Weeds with Friends

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Breaking bad pipe

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Have a nice Day ; )

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How To Create The Famous Cross Joint

Category: Fun | Posted on Sat, October, 19th 2013 by THCFinder


After the release of Pineapple Express, everybody became familiar with the cross joint. But how exactly does one roll this awesome trifecta of smoking enjoyment? The following steps will instruct you on how to build a cross joint for yourself. Learn this and definitely impress your friends next time you’re smoking up!

1. So you’re going to need three things to roll this bad cross joint of yours. You’re going to need some weed, some papers, and a pointed object that you can use to poke a hole through the joint. I recommend a bobby pin or a a piercing needle works great if you can get a hold of them.

2. Take the papers and weed and roll up two joints, one being a good deal smaller than the other. Make sure one is bigger than the other! If not, then your cross joint won’t work correctly and you’ll end up with a huge mess of weed and crumpled papers!


3. Now, take your pointed object and use it to create a hole in the larger joint that’s about the size of the smaller joint. You might have to make the hole bigger to accommodate the smaller joint but you have to be careful not to break off the top of the larger joint. You also need to make a small cut/tear in the smaller joint but again, you have to be extremely careful not to rip the joints in half. This is where I have most of the issues I run in to with cross joints. My hands are terribly shaky and I break the joints way more often than I want to.

4. Take the smaller joint and GENTLY pull/push it through the thicker joint. Be very careful while you do this so you don’t rip either of the joints! Once you get the smaller joint to be the same length on both sides, take a third paper and cut off the glue part. Get the glue wet and wrap it around the middle of the joints, making an airtight seal where they intersect.

That is how you make the famed cross joint! Now light it up and enjoy the rewards of your craftsmanship!

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Five Awkward TV Shows That Are Hilarious When Stoned

Category: Fun | Posted on Sat, October, 19th 2013 by THCFinder
While cartoons are the usual choice of stoner TV, there are those that prefer the hilarious awkwardness of real-life TV comedies. Watching these shows just assures us that we're not the most awkward people ever and that it's possible that it could always be worse. Shows like this are breath of fresh air from the animated series' that we love so much. Here are five of the funniest shows that aren't cartoons. Get stoned and look these up!
- Arrested Development
Following the hilarious ventures of Michael Bluthe and his family, this show is sure to make you blush occasionally. Whether Tobias is dressing up as a giant mole or George Michael is kissing his cousin, the Bluthe family keeps you on your toes. This show is great and can be watched via Netflix.
- The Office (US)
The cast from the Office is a lovable group of people. The situations that they put themselves in are hilarious. Michael Scott was a favorite character of many people in this series and I think that every viewer was sad when he said his goodbyes. While funny, be warned that this show occasionally will make you blush and avert your eyes.
- Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope is... A character. Her can-do attitude is infectious but also sometimes a bit over the top. Although, Leslie's boss has to be the best character in the show. His overcast attitude and forever furrowed brow add a hilariously mean twist to the super positivity that Knope brings to the table.
- Orange Is The New Black
This show gets a little more intense than the others mentioned on this list but it's still a very interesting show about a sheltered young woman who ends up going to jail for a past crime. While she's in there, she struggles to keep herself afloat in the prison world. There are a lot of stoners who followed this Netflix series and are impatiently awaiting the next installment.
- The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret
Starring David Cross, this show follows Todd Margaret, a very unfortunate man with a bad habit of lying. He's assigned to sell some ridiculous energy drink in the United Kingdom, a foreign place to Margaret. Poor Todd can't seem to catch a break in this series, always seeming to end up in the worst possible situation.



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