Taco bell supports prop 19!

Category: Legalization | Posted on Mon, November, 1st 2010 by THCFinder

Do you? Make sure you go out and Vote on November 2nd, 2010.



Zach Galifianakis Smokes Joint LIVE On Bill Maher's Show!!

Category: Legalization | Posted on Sat, October, 30th 2010 by THCFinder

While on the Bill Maher's show last night discussing prop 19,  Zach Galifianakis whipped out a Joint and started smoking LIVE real time in order to show his support for the legalization of Cannabis and to finally end the bullshit prohibition that we have now. Even tho Zach is one crazy bastard he wanted to show you could smoke cannabis and not act crazy or DIE... from the effects.


Two thumbs up for Mr. Galifianakis for pushing the envelope!





Snoop Dogg wants you to vote YES on prop 19

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, October, 29th 2010 by THCFinder

Snoop is joining the cause for YES on prop 19 and wants everyone to get out and vote. Everyone knows that Snoop is a huge marijuana smoker and would love to see cannabis legalized in California so lets all get out there and make sure we vote in the upcoming days for prop 19!



Snoop Dogg blazing it up to support prop 19.


Record Number Of Americans Now Say They Support Marijuana Legalization

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, October, 29th 2010 by THCFinder

The most recent poll numbers from Gallup are now showing the highest ever approval rate for legalizing Cannabis since the 1960's. The all time high approval rate is currently at 46% with a new low of only 50% being opposed nationally.


The race is getting closer every day with more Americans jumping on the bandwagon to finally legalize cannabis. If California voters end up passing prop 19, we are sure to see more states follow their footsteps within the next few years. There is finally hope to end the prohibition against Cannabis which is far overdue. Make sure you are out voting to support the legalization of Cannabis where ever you live!




A pro legalization commercial is running on comedy central

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, October, 29th 2010 by THCFinder

You can watch the video below that is currently being run on comedy centrals network. The pro legalization commercial is running on both John Stewart and Stephen Colbert shows who both currently support the legalization of cannabis.



6 states looking to legalize Marijuana!

Category: Legalization | Posted on Mon, October, 25th 2010 by THCFinder

California isn't the only state trying to fight the war against Cannabis being illegal. 5 other states are jumping on the bandwagon to legalize Cannabis and get rid of a law that is extremely outdated. The other states that have joined the battle are , Oregon, Arizona, South Dakota, Vermont and Massachusetts. 


While the battle to control Congress is getting most of the pre-election ink, voters in several states will also be deciding how to states handle the touchy issue of marijuana's legal status. Fourteen states already have medical marijuana laws on the books, and more are likely to vote in doctor-approved pot use this year or in 2012. (Watch a Reason Magazine report about legalization's consequences.) Here are six states that could take a major step down the path toward decriminalization (or even legalization) on Nov. 2: (source


With California's prop 19 coming up, it will be a great day for Marijuana users if the voters come together to help legalize something that should never have been illegal in the first place. 



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