Police Make Rare Raid On Aloha Pot Dispensary

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, June, 16th 2011 by THCFinder

More useless raids are going on once again. When will the nonsense stop?

Police have served four search warrants at the "Wake-'n-Bake Cannabis Lounge" in Aloha. It's among the first raids of cannabis dispensaries in the state.

Investigators from the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team raided the store.
It charges a fee for people to become members and then distributes marijuana to them for medical uses.
Pot dispensaries are legal in Oregon, but the rules are strict.
Sgt. David Thompson of the Washington County Sheriff's Office says their investigation showed customers were being asked for their Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards, but the store was essentially profiting by sales of the drug -- and that's illegal.
"You can get people to grow it for you. They can recoup costs, but they only recoup costs that are directly associated with it and that means utilities and supplies. But no labor. The prices when you look at what it costs to grow were not as high as people were being charged," Thompson said.


U.S. Attorney cracks down on marijuana dispensaries locally and statewide

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Wed, June, 15th 2011 by THCFinder

The failed war on drugs continues to battle against those trying to help the community in a positive way. When will this nonsense every stop?

RAINIER — Cora Dreyer arrived at her self-owned and operated business on June 7 only to find a note saying a US attorney’s letter awaited her at the post office.

Dreyer received the letter because her business, Big River Cannabis Club, is in violation of federal law.
The letter dated June 3 from the U.S. Attorney for the district of Oregon, Dwight Holton, said “It has come to investigators’ attention that you may be operating a ‘dispensary’ for marijuana, or that property you own may be being used as a marijuana dispensary. Both Oregon and federal law make it illegal to sell marijuana — period. It makes no difference what purpose the marijuana is used for, or whether the sale is cloaked as a trade of marijuana in exchange for a ‘donation.’”
The letter went on to say “federal action may include charges for illegal manufacture, distribution or possession with intent to distribute marijuana… for knowingly opening, leasing, maintaining property for manufacture, storage, or distribution of marijuana… as well as federal money laundering.”
So the Big River Cannabis Club sign went down and the for rent sign went up.
“I don’t want to be prosecuted and I don’t want to be trouble. We didn’t want to be a problem,” said Dreyer.
“We got the letter and so we shut the door,” she said.


Raids continue on marijuana dispensaries in Spokane

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, May, 20th 2011 by THCFinder
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - Police and federal agents conducted another raid on medical marijuana dispensaries Wednesday, bringing the total to seven since late April in the Spokane area.
The raids come as U.S. Attorneys in Washington have reiterated federal stances on the distribution of medical marijuana, which is legal to use under state law.
Backers of medical marijuana had managed to get a measure approved by the Legislature that they say would bring the voter-approved medical marijuana system out of a legal grey area. But Gov. Chris Gregoire vetoed the measure, saying that it put state workers at risk.
The Spokesman-Review reports that in April federal prosecutors sent letters to dispensaries in the Spokane area to shut down or face enforcement. Most of the 40 dispensaries complied.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Rice says that the raid on Medical Herbs Providers on Wednesday is one of several operations that are "on going."


Whittier police crack down on unlicensed pot dispensaries

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Thu, May, 19th 2011 by THCFinder
WHITTIER - Culminating a three-month investigation, police brought a hammer down Wednesday on unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries, shutting down two underground clinics, including one operating across from East Whittier Middle School.
They also served a search warrant at a medical office in the 7200 block of Greenleaf Avenue, where they arrested a physician on suspicion of aiding and abetting an unlicensed medical marijuana dispensary.
Investigators from the Medical Board of California could take action against the physician's license, police said.
Four other people were arrested on various violations, including operating an unlicensed medical marijuana dispensary, aiding and abetting an unlicensed
None of the suspects' names were released because officials were still sorting out their booking offenses Wednesday evening.
In all, officials served warrants at six locations, including the two dispensaries, the medical office and three other locations associated with the operators of the dispensaries.
The crackdown, conducted with members of the L.A. Impact task force that specializes in uncovering and shutting down unlicensed pot dispensaries, also seized baggies and prescription bottles of processed marijuana, pot plants, cash and other evidence that was still being catalogued late Wednesday.
"We'll spend the next few hours weighing it all, so I don't have the actual amount yet," said Whittier police Lt. Bryan Ellis. "But we seized a bunch of marijuana today."
The city has permitted only one medical marijuana dispensary to legally operate within its borders, the Whittier Hope Collective on Byron Road. Officials said the illegal dispensaries operated like for-profit stores, selling pot to people with doctors' recommendations.
At the illegal Apex dispensary inside a non-descript building next to a salon on Whittier Boulevard and across from the middle school, the operator was arrested on suspicion of violating parole.
He had a previous felony conviction for selling narcotics, said Sgt. Kevin Ramos.
That dispensary had an ATM on the premises. Officials confiscated cash from the machine. Ramos said the operator will be investigated for possible tax law violations.
"We've frozen accounts," Ellis said.
At least one client who happened to walk into the Greenleaf Healing Center to buy marijuana when police were there was arrested. He turned out to be on county probation, Ellis said.


Proposal would ban medical marijuana businesses in Fort Collins

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Wed, May, 18th 2011 by THCFinder
Medical marijuana dispensaries and grow operations would be banned from Fort Collins under an ordinance proposed by a group of city residents that includes Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith.
Supporters of the ban are expected to start collecting signatures on petitions backing the proposal on Friday, city officials say.
Proponents would have until July 19 to gather the signatures of 4,214 registered Fort Collins voters to get the proposed ordinance before the City Council.
The council could then adopt the ordinance or refer it to voters. Supporters on the ban are requesting a special election in November.
While the Colorado Constitution allows using marijuana for medicinal purposes, state law allows municipalities to ban medical marijuana businesses. Loveland, Windsor and Greeley have banned medical marijuana shops.
Fort Collins should do the same, said Ray Martinez, a former mayor and retired police officer. Martinez is listed as a representative of the petition effort in a document filed with the city clerk's office.
Medical marijuana and the industry that has blossomed around it is a "ploy" toward legalizing the drug for recreational use, Martinez said.
"Theyre taking steps in that direction," he said. "What drug is next that they want legalized? Where do you draw the line in the sand?"
Fort Collins has about 20 licensed medical marijuana businesses. The City Council in March approved an ordinance that allowed existing businesses that did not meet all of the city's zoning rules about where shops may be located to continue operating.
The city has spent a lot of time crafting regulations for marijuana businesses that address concerns about the industry while meeting the needs of patients, said Steve Ackerman, president of the Northern Colorado Medical Marijuana Business Council.
Taking the issue to voters would be "a step back," he said. But if voters approve the measure, the consumption of medical marijuana in the city is not likely to go down.


Long Beach marijuana dispensary fire causes $50K damage

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Mon, May, 16th 2011 by THCFinder
LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- A pot clinic in Long Beach goes up in smoke Monday.
The fire broke out around 1 a.m. at The Green Room, located on the 1700 block of East 7th Street. Firefighters were able to knock down the blaze in about 20 minutes.
No one was injured. There was no marijuana inside the dispensary. The estimated damage is around $50,000.
Investigators are investigating what sparked the blaze.



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