Washington's First Marijuana Legalization Commercial

Category: Legalization | Posted on Tue, August, 7th 2012 by THCFinder

The first television ad in support of I-502 which would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in the state for adults over the age of 21, has just come out in Washington State. The ad is from New Approach Washington, the campaign behind the initiative.


The woman in the ad is personally against marijuana, but lists several reasons why it makes more sense to regulate and control the cannabis market. The ad is presumably aimed at women, who, according to polls, favor legalization less than men.


In addition to Washington, Oregon and Colorado also have marijuana legalization initiatives on their ballots. Which means it’s possible for legalization to be law in three states by next year.


How the federal government would react to that is anyone’s guess; this would also depend on who wins the Presidential election. President Obama might theoretically be willing to back off marijuana in a second term.


At least one state has to pass legalization to keep any kind of momentum in the movement. All three passing it would be nothing less than a huge slap in the face of the federal government.


Most importantly, adults in these states have a chance at a much greater measure of freedom.




Could Marijuana Become Legal This Year? Several States Say 'Yes'

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, July, 27th 2012 by THCFinder
No matter what side of the aisle you're standing, you're probably well aware of the importance of the 2012 election.
But, besides a neck-to-neck presidential race, another aspect of what happens at the polls this November (that you might've missed) is the serious possibility that voters may legalize marijuana.
Three states – Colorado, Oregon and Washington – will feature ballot measures offering voters the chance to make ganja legal. And, we're not talking about initiatives that make it legal to smoke marijuana for "medical reasons." No, we're talking about initiatives making it legal to smoke for "whatever" reasons.
This isn't the first time that Americans would have the chance to make Mary Jane as easy to access as booze. (California voters famously decided not to pass Prop. 19 back in 2010.) But, this is the first time that voters will decide on the issue -- since polling revealed a majority of Americans are cool with the idea.
Of course, most voters haven't noticed the move to make pot legal since President Obama and Mitt Romney have chosen to make the economy the main issue to battle during this election.
We wonder, though: wouldn't legalizing marijuana boost the economy?
Sales of junk food and subscriptions to cable-cartoon networks would immediately go up. Plus, taxation on legal weed would certainly pay off some serious government debt.
But, hey, that's just our opinion.
Now pass the Funyuns; "SpongeBob" is coming on.


Legalize the GREEN

Category: Legalization | Posted on Wed, July, 25th 2012 by THCFinder


CO Amendment 64 Marijuana Legalization Campaign Puts Up Pat Robertson Billboard

Category: Legalization | Posted on Wed, July, 18th 2012 by THCFinder

A couple months back, conservative TV evangelist Pat Robertson made headlines across the nation when he said on his TV show that he favors keeping marijuana users out of the criminal justice system and told The New York Times that he supports Amendment 64, the ballot issue to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol in Colorado.


Now the campaign behind Amendment 64 has put up a billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado, a more conservative area of the state; a more Christian area as well, featuring Robertson’s face and asking the question, ”Pat Robertson would vote YES on 64. Will you?“


In the video Robertson makes a great point about putting young marijuana users in jail and churning out hardened criminals. Do we need more criminals?


You would have to think the billboard will have some impact among those who see it, a good many of whom probably consider Pat Robertson a spiritual authority figure, despite his penchant for saying incredibly offensive things after tragedies have occurred.


In the end it will be impossible not to gain some votes from the billboard; marijuana smokers who hate Robertson aren’t going to vote against Amendment 64 because he is for it, and at least some Republicans will take a closer look at the issue.



Legalize it

Category: Legalization | Posted on Tue, July, 3rd 2012 by THCFinder




Category: Legalization | Posted on Thu, June, 21st 2012 by THCFinder



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