That's one wild Joint

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Gaming High

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Video games. Everyone has a favorite. Some prefer first person shooter while others love open world RPGs. These days, video games are a huge part of stoner culture, especially following the release of games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 that now feature the option to smoke pot and interact with a man who claims to support legalization... Although from what I know, he gives your character acid and not weed so beware! Having a bad day? Smoke a bowl while playing Halo. I assure you that after blowing up some aliens and getting baked, you'll feel a little bit better.
My personal favorite is open world RPGs. Leveling up a character and watching them improve while simultaneously running around and completing missions is a surefire way for me to lose a good chunk of time out of my day. I never played Skyrim though... That one was a little too intense for me and I was afraid I'd never stop playing. I love to smoke and play Fable however or most often, Pokemon, as the nostalgia of the game just adds to the fun of playing it.
Mario is also a popular stoner game as well. It's nice to play to old school game sometimes too, where everything is 8-bit and scrolls to the side. Trust me, 8-bit looks amazing when you're stoned. The music of the older games is also pretty awesome, even though most of the games from around the 8-bit time sound exactly alike. Again, playing games like this is definitely a great way to fondly remember the time you punched your little brother in the face because he beat you once (Sorry, little brother :( ). Note to readers; video games shouldn't lead to violence! Don't punch other players!
The top games for stoners must include the first person shooters that can also be played online. Yelling at some noob four states away helps to blow off steam when you're in a bad mood. Almost every stoner I know owns a PlayStation or an xBox although these days, I'm not exactly sure which one is more popular (an argument similar to the east coast vs west coast battle... Really pointless and can never be won). I prefer PlayStation personally, even though the Internet is shoddy, at least it's free. I also liked kicking ass online with my Little Big Planet game.
Gaming while you're high is a great experience. The graphics are cooler, the music is better, and the idea of achieving your goal and receiving the reward is a good feeling, whether you're leveling up or you scored the most headshots in a round. It can be a solo thing or a group thing (Get stoned and play Super Smash Brothers Brawl with your friends! So fun!). Video games paired with weed can make a bad day not so bad or a good day even better. Just don't waste your WHOLE day playing. ;)


What happens in Vegas...

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How To Deal With A Buzzkill

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While you may not think that Dane Cook is funny, he came up with a brilliant point during one of his standups that perfectly names the one stoner in the group that just... Well they suck. He aptly named this friend "Karen" and stated that every single group of friends has one. It's totally true. There are always people who get stoned and want to talk about deep life decisions or how they think that the world will be taken over by giant spider aliens that shoot lasers from their eight eyes. People get weird when they get high.
When a Buzz Killington shows up in your smoke circle, there's quite a few things that you can do to get them to shut up or leave. The buzz kill will hang on as long as they can to make sure that they feel like they're part of the group. To get a buzz kill to stop brutally attacking to positive vibes in the room, I've found that if you just kind of ignore them, they will either get that what they're saying is a bummer or they'll leave. That's the not so nice way... I use this method on people that seem to never have their own weed or who constantly have something sad to talk about when they're high.
The nicer way to tell someone that they're a buzz kill is to straight up tell them. You can either do this in front of the other friends or you can pull them aside. Basically, all you need to say is "hey man... You're bumming everyone out". If the person is chill, they'll get it and attempt to lighten their mood. This situation can still go wrong when your friend now translates from buzz kill to extreme paranoia and then they think you're yelling at them. 
Dealing with a buzzkill comes with the territory of smoking! It takes some skill to master but I'm sure that in no time, you'll be able to calmly express to your rain cloud friend that bumming everyone out kills them vibe. If the friend doesn't understand, there's not a whole lot you can do other than say "see ya!"


Bongs Aren't Always Glass...

Category: Fun | Posted on Sun, September, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
Bongs are the greatest smoking device. They cool off the smoke, they hit hard, and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and complexity. Most people are familiar with the glass bongs, which are the most popular. Plastic works as well but never hits as cleanly as glass. There has to be other things to smoke out of though right? Here are five of the coolest bongs that I could find on the internet that aren't made of glass and would still make your friends jealous.
1. Coconut Bong
This is a bong that must be smoked on a visit to a tropical place! There would be nothing cooler than sitting on a beach with white sand and turquoise water smoking dank out of a coconut. They look cool and already come with water that happens to enhance your smoking experience by flavoring your weed like the tropical fruit! To make this awesome contraption, I found a simple way that you can do it yourself. 
What You'll Need:
2 Straws
A Pen
A Bowl
A Drill
To start, match the drill bit to the straw that you will be inhaling from. Drill out one of the holes already on the coconut. Next, make sure thatuor drill bit fits the down stem as well. Drill out another one of the holes on the coconut. Test out what you've done so far and make sure that everything fits. Next, drill out the third hole and this will be the carb. Congrats, you've finished your coconut bong! Be sure not to push down on the coconut too hard when you're drilling. They can and will crack. Now, time to pack it up and enjoy some coconut flavored smoke!
2. Bamboo Bongs
These amazing creations are another piece that has a tropical feel. These unfortunately are a little more difficult to make and I recommend buying them rather than making them yourself. They are intricate and beautiful, not to mention their naturalness gives the smoke a very clean, naturey feel to it. I suggest trying one of these out if you can, as it is definitely an uplifting experience!
3. Lego Bong
This one is pretty complicated but is sure to be the center of attention among your pot head friends. Not only that but this piece can be constructed during smoke sessions. How much fun it is it to play with legos while you're stoned? While it may be questionable if the bong would hold water, I have a solution for you! Mix a little bit of glue with some water and paint the outside of the bong with the liquidy glue. Now it's airtight and water tight! Time to get stoned off some legos!
4. Game Controller
Talk about nostalgia! This piece isn't quite a bong but how can you deny the awesomeness of smoking out of an N64 controller? The game system was great when we were young and it's great now! Thankfully, someone thought to themselves "we could smoke out of this..." And hence this masterpiece!
5. Ice Bong
This is something you attempt when you're feeling brave. Making a nice bong requires that you create some sort of mold that the water will sit in while it freezes. While that may seem complicated, some people (myself included) can see how dope it would be to smoke out of something like this, even though it'll only last a short time.



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