Colombian president calls for legalisation of marijuana

Category: Legalization | Posted on Wed, October, 26th 2011 by THCFinder
Finally a president who gets it and is willing to talk about his support of legalization of marijuana and cracking down on the real hardcore drugs instead of wasting time and money on a failed drug war against Cannabis.
Mr Santos added his voice to a growing list of influential figures in Latin America demanding a rethink of the policies that have been used for decades to fight the drugs trade.
He said legalising softer drugs such as marijuana worldwide could help improve international efforts to deal with harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin.
"The world needs to discuss new approaches ... we are basically still thinking within the same framework as we have done for the last 40 years," he said.
Asked if making marijuana legal could offer a way forward, Mr Santos said it could and that he would support it "provided everyone does it at the same time". But he emphasised that other countries needed to take the lead, saying the issue was "a matter of national security" for Colombia, whereas "in other countries this is mainly a health and crime issue".
"Drug trafficking is what finances the violence and the irregular groups in our country. I would be crucified if I took the first step," he said in an interview with Metro, the global free daily newspaper chain.


Clearing the smoke: Why marijuana should be legalized

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, October, 7th 2011 by THCFinder
To toke or not to toke? That has been the question springing up like whack-a-mole all over the country. The effort to legalize marijuana has won small battles, but despite record-setting support for legalization – 46 percent by the latest Gallup poll in Oct. 2010 – marijuana remains illegal in most of the country, including Minnesota.
Why is marijuana illegal, exactly? The drug has a complicated legal history, and its prohibition is intimately tied with industry monopolizing and even hints of racism against the black men of blues music from the early 20th century, who had a reputation for smoking up, but the better question is why is it still illegal?
Prisons are overflowing with peaceful potheads who just wanted to listen to their Pink Floyd, man, and the government is sinking more and more of your tax dollars into keeping the Drug War going. But is this a battle worth fighting? First thing’s first. Does it work?
Well, um. No.


Legalize Marijuana

Category: Legalization | Posted on Thu, October, 6th 2011 by THCFinder

Why haven't we legalized Marijuana yet?



Marijuana Measure In Colorado Survives Legal Challenges

Category: Legalization | Posted on Thu, September, 29th 2011 by THCFinder

Colorado keeps on pushing for Marijuana legalization and is getting one step closer to making that become a reality!

DENVER, Colo. -- A proposed ballot measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Colorado has survived two legal challenges.

The Colorado Supreme Court this week rejected two challenges to the measure that would ask voters whether marijuana in small amounts should be legal for people over 21. Sponsors of the marijuana measure are gathering signatures to place the question on 2012 ballots.
Anti-tax advocate Douglas Bruce challenged the ballot language. He said the measure should be labeled a tax increase. Pot activists said that while the marijuana measure would allow lawmakers to tax pot, the measure itself is not a tax question.
Separately, a marijuana activist who argued the measure was improperly worded brought a challenge to the state's highest court. Both challenges were dismissed without comment.


Legalize, regulate and tax marijuana

Category: Legalization | Posted on Tue, September, 27th 2011 by THCFinder

Marijuana is safer than alcohol, legalizing it could potentially drop the crime rate, it could improv the economy and has multiple medicinal benefits.

Maybe medical marijuana dispensaries aren't crime magnets after all. That's the conclusion the Rand Corp. came up with after completing a study that found that crime rates went up in neighborhoods after nearby dispensaries were ordered to shut down. 
The Times editorial board argues, however, that the study is inconclusive:
Does this mean that dispensaries decrease neighborhood crime rather than increasing it? Unfortunately, despite Rand's analysis, we still don't know the answer. There are so many obvious problems with Rand's study that it's impossible to come to solid conclusions about crime either way.
After pointing out that the study is based on "unwarranted assumption" and poking holes in the analysis, the board concludes:
Whether or not these rogue dispensaries attract crime, they are a nuisance. A lack of oversight means they could be selling anything, including marijuana laced with dangerous drugs or chemicals. California voters intended them to operate as nonprofit collectives, yet it's not clear they're all doing so. Also unclear is the extent to which they're selling to minors or people with no legitimate medical need. L.A. is right to try to crack down; now its lawyers just need to figure out a way of doing so that passes court muster.


Could legalizing pot in U.S. put end to Mexican drug violence?

Category: Legalization | Posted on Mon, September, 26th 2011 by THCFinder

Reports show that the illegal Marijuana industry supports the cartels and there is a good chance if we legalized pot a large portion of their drug money would dry up and cause many organizations to go under with no funding.

It’s been a grim week for news regarding border violence and the Mexican drug cartels. On Tuesday, criminals dumped 35 bodies on a busy Veracruz highway in the middle of rush hour traffic.
Then, yesterday, the editor-in-chief of the Mexican newspaper Primera Hora, Maria Elizabeth Macias, was found beheaded in the northern Mexico town of Nuevo Laredo. Meanwhile, as Customs and Border Patrol agents in Arizona recovered over a ton of marijuana from a stolen vehicle on Tuesday, as well as 312 pounds from several individuals attempting to flee into the desert the following day, the seizures invite one to question how much narcotics must still be making their way into this country undetected.



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