The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012

Category: Legalization | Posted on Wed, May, 25th 2011 by THCFinder

Just had this email forwarded and wanted to share it. Will we see legal marijuana in 2012? I sure hope so.


Notice how this initiative will both reschedule cannabis, and have the state of California take on the federal government? Steve Kubby, one of the activists working on this initiative, was dead on when he states here that theRegulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative is “easy to understand and lightyears beyond anything ever proposed before.”


Iowa’s work on rescheduling cannabis has always been about targeting the inaccurate Federal misclassification of marijuana as a Schedule I substance. Will California be the first state to exercise their rights and tell the Feds to recognize marijuana as medicine? Looks like this strategy, which Steve says “will be very effective in turning the tide in our favor,” is going to be talked about more these next couple of years.


In a future article, I’m going to break down the law, and explain why rescheduling marijuana in the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) is going to have to be led by the states. For now, here’s Steve Kubby’s email on updates to the 2012 legalization initiative out in California.


Dear Friends,

We’ve tightened up the text for our initiative. Although we still think the Harm Reduction Officer program is a great way to create federal immunity, feedback does not support including this section, so we have removed it. That brings RMLW2012 down to 1,456 words, below the 1,500 word limit we originally set for ourselves.


The new text to the RMLW2012 is simple, easy to understand and lightyears beyond anything ever proposed before. No other initiative has ever ordered a state to de-schedule cannabis or use the high offices of the state to demand federal rescheduling. These are new tactics that we believe will be very effective in turning the tide in our favor.


Our public campaign will also be unlike anything ever attempted before. That’s because a former judge and LAPD deputy police chief were involved in the crafting of the initiative and will be directly involved in presenting it to the voters. Our spokespersons will all be former drug warriors who have served on the front lines and know the truth about the war on cannabis.


Unlike any other initiative, we set clear limits on taxing and regulating cannabis. Those limits cannot be anymore strict than current taxes and regulations for wine. The Legislature still gets to write the rules, but we set the limits and that is unprecedented.


No other initiative orders state officials, police, workers and contractors to refuse to cooperate with the feds, but we do. We believe that without the cooperation of the state, federal enforcement will not be viable.


So far, all we’ve seen are initiatives allowing for one ounce to be legal. In contrast, our initiative creates a regulated industry, while exempting up to 25 plants or 12 pounds for personal use. The 12 pounds per adult per year corresponds with the amount of cannabis sent by the U.S. government to federal cannabis patients.


We also have suspended the artificial distinction between low THC hemp and high THC cannabis crops. In our view, it is the final product and THC content that determines if it is restricted just to adults. If a business wants to use fibers from a medical marijuana crop to make hemp shirts, then our initiative will allow that to happen without armies of crop inspectors or cumbersome regulations. Thus, farmers can grow one crop to provide for fuel, fiber, food and/or medicine.


Voters are familiar with wine and support treating cannabis like wine. No other cannabis initiative model has the 62% support that we have with the wine model. We can win with this approach. Join us and be a part of a real and historic change that we can all be proud of.


Let freedom grow,

Steve Kubby

Reply to:


written by: Jason Karimi

To read more in depth about the "Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative" click here!



RI lawmakers to look at decriminalizing pot

Category: Legalization | Posted on Tue, May, 24th 2011 by THCFinder
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- Adults caught carrying an ounce or less of marijuana would face a $150 fine instead of criminal penalties under a bill to decriminalize pot up for review in Rhode Island's legislature.
The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.
Marijuana possession is a civil, not criminal, violation in more than a dozen states. Supporters of the Rhode Island bill say softer penalties for marijuana possession will give police and prosecutors time to focus on more serious crime.
If the bill passes, it will still be a crime to drive under the influence of marijuana and to smoke pot in schools and jails, among other places.


Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Easier To Get in Canada

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, April, 15th 2011 by THCFinder
The Canadian government was reviewing its options on Wednesday after a judge said it may have to rewrite the country's medical marijuana laws to make it easier for patients to obtain the drug.
Marijuana growing, possession and distribution are illegal in Canada, but the government was ordered by the courts a decade ago to allow its use for medical purposes by people who have a doctor's approval.
An Ontario judge sided this week with a man who wants the drug for medical purposes, and argued his rights were violated because he was forced to raise it illegally when he was unable to find a doctor willing to prescribe it.
The government appears to be using a shortage of doctors willing to support the drug for medical purposes as a way to limit patient access to it, Ontario Superior Court justice Donald Taliano ruled on Monday.
"Rather than promote health, the regulations have the opposite effect. Rather than promote effective drug control the regulations drive the critically ill to the black market," Taliano wrote in the 109-page ruling.


Officials worry medical cannabis will go recreational

Category: Legalization | Posted on Tue, April, 5th 2011 by THCFinder
PHOENIX -- As Arizona's medical marijuana program moves toward a launching point, the challenge is to keep it "medical."
Dr. Will Humble, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, said it would not take much to turn the legal program, approved by voters last November, into a recreational pot program.
"Thirty physicians who had really reckless care and writing certifications very quickly could turn this into a recreational program in probably a year," said Humble.
Despite the best efforts of the state, Humble said, "There will be recreational users that end up getting into the system... The evidence suggests that no state has been able to achieve a truly medical marijuana program."
He said the state will look for doctors writing lots of prescriptions for certain types of patients -- "people in their 20s and 30s in chronic pain, near universities."
Lisa Wynn is executive director of the Arizona Medical Board, which will review complaints about doctors who might have overstepped the law.
"I don't believe any physician needs to worry about getting in trouble if they're recommending marijuana for their patients as long as they're following the guidelines that are set up in the rules," said Wynn.


Marijuana legalization bill dies in Olympia

Category: Legalization | Posted on Mon, April, 4th 2011 by THCFinder
A bill that would legalize marijuana in Washington state - something every state legislator from Seattle, as well as the city’s mayor, city attorney and several City Councilmembers say they support – is officially dead in Olympia.
House Bill 1550 didn’t advance out of the relevant committees by Friday evening – a key cutoff date during the 2011 Legislature.
The measure, sponsored by Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle would legalize marijuana, have its sale regulated by the state Liquor Control Board and impose a tax of 15 percent per gram on cannabis. Supporters say it would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for a state government staring at a deficit of at least $5 billion for the next two years. A contingent of Seattle officials testified for the bill last month.
But actually passing a legalized pot bill was always going to be a hard sell. Technically, the measure could be incorporated into a budget bill in the final weeks of the session, but that seems highly unlikely.
A bill in the state Senate that would’ve legalized marijuana died earlier in the session.
The Seattle Times editorial board recently said marijuana should be legalized and there’s a chance voters will get a chance to weigh in on the matter soon. Sponsors of a measure that would legalize marijuana use by people 18 and older are collecting signatures to try to get an initiative before the people this fall. To qualify for the November ballot, initiative sponsors need to get the signatures of more than 241,000 registered voters by July 8. Last year a similar effort fell short by about 50,000 signatures.


Harris Poll: East Bests the West for Medical Marijuana

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, April, 1st 2011 by THCFinder
Eight in ten respondents within the "East" to a Harris poll released yesterday said that they “strongly support” or “somewhat support” legalizing medical cannabis. In another upward trend 50 percent said they agreed with fully legal, recreational marijuana. This was the highest overall support in any region and breaks with popular stereotypes. Still, this surge has been clear in some recent local polling. Last year saw Pennsylvania supporting medical marijuana at 80 percent and New Jersey at 86 percent.
The more interesting aspect of the new Harris poll is that it went in-depth on the issue.
When asked about the consequences of legalized pot 41% thought the overall crime rate would decrease and 44% thought that we would spend less money on prisons. A striking 75% of the respondents from all regions agreed that if prohibition were to end then we would see significant tax revenue generated from cannabis.



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