How long would you make this last?

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My Dab Buddy

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Best buds = )

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October Bong fun

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Is It Possible To Be TOO High?

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Most people who smoke seem to agree that you can only get to a certain point of being stoned. But sometimes, there are moments when people just stop for a second after smoking and think "oh my god... When did I get this stoned?" Is this point the moment when you're just too high? Is that even possible? Since marijuana overdose is highly unlikely, it's also unlikely that you can get "too stoned". Right?
What the majority agree on? You can't ever be too stoned. A lot of stoners feel that you can only get to a certain point of being high before the THC in the weed no longer effects you. Because of the lack of lethality in marijuana, there is no danger of overdosing. If you hit the point of not getting any higher, the most likely scenario is that you'll just fall asleep.
On the other hand, there are other stoners who refer to this thing called "greening out". This term refers to the point where you feel so high that you're uncomfortable. Some stoners might experience nausea or extreme fatigue. Others get dizzy and find it hard for their eyes to focus, while others report extreme paranoia and panic attacks. There is no danger for the stoners at this point but it's best to lay down and try to sleep.
This "greening out" feeling may also be a result of the strain that's being smoked. Usually, those who smoke large amounts of heavy indica report a nausea and dizziness, paired with extreme tiredness. Stoners who used large amounts of sativa say that smoking too much made them extremely paranoid and uncomfortable. As said before, the best cure for this feeling is just to lay down if possible. Relax and try to clear your mind. The feeling will pass eventually. "Greening out" doesn't occur in all smokers but can happen when large amounts of THC are ingested after a long break from smoking or someone who has just started smoking and ingested too much too soon.
Basically, it is possible to be too high for some people. It depends on the individual and the weed that's being smoked. Some people just naturally have a higher tolerance to THC, while others will experience this weird feeling at one time or another in their smoking career.


A Stoners Process of Rolling Thai Stick Blunts

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While stumbling across the vast wasteland that we call Instagram, I discovered upon a feed that I had never seen before. This feed featured a kind of blunt rolling that I had never seen before. The @afgoo_head feed is a goldmine for those who want to combine serious thought and smoking weed in to one awesome idea. Out of curiosity and a need to share information with others, @afgoo_head produced the pure cannabis Thai stick blunt. These blunts are complicated and take time to make… But according to this roller, the time and effort are totally worth it. This blunt will be made completly out of cannabis and will burn at about an inch per minute.

stonerdays thai stick

The Thai stick originated in Thailand. It is a form of cannabis in the 60s and 70s. It was formed by high quality buds of marijuana that were stuck onto stems. Multiple rows of hemp fiber bound the marijuana to the stalks and kept it in place. These sticks were a subject of interest because it was said that the sticks used to skewer the marijuana were dipped in opium, giving the marijuana an added effect. Today, the Thai stick refers to cannabis flowers tied to a stick and dipped in hash oil, which provides a stronger smoke and more potent high. This product can be found in some dispensaries in California.

As stated before, the process of creating the Thai stick blunt is a creation that is unique to @afgoo_head. This blunt is made in the classic form of the Thai stick. As I found this process extremely interesting, I approached @afgoo_head and requested his help in writing this step by step process to create your own Thai stick blunts at home, so you too can enjoy this piece of marijuana history.

1. Gather some fluffy nugs. The fluffier buds are easier to compress and pack on to the bamboo stick. This will come in handy when you bind the buds to the stick. Make sure that you don’t use extremely dense nugs! If the weed is too dense, the smoke will be harsh.

2. Bind the bud to the stick with hempline. This will ensure that when unwrapped, there will be minimal bud that comes off on the line. Be sure to bind the bud well but at the same time, not too tightly. Now store the Thai stick in process in the refrigerator, wrapped in parchment paper to keep it safe.

3. After a few days, remove the hempline from the stick. The resinous buds should stay on the stick at this point. Coat the buds in a generous amount of cannabis oil. Go over the oil with a lighter to thin it out. This is where you apply the first layer of cannabis leaves to the blunt. The idea behind the leaves, is that you avoid smoking paper biproducts or tabacco. Wrap the cured leaves around the stick, using the oil to hold everything together. Be generous with the oil but don’t over do it. You don’t want your blunt to be dripping while you’re trying to smoke it.

4. Over the course of a few days, while keeping the stick cold, remove it from the fridge and apply cannabis oil, as well as more leaves. Three layers of cannabis leaves should be enough to create the perfect cannabis wrapping. Wrap tightly with parchment paper, and warm slightly over a hot plate for a few seconds. This will warm the oil and spread it under the leaves to create a better seal. In the Thai stick blunt that @afgoo_head made, there was 8.5 grams of cannabis, along with 2.2 grams of cannabis oil.

5. The next step in creating this beastly blunt, ideally, would be to have a collection of them and bury them in plastic bags 3 feet under the surface of the ground and leave them there for about a month. Curing these sticks is a very important part of the process and will create that smooth, wonderful taste that you get from the Thai stick blunt. Curing the thai blunt will also solidify the blunt into a single unit. However, to save time (and because he was extremely impatient, as any true stoner would be), @afgoo_head vacuum sealed his Thai stick for a week.

thai blunt stoners how to

When the Thai stick has been cured in the vacuum bag for a week, it is ready to be smoked. Slide the bamboo stick or skewer out of from the end of the blunt. If done correctly, the blunt will stick together with the help of the cannabis oil. The empty center of the blunt creates a vent that makes the hit an incredibly smooth smoke that every stoner will enjoy, if they put the effort in to making the Thai stick blunt. For more photos and more information on this creation, visit the feed of the creator, @afgoo_head. Hopefully this tutorial will provide you with a dank Thai stick blunt and I look forward to seeing the pictures online!

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