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Medical Marijuana Clubs Asked to Get Rid of Hash, Kief, and all concentrates

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Tue, March, 20th 2012 by THCFinder
Marijuana-infused cookies, oils, and tinctures would be banned from San Francisco medical marijuana dispensaries along with concentrated forms of cannabis like hashish and kief under new rules proposed by the Department of Public Health.
In a memo released to several dispensaries under the heading "Medical Cannabis Edibles Advisory," DPH -- the city department which regulates San Francisco's 21 medical cannabis dispensaries -- recommends pot clubs "do not produce or dispense syrups, capsules, or other extracts that either required [sic] concentrating cannabis active ingredients or that requires a chemical production process."
There's no enforcement mechanism and is not a "ban," a DPH spokeswoman told SF Weekly. But it's nonetheless problematic -- for dispensaries which would need to remove many edible products from their shelves as well as hashes and kiefs in order to be playing by the rules. It would also be problematic for medical pot users, many of whom say concentrated cannabis is their preferred or only way to glean marijuana's health benefits.
For the uninitiated, marijuana can take many forms. The "buds" one sees are dried flowers; those flowers can be ground up and the plant material removed via several processes to create a concentrate like hash or kief. The dose is much stronger, and if smoked or vaporized, is arguably healthier because less plant material is combusted (a hit will be 50 percent active ingredients or more as opposed to closer to 10 to15 percent).
Some people can't smoke or vaporize due to lung issues, and instead sprinkle kief in hot cocoa, or eat cookies baked from hash, according to David Goldman, a patient advocate with Americans for Safe Access.


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