Valentines Day to Bring Broken Hearts to MMJ Patients in Colarado Town

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, November, 24th 2011 by THCFinder
FORT COLLINS, CO — One community’s love affair with medical marijuana is headed for divorce on February 14, 2012. That is the day all dispensaries must close under a measure passed by voters on November 1. The measure, which passed by 1,471 votes, bans commercial medical marijuana businesses in the city, including dispensaries and grow operations.
City officials are still sorting out the process that should be followed for stores to cease operations, said Ginny Sawyer, neighborhood administrator. Fort Collins has 20 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.
City officials say they will work with the state department of revenue and its Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division to ensure state regulations are met during the closure of local dispensaries.
Due to the dispensary closings, medical marijuana patients in Fort Collins must now grow their own medicine, hire a caregiver to grow marijuana on their behalf, or travel to a dispensary in another community.
State regulations allow patients or their designated caregivers to grow up to six medical marijuana plants. A registered caregiver may grow for up to five patients.


L.A. councilman to propose ban on medical marijuana dispensaries

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Wed, November, 23rd 2011 by THCFinder
With new medical marijuana dispensaries opening in Los Angeles in the wake of judicial decisions that created more legal confusion, Councilman Jose Huizar plans to introduce a motion to ban them until the state Supreme Court steps in to resolve the issue.
“This wasn’t an easy decision, but I think if we do nothing at this moment and stick our heads in the sand we would be irresponsible,” said Huizar, whose district includes Eagle Rock, a neighborhood with a high concentration of dispensaries. “We’re concerned if we do nothing, we’re going to be in an even worse situation than before our ordinance.”
The motion would be the second to propose an end to the city’s troubled attempts to regulate storefront marijuana sales. Council members Bernard C. Parks and Jan Perry introduced a motion last month to ask city officials to make recommendations on how to eliminate dispensaries.
Medical marijuana activists, many of whom have attended council meetings for years to cajole and berate the city into adopting a workable ordinance, will strenuously oppose a ban.
“If they do a complete ban, where are the patients going to get their medicine?” said Yamileth Bolanos, president of the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance. “Medical marijuana is going to stay in the city no matter what. [Huizar is] choosing to have the gangs and the cartels running it rather than having the very best operators that they can.”
Los Angeles has struggled for years to control the number of dispensaries, which opened by the hundreds when the city failed to enforce its moratorium. The city’s efforts to put in place a medical marijuana ordinance it can enforce have been thwarted by court decisions.
The proposals for bans follow two key state appeals court rulings that have led Los Angeles and other municipalities -- even those friendly to medical marijuana -- to consider them.


Federal Raid Closes City's Last Pot Shop

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Tue, November, 22nd 2011 by THCFinder
Lake Forest's last remaining marijuana dispensary is shut after a sudden raid Friday by a Drug Enforcement Agency task force.
It's the last in a string of nearly 40 such shops that have been shuttered since the city began making a concerted effort to drive them out of town about two years ago. 
Hundreds of thousands of dollars later, federal threats—and action—proved the key in pushing the pot stores outside the city limits.
Authorities say that federal agents arrested two Charles Café employees at the Lake Forest Drive establishment Friday afternoon, which is known to police as a vendor of pot-infused edibles.
A third person working at the dispensary at the time of the raid said she was a "volunteer" and was not arrested, according to sheriff's Sgt. Roger Dawes.
Dawes said a "handful" of customers were in the shop at the time of the raid.
None were arrested, he said.
Evidence collected at the raid included edibles and marijuana, Dawes said.
The evidence is expected to engender additional DEA search warrants, although not in Lake Forest, he said.
In early October, city officials received word that Lake Forest's efforts to shut down operating dispensaries would get help from the federal government.
While the assistance came as part of a larger crackdown on commercial marijuana operations, it also was the hoped-for answer to a May plea for help from Lake Forest City Attorney Scott Smith to U.S. Attorney André Birotte Jr.


