than saying it's a certain strain and then getting your head bit off because you were "wrong".


Weed & Beer

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, November, 20th 2013 by THCFinder
beer-n-weedAs someone who's served alcohol to the public for almost five years, knowing pairings of beer and food is extremely important. And while I have written an article regarding wine and weed, I haven't done anything about beer and weed. There are some beer enthusiasts out there who enjoy some hops with their bud. Here are a few brews that go well with cannabis of any kind!
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA - Extremely popular, this beer has a rating of 97 of Beer Advocate, which is a beer rating scale that is used by bars everywhere to determine their inventory. The 90 Minute IPA has a strong malt backbone and a great hop flavor. Combined with cannabis, the 90 Minute IPA makes a good partner for a well rolled joint.
Chimay Blue - An extremely dark beer, Chimay Blue carries the taste of sweet malt, molasses, plum, and raisins. An extremely smooth beer, it gets a rating of 96 on BA and goes well with Super Silver Haze or Headband.
Humbolt Brown Hemp Ale - It didn't get a good rating on BA but with a name like Hemp Ale, I had to include it. This beer was recently renamed to just Humbolt Brown. It's darkish brown with some lighter edges and smells grassy and slightly citrusy with a small hint hops in the background. While closer to a stout, the Humbolt Brown will go well with potent cannabis strains.
Raging Bitch - This beer is extremely popular... Mostly because people seem to laugh when ordering a beer called Raging Bitch but it does go well with a bowl, specifically fruity strains. With strong notes of caramel, banana, and pine, there are underlying hints of orange and clove. This beer is good for any season and any beer lover.
Namaste - Another wonder from Dogfish, the Namaste beer comes served in a large bottle, which makes the drinker feel quite fancy. This beer has a low alcohol content so it's good for people with an alcohol sensitivity. The taste of citrus goes well with the grassy underlying hints. Match this with a bowl of your favorite citrus weed and you'll have a wonderfully relaxing night.


Marijuana Ads Threaten Anti-Herb Protesters

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, November, 19th 2013 by THCFinder
mj-ads-herbWhile cannabis gains more support from the citizens, the media is becoming an outlet for pro-marijuana ads. Since 58% of Americans support legalizing the plant, it's become the proper time to begin promoting through advertisements that are put on blast for everyone to see. Now that the ads are being put out, those against the plant are beginning to worry... For all the wrong reasons.
The argument that protestors give against the ads being published is that they will increase the use of marijuana among young users. If this was, in fact, a valid argument, then the beer ads should be pulled off the air as well because those are far more pushy about using the product advertised than the cannabis ads. While alcohol commercials depict either classy lifestyles or fun times at the beach, the cannabis ads look more like something that would be seen on a doctors office wall.
Since the ads are being run to promote citizens voting "yes" on certain bills passing cannabis, they are protected by the First Amendment. Thankfully, the ads are designed to change a low and they have to be allowed since freedom of speech is still one of the rights we have left. But again, the protesters have some rebuttal. Instead of seeing the positive change, all their eyes portray is the allowance of an illegal substance that they really know nothing about. They always come back to the fact that they feel that they're defending their kids.
Marijuana may not be good for child consumption. There's definitely more research needed on that topic for sure. However, by blocking out the world for children will prevent them from developing the coping skills needed to survive in the world today. If the parents think that by not allowing their children to see the opposite opinion will "save" them, they're very wrong. Kids are extremely smart. Whether they are sheltered while growing up or not, when they are old enough, they will make their own choice, regardless of what the parent thinks.


Growers Rights

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, November, 18th 2013 by THCFinder
growers-rights-articleMarijuana is on a roll, gaining support from more people every day. The plant is being legalized across the world, little by little. But as the laws begin to get put in to place regarding cannabis, we can't help but question... Is this really a good thing? Some people definitely don't think so. The laws are changing but some aren't for the benefit of the patients and caregivers.
One of the most frustrating laws that is being put in to play is the government taking away the grow-you-own option for patients. Now there are a lot of people who are making their living off of growing marijuana. Taking away the right to grow their own is removing their financial stability. Those plants are a source of income and feed families. A lot of people plan their lives around being able to grow their plants in peace. There is no reason that people should be barred from growing their own. That way, there is no chance that the product will be tampered with or genetically enhanced using unnatural methods.
It is unfortunate to think that marijuana is on the fast track to becoming a monopolized industry that is controlled by the government and corporations. Small time farmers aren't even being given a chance at this point. They're getting overtaken faster than they can pop up. New Hampshire's medical law doesn't allow medical patients to grow their own; they have to get it from state sanctioned facilities. Washington has recently started to deal with this problem as well and that's a legal state. Lawmakers want to take away the rights of the growers to cultivate the plants at home and instead, create growhouses run by the state.
This idea wouldn't be so bad if it didn't negatively effect so many people. Not like it matters to most, however. Nature can't be made illegal for long. Those that are growing now will continue to grow, whether or not the law says that they can. Just as those who are still stuck in illegal states continue to smoke. Marijuana is a naturally occurring force of nature. There's no way that the government will be able to regulate it the way that they think they can. If they honestly believe that by slapping a ton of laws on cannabis is a positive thing, they're sorely mistaken. People need medicine, that's for sure. But people need natural medicine that helps rather than medicine that hurts. Small time farmers medicine will always tromp mass produced semi-okay medicine. Right?



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