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The Ultimate Guide To Consuming Medical Marijuana

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, March, 19th 2018 by THCFinder

The Ultimate Guide To Consuming Medical Marijuana


Thousands of people with pre-existing conditions are finding that medical marijuana may be the best way to treat their symptoms. Conditions from cancer to IBS can be treated effectively by medical marijuana. While the benefits of cannabis have won over a lot of patients many people are still undecided.


This could be down to the traditional image of cannabis consumption, which has permeated pop culture for decades as the purview of unkempt stoners. It’s understandable if a 57-year-old accountant called Agness is hesitant to take cannabis for her chronic pain when her only point of reference is Jay and Silent Bob skinning up on screen and staggering around like clowns.


There is much more to consuming dry herb than a hand-rolled joint with a damp roach. Let's explore some of the methods of consuming dry herb that may suit those seeking its medicinal benefits.


Medicinal users may be cautious of cannabis due to the perception that they’ll have to consume a substantial amount over an extended amount of time in order to receive the correct dose of THC and other cannabinoids. A solution to this is using dabs, a concentrated form of cannabis extract that can pack more THC into less material.


Dabs are created by a process of solvent-based concentration. This process works by using a solvent, usually butane, to literally push the active ingredients (called cannabinoids) out of cannabis. After this is done a vacuum pump is used to extract the butane, creating dabbing concentrate. This will take one of three forms: Oil; a viscous concentrate and the weakest of the three forms. Wax; a sticky and crumbly concentrate that resembles bee’s wax. The purest type of dabbing concentrate is shatter; a brittle, candy-like concentrate that contains the highest level of concentrate.


Dabbing concentrates are consumed with a specialized dabbing kit. This kit typically contains a waterpipe for cooling, a nail, and a butane torch to heat the nail. The nail is often heated to an incredibly high temperature to ensure that the concentrate is vaporized instantly when it is dropped on.

The advantage of dabbing concentrates is their sheer potency. A single dab hit will have the equivalent of several joints-worth of THC, allowing a patient to quickly find the correct dose for the relief they need.


Edibles are a well-established way to consume cannabis. As the medicinal advantages of cannabis become more well-known edibles are evolving beyond dry brownies hastily whipped up in a messy kitchen. Edibles are a great way to consume cannabis for people who want to avoid harsh smoke. They are easy to consume and gradually enter a user’s system over time. However, if a patient is looking for instant relief then edibles may not be for them, the active ingredients take some time to enter the body through the stomach lining. Another risk presented by edibles is overdose. It takes time for edibles to have an effect on a patient's body, and in that time it’s easy to sneak another brownie!


Bongsare a classic and well-known way to consume cannabis. There’s a very good reason for their fame, it's down to the huge, cool hits delivered by a good bong. Bongs work by using a water reservoir to cool the smoke of a hit and make it easier and more enjoyable to inhale. Many bongs come equipped with percolators, glass tubes that break the smoke that passes through them into smaller bubbles, increasing their surface area and cooling it more effectively.


Bongs are ideal for patients who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis but with a smoother, easier to ingest hit

Marijuana Vaporizer

One of the more recent innovations in medical cannabis consumption is the marijuana vaporizer. The main advantage of marijuana vaporizersis that they allow patients to consume cannabis without the acrid smoke or carcinogens released by combustion. Vaporizers work by taking advantage of the boiling points of the active ingredients in cannabis. It heats them, boiling them off into a smooth vapor that contains none of the toxins and carcinogens that are found in smoke.

There are two main methods of vaporization: Conduction and convection. Conduction is more commonly found in portable vaporizers like the Firefly 2. Conduction works by directly heating your cannabis with an electronic heating system. The surface area of the cannabis is heated directly by the heating system much in the same way as a kitchen stove works. One of the main advantages of conduction vaporization is its rapid heat up time, this makes it perfect for frequent, quick doses when you’re out and about.

The second main method of vaporization is convection. Convection works by heating the air surrounding your dry herb and gradually extracting the vapor out of it thoroughly. Convection works much like a fan oven, baking a thick and delicious vapor out of your dry herb. Convection heating systems often take up a bit more space than conduction and thus is more often found in desktop vaporizers like the Volcano from Storz & Bickel. Convection heating is great for longer sessions with denser, more potent, and tasty vapor.

Overall, vaporizers allow patients to enjoy all the advantages and effects of medical cannabis without any of the unhealthy and harsh smoke produced by combustion.