Officials raid Montana marijuana shops

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, November, 17th 2011 by THCFinder
HELENA — Federal law enforcement officials on Tuesday and Wednesday executed 12 criminal search warrants and four civil seizure warrants on medical marijuana operations in four Montana towns.
According to U.S. Attorney Michael Cotter's office, the crackdown was the culmination of a 12-month multi-agency investigation into what authorities say were criminal drug trafficking activities in Kalispell, Missoula, Somers and Whitefish.
The four civil seizure warrants executed at financial institutions in Missoula seek an unspecified amount of money, according to a news release issued by the U.S. Attorney's Office on Wednesday afternoon.
The release states that the warrants were issued based on judicial findings that probable cause exists to believe the operations were "involved in criminal enterprises that have violated the Controlled Substances Act related to marijuana, a Schedule I controlled substance."
Authorities allege that the premises or property raided this week were involved in the illegal manufacture and distribution of marijuana, conspiracy and money laundering.
While 16 states, including Montana, have legalized some form of medical marijuana use, the federal government still considers the drug an illegal controlled substance with a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.
"The Drug Enforcement Administration will continue to enforce all laws under the Controlled Substances Act, including the targeting of drug trafficking organizations involved in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana," acting special agent in charge Kevin Merrill, of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said in a statement.


Upland wins decision against G3 in Riverside appeal case

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, November, 10th 2011 by THCFinder
RIVERSIDE - The banning of the G3 Holistic marijuana collective by Upland and other cities was upheld by an appellate court Wednesday. A judgment from the Fourth District Court of Appeals determined that Upland's banning of the collective did not contradict Proposition 215, the 1996 law that approved medical marijuana in the state, nor Senate Bill 420, which details the amount of marijuana a person can possess for medical purposes.
"We conclude Upland's ordinance banning (medical marijuana dispensaries) is not preempted by state law," read the decision. "We therefore affirm the preliminary injunction, judgement and all related monetary awards."
In a separate ruling, the court also ruled in favor of the city of Riverside banning the Inland Empire Patient's Health And Wellness Center, Inc.
The Riverside decision is published, meaning it has the backing of court and sets a statewide precedent while the Upland case is unpublished and did not.
The decision further stated:
"We reject the proposition that local governments, such as Upland, are preempted from enacting local regulations banning MMD's. Upland's zoning and business license ordinances (referred to collectively as Upland's zoning ordinance) do not duplicate, contradict, or expressly occupy the field of state law."
G3 attorney Roger Jon Diamond said he will try to appeal the Upland case to the state Supreme Court.


Belmont Shore Medpot Collective Raided by OC Sheriff's Department

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, November, 10th 2011 by THCFinder
At approximately 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, Orange County Sheriff's deputies raided a prominent Belmont Shore medical marijuana collective, in what a department spokesperson described as part of an enforcement action carried out at multiple locations around the Southland.
Lieutenant Doug Doyle told the Long Beach Post that the collective, Belmont Shore Natural Care (5375 E. 2nd St.), was raided "because we have reason to believe it was operating outside of the provisions outlined by the CUA and the MMPA," referring to the Compassionate Use
Act and the Medical Marijuana Program Act, the two sections of California law that allow for the nonprofit distribution of marijuana to medically qualified members belonging to a given collective.
No arrests were made in the Belmont Shore raid, Doyle said, a raid that witnesses report involved numerous Sheriff's deputies and multiple vehicles.
Doyle reported that the reason the Orange County Sheriff's Department conducted this raid, which took place in Los Angeles County, is that the original investigation began in Orange County, but that information subsequently obtained connected Belmont Shore Natural Care to that investigation.
Rick Brizendine, an attorney representing Belmont Shore Natural Care, provided Long Beach Post with the following statement:
We are unaware of the source of this accusation [i.e., that BSNC was operating illegally]. No one has asked BSNC's director to provide the authorities with information which, once reviewed, we are confident will show that BSNC will be shown to have been operating within the requirements of CA law. This is borne true by the lack of any arrest or order to cease and desist.  Hopefully the Members of BSNC will soon have access to their medicine.



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