Councillor concern led to dispensary raid

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Tue, August, 2nd 2011 by THCFinder
The police raid that closed the Langley Medical Marijuana Dispensary came after Langley City Councillor Rudy Storteboom complained to Mayor Peter Fassbender.
Both men confirmed there was a discussion in which the councillor brought up the dispensary, which is located in a condo unit next to a suite that Storteboom owns and leases to a hairdresser.
“He [Storteboom] indicated there was some concern,” Fassbender said.
“There was a break-in [at the dispensary] right after it opened,” Storteboom said.
The mayor said he told the councillor that if the strata council that represents the owners believed illegal activities were being carried out, they should go to the police.
Storteboom told The Times that he relayed the mayor’s message to the strata council.
Langley RCMP raided the dispensary on July 19, saying it was in response to “numerous ongoing complaints from the community and area residents.”
The mayor also attended the annual general meeting of the building owners on Wednesday (July 27).
Fassbender said he was invited by the building manager and strata president (not Storteboom) to explain the city’s position.
“Marijuana dispensaries or compassion clubs are not legal operations under any Canadian law,” Fassbender said.
He advised the owners they could send a cease-and-desist order to dispensary owner Randy Caine.
Caine also attended the meeting.
“He [Fassbender] told them they could kick me out,” Caine said.
“This is ludicrous. This is a matter that hasn’t been decided by the Crown [the prosecutor’s office which decides whether to lay charges following a police raid].”
Caine said he has no plans to resume selling marijuana from the condo.
Both Fassbender and Storteboom said Ottawa needs to reform the current medical marijuana system by distributing medical pot through pharmacies like any other doctor-prescribed drug.
“I don’t understand why this place [the dispensary] is operating at all,” Storteboom said.


North Hollywood medical-marijuana shop Starbudz closed by city attorney

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, July, 29th 2011 by THCFinder
The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office announced Thursday it has closed down and evicted a North Hollywood medical marijuana shop.
The shop, Starbudz Inc., and the property owner, Eric Matuschek, were notified in January of community complaints and violations of the state narcotics laws, according to officials with City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's office. Also, they said Starbudz failed to file a notice to register under the city's temporary law governing medical marijuana sales.
Efforts to contact Matuschek and the store were unsuccessful.
The Sheriff's Department cleared the property on Wednesday, after several months of court proceedings, seizing more than 3.5 kilograms of marijuana, 37 plants and food items. Also taken into custody was a 3-foot long iguana.
Starbudz was ordered to pay $35,290 to cover the city's attorney fees and costs.


Burnaby medical marijuana dispensary raided by police

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, July, 29th 2011 by THCFinder
The Metrotown Medical Marijuana Dispensary was raided by Burnaby RCMP Thursday.
Burnaby's first medical marijuana dispensary opened on April 15 and is located at 4927 Kingsway.
The move shocked marijuana activists, who said the centre, which has been operating for nearly four months, follows all the same rules and procedures established by other B.C. dispensaries and has offered "cooperation to both the City of Burnaby and the Burnaby RCMP."
"At a time when the courts are striking down the medical marijuana laws because sick and suffering Canadians can't access this medicine, I'm very surprised that Burnaby RCMP would take this step." Kirk Tousaw, executive director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation and attorney for the dispensary, said in a statement. "We will, if necessary, vigorously pursue a defence on Charter grounds and I have every reason to think it will be successful."
There have been several other raids on medical marijuana dispensary in B.C. recently, as the federal government cracks down on medical and non-medical marijuana users.
In an April interview with the Burnaby NOW, Metrotown Medicinal Society director Britney Anne said the society invited the Burnaby RCMP to the opening to address any concerns law enforcement might have, but officers did not attend.
Health Canada does not license such organizations to possess, produce or distribute marijuana for medical purposes, according to a government press release.


