Five Awesome Video Games For Stoners

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, November, 21st 2014 by THCFinder
Gaming and smoking go hand in hand. There are thousands of video games out there. Every gamer likes something different. Some prefer first person shooter, while others like RPGs, where others will be stuck playing puzzle games for days. With new games coming out every few months, it can be extremely difficult to find a game that you like playing without a little bit of guidance in the subject. Hence this list! If you have a favorite video game that you get sucked in to while smoking, hopefully we at least included one that’s close! Now light up a joint and grab your controller.
This game gets far too ridiculous! There are thousands of weapons combos, I believe it goes up in to the million combination mark. Since you can combine a fire thrower with poisonous bullets, Borderlands will make your head spin just from the weapons choices alone. If that’s not enough for you, you’ll love the open world style. Plus, you’ll be able to change views from an RPG style to a first person shooter, while simultaneously leveling up your character to a massive weapon wielding monster. Did I neglect to mention the alien killing? The whole point of the game is to complete missions, kill Skags, and avoid getting your dune buggy stolen by bandits… Don’t worry, that comes equipped with a gun too.
Little Big Planet
Although somewhat of a cuter game, Little Big Planet requires some serious smoking in order to play. As a tiny little burlap bag person, your goal is to run around, collect bubbles, and free the worlds from tyrants that have started terrorizing the Little Big Planet inhabitants. The game can be two player, including levels that can’t usually be beaten unless you have a friend. You get to customize your character with outfits too that include zebra stripes, bunny ears, and tutu skirts. The game also allows you to play on line, joining players from around the world in the hunt to collect bubbles.
Super Smash Brothers BRAWL
Nintendo nailed it when it comes to Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The game includes characters from all different Nintendo heavy hitters. Play as Kirby, StarFox, or the Pokemon Trainer (which gives you a pick of Pokemon including Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle) and battle your friends or play through the levels, eventually beating the giant evil entity that’s been turning all the characters in to tiny little stone statues. This game gets even more fun when you’re sitting around smoking and button mashing, as people tend to forget stats once the bong has been hit so many times.
Getting high, playing a video game, and forgetting what year it was has never been easier. Skyrim is from the same people who made Elder Scrolls and will drag you in to a world of dragons and fantasy faster then you exhaling a huge hit in the form of a ten minute coughing bender. The open world allows you to go where ever you want and there are thousands of quests to complete. Some people have invested over 200 hours in to this game, only to find that they’re still not close to beating it. If you’re looking to get lost in an open world fantasy RPG, Skyrim is what you’re looking for.
There’s a great deal of these games out now. While sometimes, they’re kind of difficult to get in to, the Halo series is a great game to play if you feel like getting high and screaming obscenities at people on line. Killing aliens and zooming around the surface of strange planets is sure to waste some time. The game is multiplayer too, allowing your friends to join in on your sprees as well. Getting stoned and saving some planets never seemed this easy!


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