Fight crime not Cannabis

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jail-for-mjJerry Duval, began serving a 10-year sentence for distributing marijuana last week. Duval has a kidney and pancreas transplant, as well as glaucoma and neuropathy. His family grew marijuana on his Michigan farm, in part to treat his ailments. Duval’s son, Jerry, was given a five-year sentence.
It will likely cost taxpayers more than a million dollars to keep Jerry Duval in jail and tend to his medical conditions, part of the soaring cost of the Obama administration’s continuing crackdown on pot growers and users.
In 2011, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, 757,969 Americans were arrested for drug violations involving marijuana, 87 percent of the arrests for mere possession.
The same day Duval reported to a federal prison, Nevasda Governor Brian Sandoval signed into law a measure that makes pot available to medical marijuana card holders in his state. The new act legalizes marijuana growers, processors and dispensaries and even allows for home-growing until 2016. Marijuana tax revenue will pay to regulate dispensaries and to support the state’s education budget.
If you consider it a gross injustice that Jerry Duval began serving a 10 year prison sentence for doing what on the same day Nevada’s governor made legal, welcome to the club. A rapidly growing club. 
With Nevada, 16 states have decriminalized marijuana. In 2012, voters in Colorado and Washington state approved normalizing marijuana sales, considering them under the law little different than tobacco or alcohol. In Colorado, more voters approved legalization than those who voted to reelect President Obama, who carried the state.


The failed war on drugs

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A few ways to help you pass a Drug Test

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Smoking weed is a beneficial activity to endulge yourself in, and when you become a stoner that’s exactly what you want to to; endulge.

The average pot head’s weed expenses can easily go up to hundreds of dollars a week depending on what you like to smoke and how you get down.

The situation is simple, you love weed so yo have to have money to by weed.


That’s when most people turn to online applications, faxing in resume’s, and hopefully a string of interviews and good news from there. Now you’ve got the job, but there’s still that one little big issue of having to pass a drug test before being officially hired in. In all seriousness, being a stoner should in no way automatically disqualify you from having a job and maintaining steady income. hundreds of thousands of tokers every day rack their smokey brains in search of How to Pass a Drug Test. Peace of mind like this is essential when trying to enter the work force, so check out How to Pass a Drug Test to keep you rolling in both types of green.

Marijuana likes to stick around in our system for a good bit of time after it’s used, which is part of the reason a high can be so enjoyable. In the case of getting a job though, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Mary can be detected in your system for around 4-6 weeks, so often times being only sober right before a drug test or interview won’t help at all.

When trying to flush your body of any trace of tree there are tons of things that are said to work. Pills and products that claim to be “urine cleaners”, but many times you just end up wasting time, energy, and money only to get ill desired results. Here are a few suggestions that is followed enthusiastically, should have you cashing pay checks in no time.

Drink Water

Water is king at flushing systems, and is absolutely necessary if planning to pass a urine test. Even when using other methods of flushing they should always be paired with drinking plenty of water. A big part of the overall goal is to pee as much as possible before the time comes for you to pee in the up of employment. H20 is the homeboy you want to kick it with when trying to lay low on THC.

Cranberry Juice/Pills

Pure 100% cranberry juice or pills are a great tool to use for passing a drug test. Taking both the pills and drinking the juice will better secure you in getting the outcome you want. Cranberries have natural properties in them that help to clean the urinary tract system, so guzzling jugs of tart cranberry is not only tasty but helps a stoner in need.

Take Niacin

Niacin is a pill that’s available over the counter in places like CVS and Walmart that works to lean or system of traces of marijuana. This proves to be a very effective method for plenty of smokers. Most smokers agree that taking Niacin 4 nights in a row before your test, that you’ll pass no sweat. Taking 3-5 pills should do the trick, but one should never take pills without fully understanding all the precautions. Taking too many mg’s of Niacin (500 mg or more at a time) could result in heavy sweating and sometimes shakes.

Take Aspirin

If for some reason you can’t get your hands on any Niacin, Aspirin is a pretty legitamte alternative. Tests have been done that proves there are ingredients in Aspirin that hide certain attributes that urine tests look for ultimately screwing up the results in your favor. Taking about 4-6  about 6 hours before the test should get you ready before corporate tinkle time.

Following these methods vigorously and making sure to stay on a regime full of water drinking should be enough to allow  you to pass that measly drug test and get back home with enough time to catch your favorite shows and roll a fat boy. Using all of these methods together minus the Aspirin should give you the confidence  you need to show up to that work place and urinate in good faith, because guess what?! You’re getting a job today pot head!



The Hollywood Princess Who Keeps Snoop Blazed

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In the annals of weird things that happened in childhood, there are few odder experiences than smoking pot for one's first time with Snoop Dogg. That's what happened to Dr. Dina, the Jewish daughter of a psychologist and a mortgage broker (her sister is a golf pro), who grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the 1980s. "I was a total goody-two-shoes and a tattletale – I literally got the 'Biggest Brown-Noser Award' my senior year," she says.
One night, she went over to a friend's house, whose dad happened to be David Kenner, Snoop's lawyer during his murder trial in the 1990s (he was acquitted). "Snoop was in the backyard smoking a joint, and the kids said, 'Oooh, you better be careful around Deeny Weeny, she's going to rat you out,'" she says. "And he was like, 'Oh, yeah? Come on over here, girl. You hit this.' I said, 'No way.' He's like, 'You hit this right now.' So I did. He made me hit it so I wouldn't tattle on him."


Cannabis and Sexual Arousal

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The physical three dimensional world comes complete with senses for our bodies to enjoy and experience.

Taste, smell, sound, touch, sight all become incredibly enhanced when smoking some dank kush. Still there are other parts of the body that have been known to benefit from these “enhancements” as well.

Cannabis is known for making bodies more receptive to even the simplest of stimuli.


The ever so vigilant cannabinoids play their role in tickling the fancy of more than just a few hot spots. Indulging yourself in the finer things in life are always ideal, and what could be better than sweet flavorful buds dancing on your tongue and teasing you with it’s seductive scent, while you yourself are lost, lost deep within the throws of passion seducing a story of your own.


Many claim witness to the fact that not only does marijuana make the actual act feel better, but it boosts sexual desire all together, causing smokers to become aroused  during or shortly after smoking. There is also another perspective to consider when talking marijuana and sex.

Chronic smokers know and experience everyday the intense relaxation and intense creative mental effects while high, this can also be expressed through sex in wondrous ways.

With creative sexual juices flowing there’s no limit to where a night of passion could take you. Some stoner couples say they automatically feel “closer” or have a deeper connection to their partner when they’re faded.

In the 70′s there was a study done on sexual intercourse and marijuana that was widely outrageous and inaccurate.


It claimed that cannabis reduces testosterone levels by 50% therefore decreasing libido in both men and women. Then the 80′s rolled around and saved the day with accurate research this time, showing all of MJ’s strong sexual enhancing capabilities. Test patients reported an increased  amount of sexual desire as well as pleasure!

Anyone who has enjoyed a doobie and then enjoyed some really overly satisfying sex knows that Marijuana and Sex go together like white on rice, peanut butter and jelly, blunt wraps and bong rips!


The next time you and that special stoner get together for a private session make sure to throw some romance into that bowl before you light it, stay blazed and stay sexy!




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