Dispensary raid sadistic

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Tue, July, 26th 2011 by THCFinder
Dear Editor,
I like to think that people want to do what's best and are merely ignorant about marijuana.
But I'm beginning to think some people are either so brainwashed by decades of propaganda, are willfully ignorant for political convenience, or are morally irregular people.
There is something sadistic and borderline psychopathic about stealing medicine from sick people.
Randy Caine has done everything right. He has worked as closely with the RCMP and local authorities as he possibly can, and is doing it for ill people.
He is providing a service that Health Canada has failed to provide, despite multiple court rulings stating that they must provide access to marijuana as medicine or risk violating Charter rights.
The dispensary system is more convenient for ill people and provides the type of symptom-specific strain selection needed to treat conditions as wide-ranging as migraine headaches, MS, cancer, and bipolar disorder.
I hope the RCMP and the politicians who support these raids feel proud of themselves.
They continue to lock up the young people and Native peoples of this country disproportionately, and continue to raid dispensaries to steal medicine from ill people.
All that is to "save us" from a substance that was initially banned based on racist fear-mongering before we understood any of the science behind it.
Every "danger" initially assumed, from - gasp - your white daughter dating a nonwhite man (an actual argument in favour of prohibition at the time), to the gateway drug theory, to physical addiction, has been debunked.
But thank god the police are stealing it from cancer patients. I feel much safer.
I know I was at risk of a cancer patient stealing my car stereo for pot money any day now.
Travis Erbacher, Langley


Medical marijuana dispensaries battle to remain in San Diego

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Tue, July, 26th 2011 by THCFinder
The controversial issue of regulating medical marijuana dispensaries was front and center at City Hall on Monday afternoon.
This is all about the City's new regulations on the storefront collectives, and whether they should be repealed.
Last April, after much debate, discussion which included a city medical marijuana task force, the City Council adopted new restrictions regarding medical marijuana dispensaries. But, medical marijuana advocates say the council ignored the task force and adopted restrictions which are unreasonable.
"The medical marijuana task force made wonderful recommendations that were not implemented, they were changed at the last minute into zoning restrictions and they were made much more restrictive than they were intended to be," said one activist who addressed the council.
Foremost among them: requiring the City's estimated 160 collectives to shut down and apply for permits. Also, the dispensaries would be limited to certain commercial and industrial zones, at least 600 feet from one another, as well as from schools, parks and churches.
Advocates went out and collected enough signatures to qualify a ballot measure on the issue.
Monday, the council was faced with a choice: conduct an expensive election or repeal the ordinance.
Supporters of strict regulations say the proliferation of such clinics has led to abuse, especially among young adults.
"I can't understand why the shops are still open without businesses licenses, that's not legal," said one supporter.
Medical marijuana advocate Donna Lambert appeared on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego.
"That is the one main reasons why it's important for us to work with the council and the police to end such abuses, we can do that by bringing the issue out of the shadows and into the mainstream, we can get rid of that," said Lambert.
Under the headline, "be careful what you wish for," the City Council reluctantly voted six-to-two to repeal the ordinance, rather than spend upwards of a million dollars for an election.
Council members cautioned that since a compromise wasn't reached, it's likely none will ever be able to be found.
Which could lead to a moratorium or an outright ban of medical marijuana dispensaries in the City.


Medical Marijuana High On San Diego Councilâs Agenda

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Mon, July, 25th 2011 by THCFinder
SAN DIEGO — On a hot, steamy day in July, Vey Linville stands in front of a medical marijuana collective in Pacific Beach. Despite the warm weather, 50-year-old Linville looks dapper in a crisp, gray suit. A tube snakes up from the oxygen tank sitting beside him and curls under his nose. Linville is suffering from severe emphysema. He rejected his doctor’s suggestion he undergo a double lung transplant. Instead, he turned to medical marijuana.
Above: A marijuana plant from the home of medical marijuana advocate Dennis Peron.
"I joined a collective here in San Diego and drank cannabis medicines and was able to stop taking all the pharmaceuticals they were giving me to breathe," he said. "And I have been able to not get a transplant and continue living."
Linville is perhaps the model medical marijuana patient: Someone with a serious disease who uses cannabis to help alleviate his suffering.
He and other supports say San Diego’s regulations on collectives are too harsh. Among the restrictions, a 600-foot buffer is required between a collective and schools, churches, parks and other areas. Supporters say that effectively bans collectives in the city.
"If this ordinance had taken effect, what we have seen is a mass closure of every single facility in the city of San Diego," said Eugene Davidovich, with the San Diego Chapter of American’s for Safe Access." "And then, maybe, a small handful opening up a year down the line. So you have a year with no access."
Now supporters have gathered enough signatures to let voters decide in June whether the regulations should stand or not. The petition drive is forcing the city council to reconsider the issue. It can either repeal the current regulations or let the voters decide.
Councilwoman Marti Emerald called the latest move frustrating.
"I believe this referendum is totally driven by people who operate these shops and don’t want the city messing with their cash flow. I think that’s it," she said.



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