Marijuana can treat almost anything!

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Amazing Joint Creations

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What To Get A Stoner For Christmas

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It’s December and for those the celebrate Christmas, it’s the season to buy a ton of presents. Stoners can sometimes be tough to buy for, especially for those who don’t feel comfortable buying a bag of weed from a street dealer. Even if you do feel okay buying bud for your friends and siblings, maybe your family isn’t 420 friendly and you need some more legal gifts to give while your aunts and uncles are around. If you’re looking for a stoner’s Christmas list, you’ve come to the right place. These gifts will be perfect for the pothead in your life, especially if you don’t feel like buying them a bag.

1. Growing equipment

stoner gifts stonerdays

This stuff can get pretty expensive so buying the pothead in your life some grow lights or soil might just make a stoner’s Christmas! Growing marijuana is very expensive so even the littlest bit helps! Buying things from a hydro store isn’t that sketchy either. After all, you’re just growing tomatoes in your house, right?

2. Stoner movie


There’s so many choices for this one that you may want to give something else! It’s almost impossible to pick the perfect stoner movie, although I’m sure that the receiver will love it no matter what. As long as it contains some sort of goofy humor, it’s sure to become a constantly watched DVD.

3. Cool lighters

StonerDays-Stay-Blazed-Marijuana-420 (3)

Perhaps you seen an interesting pack of Bic lighters somewhere. There are awesome stocking stuffers, especially if you can find the really awesome rare ones. If you buy a cool lighter every time you see one at a gas station, you’ll have an abundance of stocking stuffers once Christmas comes around. Or you could just buy the Bic multipacks. Stoners always need lighters.

4. Rolling papers


Another awesome stocking stuffer, rolling papers are a great present for a pothead. There are hundreds of different kinds so mix and match! Anyone that smoke appreciates a pack of papers!

5. Stoner apparel

stonerdays hoodies stoners marijuana pipes weed (7)

If I may, I strongly recommend the Stonerdays hoodies that have just been released, especially if you’re in those colder areas! With warm material and awesome designs that every smoker will love to wear, these hoodies will make a great addition to your stack of presents this year! And if you’re in the warmer areas of the world, there’s still t-shirts and tanks available!

6. Video games

stonerdays stoner video games

From the simple Mario games to Call Of Duty, stoners love video games. No matter what you buy them, they’re sure to be amused by it. Just make sure that they already have the system that the game is made for. It happens far more often than it should, getting games for the wrong system!

7. Glass


Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (57)

Chillums are cheap and make a good stocking stuffer but you could go all out and get that special stoner a really nice piece of glass this upcoming holiday. There are hundreds of talented glass artists that are doing holiday sales and if you don’t know any of them, you can always check out your local headshop!

8. Grinders

stonerdays stoner gifts grinders

These stoner accessories are key in a smoker’s life. There’s so many different kinds out there that every stoner can have their own favorite. From plastic grinders that you can bring anywhere to beastly grinders that pour out your weed for you, every stoner will appreciate this piece of equipment for Christmas

9. Stoner books

stonerdays stoner gifts

This can include magazines as well! Stoners love books, especially books about bud. There are a lot of awesome books out there that are full of random stoner knowledge. Getting stoned and reading one of these silly novels is a great pass time that doesn’t involve technology.

10. Cash

stonerdays stoner gifts money weed

If you don’t feel comfortable buying bud for your stoner friend and they possess all of the above items, you can simply just give them a card, some cash, and a note saying “you know what this is for”. Family won’t suspect anything and the stoner will be able to buy a bag later… Who knows, they might even smoke you up!



Happy Holidays

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Do you use performance enhancing drugs ; )

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Five Great Stoner Movies

Category: Fun | Posted on Sat, December, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
Movies are a large part of pothead culture. Let's face it, getting baked and watching  movie sounds like a good time, especially if you're stocked up on munchies. There are some classic films out there that every stoner loves. The following is a list of five of some of the best ones. If you have a suggestion for a further film, feel free to share it with me by emailing and I'll start making up a second part!
1. Grandma's Boy
This film was fantastic. Hilariously funny, it follows the hazy story of a pothead video game designer who's constantly battling his nemesis JT, a dude who thinks that he's a robot. With an epic cast, if you haven't seen this one yet, you should probably get to it!
2. Half Baked
Dave Chapelle makes this one perfect with his loud humor. When one of the members of a group of friends murders a diabetic police horse, the other three members start stealing medical marijuana to sell and help bail their friend out. While at the same time, Chapelle falls in love with a girl who hates marijuana... Ironically named Mary Jane.
3. Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke
The most famous stoner duo obviously needs a mention on this list! Up In Smoke is about the adventure that Cheech and Chong take in the marijuana van (It's actually made of marijuana!). The two are trying to get from Mexico to LA with the ever annoying Sgt Stedenko on their trail.
4. Evil Bong
While it's not the most convincing movie ever made, it is pretty amusing to watch. This film is about a bong that traps the soul of the user in a crazy strip club fantasy where the strippers are killers, among other strange things. This movie also features Chong as the voice of the haunted piece.
5. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
A favorite of stoners of all ages! This movie follows a few different stories of teens in their high school years. The ups, downs, and everything else. Everyone's favorite is Spicoli, the super pothead orders pizza while in class. Definitely a stoner classic, watch this movie if you haven't already.



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