I'll take the Bakers Dozen please!

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Amazing Glass

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Stoner Snow Days

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, February, 21st 2014 by THCFinder
stoenr-snow-daysEven those living in southern states have had to deal with some snowfall this year, with some places getting storms every few days. Getting snow in can result in a more then boring day so it's good to have some ideas in advance of what to do if there's a storm and you're trapped inside. Let's face it, snow can ruin a day full of plans and you can wind up going slightly stir crazy if stuck inside. Here's five ideas that will make a boring snow day in to a not so bad one.
1. Paint
Keeping painting supplies around will assure that you have a fun project to work on if it decides to dump three feet of snow on you one day. It'll keep you busy for hours and will produce an awesome wall decoration once you've finished.
2. Cook
Cooking and baking are a great way to stay busy when you're stuck inside. Pick a tougher dish that will keep you busy longer. Then, smoke yourself silly and devour your creation once you've finished. This is a great way to keep yourself occupied during a storm and will end up curing your munchies too.
3. Organize
More for the OCD stoners, organizing your home will give you a clean, happy place to relax in. Your stuff will be easier to find, everything will look better, and it gives you something to do. It might not be fun but some do enjoy this. It's a time consuming process with a result that will leave you feeling accomplished.
4. Write
Stoners enjoy writing down their creative thoughts so grab a blank book and start writing things down! You may shock yourself at some of the good ideas you come up with. These ideas can become short stories, drawings, or something else entirely.
5. Chill
Sometimes, it's good to do nothing. If you're a hardworking stoner that ends up getting snowed in, just sit back and relax. Watch some YouTube, Netflix, make some popcorn, whatever it is you like to do to chill out. You've worked hard and the universe is giving you a free pass to be a couch potato. Take it!


Taste the purple

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Blunt Pop

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