There are many ways for patients to enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis. Licensed medical professionals and patients alike should familiarize themselves with all of them in order to find what works best.


Medical Marijuana Reverses Tobacco Caused Ischemia

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, December, 29th 2017 by THCFinder

I don’t think I am making a controversial statement here by saying that weed is probably safer than tobacco. Sure, we are still producing minor carcinogens when combusting cannabis—but without all of the gross additives in cigarettes.

Aside from the big one (cancer), smoking cigarettes can cause a whole plethora of other problems, one being Thromboangiitis obliterans (TO), a disease that displays itself as the clotting of capillary blood vessels in the arteries/veins of our digits (fingers and toes) from inflammation of surrounding tissue. A case study out of Israel found that extensive use of cannabis reversed the effects of TO.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how cannabis may be doing this, let’s quickly go over some of the medical terms we will be seeing. Though the patient exhibited signs of Buerger disease (another name for TO), it was found because of what is called ischemia.

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VA Rolls Out New Medical Marijuana Policy For Vets

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sun, December, 24th 2017 by THCFinder

There has always been some disconnect between veterans and medical marijuana.

Although there has been plenty of evidence to suggest cannabis would be beneficial to veterans for a wide array of ailments, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been reluctant to allow their doctors to formally recommend it as a treatment option. However, as the VA rolls out a new medical marijuana policy tor vets, it appears doctors are now permitted to at least discuss potential use with their patients.

A New Medical Marijuana Policy For Vets

No, VA doctors are still not permitted to recommend medicinal cannabis to their veteran patrons. However, under the new guidelines, doctors can discuss the possibility with their patients, who can then get a formal recommendation from another doctor.

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Kidnapped Man—About To Be Traded For 30 Pounds Of Pot—Escapes

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sat, December, 2nd 2017 by THCFinder

It all starts with the victim, A.G., or otherwise known as “Ghost,” a man with a cartel bounty on his head. According to FBI reports, A.G. “had been involved in both alien smuggling and trafficking marijuana for the past few years.” A.G. estimated that he had partaken in around 30 such incidents over the years.

A 54-year-old criminal, Roxanne “Rocky” Marie Carpenter, was an acquaintance of Ghost’s and was approached by the cartel after, according to Carpenter’s testimony, an undisclosed amount of marijuana in which Ghost was responsible for went missing.  According to a court filing from Carpenter’s attorney, the cartel showed up at the defendant’s home with AK-47 assault rifles, demanding the whereabouts of Ghost.

“They were looking for the marijuana for which Ghost was responsible,” the report noted.

Carpenter then began negotiations regarding Ghost’s bounty. The initial asking price was for $37,000, but Carpenter would also have to produce the missing marijuana to receive that reward. The cartel then reportedly offered a truck, but Carpenter declined.

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Florida Lawsuit Aims To Put Medical Marijuana Program Into Gear

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, December, 1st 2017 by THCFinder

Over a year ago, the majority of voters across the Sunshine State put their seal of approval on a ballot initiative designed to legalize medical marijuana. Since then, there has been nothing but trouble. The state has failed to complete every aspect of the program in a manner that suggests they are taking the law seriously.

Right now, the complaint is about licensing.

The state was supposed to issue 10 cultivation permits by the beginning of October. However, it remains uncertain when that will actually happen. So far, authorities have only approved six licenses. It is for this reason that Miami grower, Bill’s Nursery, and epilepsy patient Michael Bowen are suing the state in federal court.

Their goal? To pressure officials with the Department of Health to get their act together.

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Pot Inhaler Reportedly Puts Insomnia Sufferers To Sleep In Minutes

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, November, 22nd 2017 by THCFinder

A brand new cannabis inhaler is making waves in Britain for its ability to put insomnia sufferers to sleep in just a few short minutes.

Cannabis To The Rescue

The hand-held inhaler aptly named the ICANsleep device, squirts a small amount of cannabis into the user’s lungs without getting them high. The creators say there’s just enough of the drug to creative a sedative effect without any psychoactive effects typically associated with cannabis. It reportedly contains less than a quarter amount of THC found in a typical joint.

Human trials have already begun, with up to 50 participants involved. This comes on the heels of animal tests that proved that the inhaler worked in 10 minutes or less. Researchers claim just one single puff of the inhaler is necessary for a deep sleep.

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