South Jersey marijuana farm and dispensary set for fall debut

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, February, 9th 2012 by THCFinder
Jersey is finally ready to get their dispensaries up and running to start helping medical marijuana patients who are in desperate need of a safe and reliable location to obtain their meds.
South Jersey's first pot farm and dispensary is expected to open in Egg Harbor Township in the fall, 21/2 years after the state legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
None of six dispensaries authorized by the state has yet opened for business.
The Atlantic County town recently issued the facility a zoning permit, a prize that proved to be elusive in a string of other South Jersey towns after residents packed local meeting halls to protest.
"I feel better than I have in about six months. . . . This has been hard. I've actually been through hell getting this done," said William J. Thomas, chief executive officer of Compassionate Care Foundation, a nonprofit that plans to dispense cannabis to about 1,000 gravely ill patients each month.


Medical marijuana proponents seek Santa Ana ballot measure

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Wed, February, 8th 2012 by THCFinder
It's about time someone has stepped up to help Santa Ana get away from the wild west setup they have right now. I can guesstimate that there are easily over 100 dispensaries in Santa Ana as it's an area I frequently visit when checking out new and older dispensaries. 
SANTA ANA – Proponents of medical marijuana want to place on the November ballot in Santa Ana an initiative to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the city.
A group called the Committee to Support Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative  on Tuesday turned in to the city clerk's office documents to circulate a petition in support of the initiative, which proponents say would be the first of its kind in California.
The initiative would, said Kandice Hawes, allow dispensaries to operate under certain guidelines, for instance, limiting hours to 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., forbidding loitering and smoking on the premises, and restricting patients to 21 and older, unless there's a parent or guardian. She said the guidelines were worked out after proponents met with police to learn about resident complaints. It also calls for an additional 2 percent sales tax to benefit the city's general fund.
Take our poll on the issue.
"We feel that people do want medical marijuana collectives," Hawes said. "They want them to be controlled and safe, and they want the participation of the city and the police departments. Also, the medical marijuana collectives want to do things the right way, and that's why we're moving forward with the initiative so they can operate like any other business in Santa Ana, so that cannabis doesn't end up on the street or in the hands of gang members. If they close those collectives, that's what's going to happen."
The measure would allow 20 businesses that support the rules to operate, a number she says is appropriate for a city the size of Santa Ana, but allows for more. Hawes said that police officials have told her that 62 dispensaries operate in the city.
Hawes said that if something isn't done to halt city efforts to close dispensaries, they could be gone within a year. She said that in the past four months, nine dispensaries have closed as a result of city enforcement efforts.


San Jose rethinking marijuana dispensaries rules

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, January, 27th 2012 by THCFinder
Yet another chapter is being written about San Jose and its medical marijuana dispensaries. With the announcement that enough people signed the petitions to put the city's ordinance on the ballot, the city council is now looking at potential compromises.
Last fall, the council ignored the planning commission's suggestion to limit dispensaries to 25, voting instead for a limit of 10 and a requirement that the marijuana be grown on the collective's premises. A petition drive to void the council vote ensued, collecting the signatures needed to put the measure on the ballot.
The city is now exploring other options.
"We acknowledged ... the fact that the signatures were certified in sufficient quantity," Mayor Chuck Reed said recently. "We have until March 6 to decide whether to put it on the ballot. When the petitions were filed with the sufficient signatures, we rescinded the ordinance."
At the council meeting on Jan. 10, council members asked city staff to analyze options. The staff should return to the council on Jan. 31 with information about increasing sales tax on the drug as well as coming up with options for compromise.
Reed said the main issues are the number of collectives, which he is willing to push up to 25; the method for selecting dispensaries; and off-site cultivation, which must be done in San Jose in order to monitor it. "We don't have the jurisdiction to observe cultivation sites in Mendocino County," Reed said in an interview.
While cannabis dispensary officials were not willing to talk on the record, a number of them have banded together to form a core group that wants to work with city officials to make the new ordinance palatable to both sides. This group, according to Reed, has met with city staff to discuss compromises on such issues as the total number of dispensaries as well as increasing tax on the product from 7 to 10 percent.
Only about half of dispensaries now in business pay sales tax. Most of the taxes go directly into the city's general fund, while a small portion goes toward administrative costs, according to David Vossbrink, director of communications for the city.


Dozens of homes raided in marijuana investigation dubbed Operation Sweet Leaf

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Wed, January, 25th 2012 by THCFinder
Raids continue as medical marijuana patients scrambled to find locations to obtain their medication for their daily needs. Is it really fair to make medical patients with seriou ailments suffer becuase the government won't step up and openly admit Marijuana has medicinal values?
DENVER - Twenty-five homes were raided across the Denver metro area as part of a large-scale marijuana investigation, 9Wants to Know has confirmed.
The North Metro Drug Task force is leading the investigation into the large-scale grow operation.
SWAT teams began conducting raids Wednesday at about 6 a.m.
At least 12 people have been arrested in what officials have deemed "Operation Sweet Leaf." There are more arrests expected, according to 9Wants To Know's sources. Seven kids were taken to social services after arrests were made.
The busts netted about 1,000 plants, sources tell 9Wants to Know.
Investigators say the raids were on a single organization growing marijuana in Colorado and then shipping it to as many as eight other states. The DEA, U.S. Postal Service and IRS are all involved in the investigation as well.
The investigation does not involved marijuana grown for alleged medicinal uses.
Task Force investigators raided 25 homes in the following cities:
Denver - 4
Breckenridge - 1
Frederick - 1
Unincorporated Adams County - 1
Thornton - 4
Broomfield - 3
Northglenn - 1
Brighton - 5
Strasburg - 1
Bennett - 1
Commerce City - 1
Westminster - 1
Erie - 1


California Supreme Court And Marijuana: High Court To Consider Pot Dispensaries

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, January, 20th 2012 by THCFinder
SAN FRANCISCO -- The state's high court will attempt to clarify marijuana's hazy legal status in California.
The California Supreme Court on Wednesday voted unanimously to review how cities and counties regulate marijuana dispensaries.
The court will address whether local governments can bar the pot shops despite voter passage of Proposition 215, which legalized marijuana use with a doctor's recommendation.
The court also will consider the continued conflict between state and federal authorities, who don't recognize Proposition 215. Under federal law, marijuana is illegal in all forms.
An appellate court last year struck down Long Beach's attempt to license pot stores, ruling that the local ordinance conflicted with federal law. Another appellate court upheld Riverside's right to close and prohibit dispensaries.
The Supreme Court has not yet scheduled oral arguments for the cases.


Arizona Is Ordered to Allow Pot Sales

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, January, 20th 2012 by THCFinder
A state judge has ordered Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to fully implement a law passed by voters that allows medical-marijuana dispensaries in the state.
The judge also struck down several state regulations that concern the licensing of marijuana dispensaries.
The ruling, filed Wednesday, can be challenged but potentially clears the way for pot dispensaries to open in Arizona more than a year after voters approved them. A spokesman for Ms. Brewer said Thursday she hasn't decided about whether to appeal the ruling.
In 2010, Arizona voters passed a medical-marijuana law that allows patients to procure the drug from nonprofit dispensaries and designated care-givers. Ms. Brewer has consistently opposed the law.
Nearly 18,000 people in Arizona have permission to possess pot for medical use, state records show. Though dispensaries have so far been barred from opening, Arizona law allows patients and designated caregivers to grow small amounts of marijuana.
After the state law was passed, Dennis Burke, the Arizona U.S. attorney at the time, sent Ms. Brewer a letter reminding her that marijuana still is illegal under federal law.



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