HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Seattle

Category: Events | Posted on Wed, September, 12th 2012 by THCFinder

In the world of cannabis, West Coast products are internationally renowned for their superior quality. However, often lost in the praise is the fact that the West Coast grow scene also includes Oregon and Washington, which have been turning out top-grade ganja for decades. The roots of the West Coast cultivation scene were sown back in the 70s when hippies, back-to-landers and Vietnam vets, who swore never to be under the thumb of authority again, fled to rural areas with their seeds. In time, Northern California became the nation’s pot capital. Although overshadowed by the Golden State, Oregon and Washington were just as committed to growing top-grade pot and the strains that have flowed out of the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the world.

On Sept. 14-16, the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup will roll into Seattle, WA. Once again, we’ve assembled an expert panel of judges to sample the strains, concentrates and edibles of Washington. And, as always, our event will feature top names in the cannabis industry and unlimited opportunities to network with the medical marijuana community – whether you’re a patient or an entrepreneur. Get educated on your cannabis rights. Hear the merits and drawbacks of I-502, Washington's ballot initiative that could legalize pot in November. Plus, visit our sensational  "medication area" where medical marijuana patients can sample the top cannabis products of the state. And, of course, our VIP welcome party on Friday night, Sept. 14, featuring Conspirator, will kickoff this amazing weekend.  Come to Seattle on Sept. 14-16 for this stellar event!
Visit for tickets and event info.




Some Great Speeches from Seattle Hempfest 2012

Category: Events | Posted on Fri, August, 24th 2012 by THCFinder

The largest pro-marijuana rally in the world took place last weekend, and there were some great speeches from a wide variety of people, something Seattle’s Hempfest is known for.


Speakers in the videos below include Keith Stroup, legal counsel for and one of the founding members of NORML; Rick Steves, travel writer and marijuana law reform activist; Ngaio Bealum, a comedian who provides some great comic relief; Dan Rush from the United Food and Commercial Worker’s Union in CA; and Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray.


They all bring different life experiences to the issue of marijuana legalization, and therefore they all come at the issue with different perspectives and from different angles. But they all agree in the absolute failure of marijuana prohibition, and what a destructive force it has been.


In the end, the marijuana law reform movement is nothing more than the people who comprise it; luckily we have a lot of good people fighting out there.




Kush Expo 2012

Category: Events | Posted on Thu, July, 26th 2012 by THCFinder

The Kush Expo was a blast! If you didn't make it out don't worry there is another huge Kush Expo Festival going on in October in La and we hear it's going to be 10x bigger and better. For all of those who did make it out, thank you for your support and coming by to say hi at our booth! We can't wait until October comes around so we can see all our THCFinder fans at the show. Until then enjoy some of the pictures from Kush Expo 2012 in Anaheim California. 
































Kush Expo starts Tomorrow!!!

Category: Events | Posted on Fri, July, 20th 2012 by THCFinder

THCFinder is sponsoring the Kush Expo which is happening this weekend starting tomorrow in Anaheim California at the Anaheim Convention center!


The Kush Expo is a 2 day event start tomorrow morning at 11 am! Check out for more information.


And remember to come by and check out THCfinders booth, we will be giving away Free custom THCFinder Jars, stickers, posters and more awesome swag!



420 CU Boulder 2012 Protest

Category: Events | Posted on Sat, April, 21st 2012 by THCFinder




All MI patients, make sure to check out AMMP!!!

Category: Events | Posted on Fri, March, 23rd 2012 by THCFinder

Come join us for American Medical Marijuana Professional's 2nd Annual Exposition from March 23rd thru March 25th at the RoosterTail waterfront entertainment facility. Get directions

It's going off today thru the weekend so come by now!




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