Medical marijuana dispensary to open in D.C.

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, May, 9th 2013 by THCFinder
The Popeyes on 8th Street Southeast sells the typical fare of fried chicken and biscuits, but the space upstairs from the fast food restaurant will soon sell something a little more unusual and a lot more green.
A mere two miles from the U.S. Department of Justice, Metropolitan Wellness Center, one of three medical marijuana dispensaries preparing to open in the district within the next few months, will sell dried cannabis, edibles and paraphernalia to qualifying individuals.
Proponents say medical marijuana can help patients manage pain and deal with other symptoms of diseases such as cancer. But marijuana is still illegal under federal law.
“It’s hilarious, isn’t it?” said Vanessa West, Metropolitan Wellness Center’s general manager. “It’s funny, the public has it in their heads that people are going to be up here smoking and then going downstairs to eat chicken.”
Medical marijuana was approved in the district in 1998, though Congress, which controls the city’s budget, blocked implementation until recently.
Despite pot’s illegal status federally, 19 states, most recently Maryland, have passed legislation allowing the distribution of medical marijuana. Voters in both Colorado and Washington state passed referendums in November al-lowing the recreational use of pot.


Will Orange County ban Dispensaries after Riversides recent ruling?

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Tue, May, 7th 2013 by THCFinder

Megan Stone, general manager of Orange County Patient Care, with mother cannabis at the Garden Grove dispensary Monday. The California Supreme Court ruled Monday in favor of cities that want to deny medical marijuana licenses. She is "disappointed" with the ruling and says the major demographic for medicinal marijuana use are people in their 40s to 60s, not those in their 20s.

Will the city leave dispensaries open or will they start fighting to ban them across the state?



Local governments can ban dispensaries, court rules

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Mon, May, 6th 2013 by THCFinder
In a case that originated in Riverside, the California Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that local governments can ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The court said nothing in current laws authorizing medical marijuana in California grants a “right” of convenient access or overrides local governments’ zoning powers.
The Monday, May 6, ruling means the estimated 200 bans already in place statewide will remain in effect. It opens the way for any cities and counties that might be considering a ban on clinics but were awaiting the court's decision to move forward.
California voters approved Prop. 215, which authorized medical marijuana, in 1996. The Medical Marijuana Program, passed by the Legislature in 2003, tried to provide guidelines for medical marijuana use and distribution.
“We must take these laws as we find them, and their purposes and provisions are modest,” the court opinion said.
Those two laws, the court concluded, “do not establish a comprehensive state system of legalized medical marijuana; or grant a 'right' of convenient access to marijuana for medicinal use; or override the zoning, licensing, and police powers of local jurisdictions; or mandate local accommodation of medical marijuana.”
Read more:


Medical marijuana sellers respond to DEA shutdown

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Sun, May, 5th 2013 by THCFinder
One of eleven medical marijuana sellers in Seattle told to shutdown this week by the Drug Enforcement Administration is speaking out, pleading for state government to defend its own law and suggesting the federal government’s policy will force him to be a “drug dealer”.
“Either we trust our government, or all the people that are willing to do this are just taking a risk and we’re all being stupid,” explained Douglas Gerdes, owner of The Only Natural in Ballard.
Gerdes received a letter from the DEA Tuesday, telling him he was violating federal law for selling an illegal narcotic and operating within 1,000 feet of a school.  He has 30 days to comply.
“I would love for the DEA to come out here and take a look,” Gerdes said, “I’m not doing anything wrong.
According to Washington law, Gerdes is right.  His “collective garden” is a smaller form of a dispensary.  He is growing 20 plants and has just eight ounces on sale, far below what small pot gardens are allowed.  He sells medical marijuana to a small group of patients.
Since federal law supersedes state law, what Gerdes and every other medical marijuana seller is doing is illegal.


Marijuana Businesses in City of Santa Ana Targeted with Warning Letters and Asset Forfeiture Lawsuits

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Sat, May, 4th 2013 by THCFinder
In federal court this morning, prosecutors filed three asset forfeiture lawsuits against properties in Santa Ana where a total of seven marijuana stores are currently operating. Authorities also executed federal search warrants at two of the stores involved in the asset forfeiture actions. Additionally, prosecutors sent warning letters to people associated with 56 other stores not involved in the forfeiture actions. The federal actions involve all known marijuana stores in the City of Santa Ana.
The federal actions in Santa Ana were done in cooperation with the Santa Ana Police Department and the Santa Ana City Attorney’s Office.
The three civil asset forfeiture complaints filed this morning in United States District Court target three properties in Santa Ana where seven marijuana stores are currently operating. The civil lawsuits state: “Under federal law, the distribution of marijuana (a Schedule I controlled substance under Title 21) is prohibited except under very limited circumstances not applicable here. The government is informed and believes that at all times relevant to this complaint, the operation of the [marijuana stores] on the defendant property was not (and is not) permitted under California law.”


Raided pot dispensary hopes to reopen

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, May, 3rd 2013 by THCFinder
SAN DIEGO — Federal agents raided the One on One marijuana dispensary in downtown San Diego last week, but the owner he wants to reopen as soon as possible.
“That’s what my heart tells me to do,” said Ken Cole, owner of One on One.
But Cole said the risks are still too high and he wants to wait on city government to vote on a new medical marijuana ordinance currently being drafted.
It would allow dispensaries to operate and be regulated within the city, but many are questioning whether an ordinance could offer any protection from US Drug Enforcement agents to dispensaries given the conflict between state and federal law.
“I thought we were being robbed,” said Mike Klein who was working at the dispensary when the Feds broke through the glass entrance to conduct their search warrant.
“Honestly they kind of looked like terrorists since they were wearing masks,” said Klein.
Federal agents ripped out every security camera and raided the place claiming it was operating illegally under federal law, which unlike California, does not approve or recognize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
“Does a criminal organization register with the Secretary of State, pay sales tax, pay employee salaries?” said John Murphy, an attorney representing the dispensary.



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