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Backers of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Getting Much Out-of-State Support

Category: Legalization | Posted on Tue, June, 12th 2012 by THCFinder

Advocates behind Amendment 64 in Colorado – which would legalize and regulate marijuana for those 21 years of age and older – are getting a ton of support from donors who are from outside the state. In fact, out of almost $2 million raised, all but $16,500 has come from out-of-state.


Of course if Amendment 64 passes, opponents will say it wasn’t the choice of Colorado voters, but of “big money” from out-of-state.


This is a narrow view of things that ignores a couple of key factors. First, marijuana lobbying and campaign funding is still a new endeavor. Medical marijuana has only existed legally for 16 years (and only then in one state). Most of the money behind marijuana advocacy still resides in California.


Second, a victory in Colorado is a victory for everyone in The United States who supports marijuana law reform. There will finally be a state regulating marijuana as a legal product for all adults. There will be a place advocates can point to and show the success of what we have been talking about for the last few decades.


A win in Colorado will also embolden those in other states to be more aggressive about their own marijuana law reform efforts. The effect would be incalculable.


Mason Tvert, a leader of the pro-Amendment 64 “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” said, "This is the best opportunity we've ever had to end marijuana prohibition at the state level and begin regulating it like alcohol.”


But there is a long way to go. A lot of money and good poll numbers are nothing without the effort to win over the voters of Colorado. For marijuana law reform advocates, this is a golden opportunity that cannot be squandered.


The next 6 months will decide the winners and losers of the battle.




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