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MA Senate Candidates on Medical Marijuana

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, October, 5th 2012 by THCFinder

This November Democrat Jamie Eldrige is running against Republican Dean Cavaretta for a seat in the Massachusetts State Senate and they were both recently asked about Question 3, a ballot measure that would legalize medical cannabis in the state.


“I support Question 3,” Eldrige said, “which would allow doctors to consider the full range of medical treatments, including medical marijuana, for patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. I've spoken with constituents who have watched loved ones struggle with pain while fighting diseases like cancer. Passing this referendum is the compassionate thing to do.”


While not as supportive, even the GOP candidate agreed medical marijuana had a purpose.


“This is an issue where I would abide by the will of the Massachusetts voters,” he said. “I personally believe, with proper controls, there is probably a place for the medical use of marijuana.”


Medical marijuana is a very popular issue with voters these days, routinely polling 70%+ across the country, even in some conservative states. It’s hard to look voters in the face and tell them that sick people cannot have the option of medical marijuana to treat their illness.


Granted, some politicians have that gift, like Mitt Romney. He is seen in a popular video on the internet telling a man in a wheelchair that he does not support medical marijuana.


But politicians like Mitt Romney are a dying breed. Medical marijuana will be nationwide someday, helping tens of millions of patients.





How to Make Bubble Hash

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, October, 5th 2012 by THCFinder

There are many different ways to make hash; instead of overwhelming you with every way, we’ll take them one by one. This week we tell you how to make bubble hash.


In order to make bubble hash you'll need a kit with filtering bags, two impeccably clean five gallon pails and a hand mixer. The exact method can vary depending on which system you're using, but the essentials are the same.


To start with a bubblebag kit, place your trimmings into one of your five gallon buckets. Use up to 100 grams of dry trimmings, or double that weight if it's fresh or wet.


Because ice makes the trichomes brittle, add a lot - at least six ice cube trays. Then fill up the bucket with cold water. Leave a few inches at the top so you don't splash too much when mixing.


Use the hand mixer to blend continuously for 15 minutes to one hour or more. Mixing longer will produce a higher yield that will be slightly less potent. The mixture will become green and frothy. You should take breaks every so often to let the mixture settle.


When you are done mixing, allow the mixture to settle for at least 30 minutes. If the ice has melted, add more. You want the water to stay cold.


Now put your "work bag" into your second bucket. This bag should have a screen size between 200 and 250 microns. Pour your frothy green mix into the work bag in the second bucket. Slowly lift out the bag and squeeze out the water. Set aside the work bag with the green matter for a second rinse.


Arrange the other bags inside of the now empty bucket. Put the bag with the finest mesh in the bucket first, then place the bags with larger screen sizes inside the first one.


Now you carefully pour the green water into the bucket with the bags. Then you slowly lift out each bag in succession, being sure to give them time to drain. If you're using a 25 micron bag it will drain very slowly you must be patient. Squeeze out the excess water from each bag after it is drained.


You will now have a brownish sludge at the bottom of the bags. Remove it with a credit card or spoon to a plastic bag. Blot the sludge with a towel to remove excess moisture, and let it dry out for at least 12 hours. You might want to wait up to a week for it to fully dry and cure, if you are that patient! Be sure that your product is entirely dried so as to avoid mold problems later on.


Now go back and give the green matter in the work bag a second rinse, to be sure that you get out every last trichome.



Governor Chris Christie on New Jersey's Medical Marijuana Program

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, October, 4th 2012 by THCFinder

Calling the medical marijuana bill originally passed by the New Jersey Legislature almost 2 years ago “poorly written,” Governor Chris Christie also admits in the video below that officials had to “remake” the bill using regulations.


Christie says the original bill was passed in a rush, and that’s why there has been a delay in its implementation. And there is no doubt that the program was not well thought-out, especially considering the fact that restrictions have kept less than 300 people from qualifying in a state of almost 9 million.


He then goes on the denigrate Colorado and California for allowing pot for a “migraine headache” and says firmly he will not let that happen. In the video he is talking to someone who is in desperate need of medical marijuana, and he is basically telling him that if someone is allowed to get pot for a headache, it’s better that we don’t have medical marijuana at all.


What a ludicrous position, yet one taken by many politicians. This stupid idea that we must deny suffering people the option of cannabis until we are certain the program can never be abused is illogical and is causing harm across this country.



NY Medical Marijuana Testimonial from Dr. Kevin Smith

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, October, 3rd 2012 by THCFinder

Kevin Smith, MD, experienced relief from his painful genetic condition through the use of medical marijuana in the Netherlands. He will not break New York law to relieve his pain.


There is no way to know how many people – like Dr. Smith – live in pain instead of breaking of the law. Or settle for dangerous and addictive prescription pills and treatments rather than risk the wrath of law enforcement.


How can anyone watch the video below and not be moved? This man is not a “stoner.” He is someone who was dealt an awful hand by life and still has reached incredible heights. He is a doctor. Yet he is not allowed to choose cannabis to treat his ailment. He is more than qualified to make that decision, yet he does not even have the option in New York.


The freedom he experienced in a foreign land is denied to him in the “land of the free.” He is allowed to prescribe pills to people that can possibly kill them, but he can’t prescribe marijuana to them or himself.


Do we even deserve the title “land of the free” anymore?



Medical Marijuana Dispensaries on the Ballot in Four Cities in CA

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, October, 2nd 2012 by THCFinder

Patients in San Diego, California are having a tough time getting their hands on their medicine, even though medical marijuana has been legal in CA since 1996.


That’s because all of the openly operating storefronts that sell marijuana have been shut down.


In response, activists in four local cities have placed measures to authorize medical marijuana dispensaries on the November ballot.


"It’s immoral to make me choose between suffocating and doing business with a drug dealer," says Vey Linville, a medical marijuana patient who uses tinctures to treat his severe emphysema. "This is not a choice that the patient should be faced with. It’s wrong."


This November voters in Imperial Beach, Solana Beach, Del Mar and Lemon Grove will have the chance to approve medical marijuana dispensaries and bring some relief to patients in the area.


But even if these measures pass, there are no guarantees that any medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to operate.


That’s because U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy has been aggressive in enforcing the federal ban on marijuana. Working with the DEA and local law enforcement, she’s led the way in forcing local dispensaries to shut down.


Duffy has even gone so far as to threaten city officials in Del Mar with federal prosecution if they go through with setting up dispensaries, if the measure there passes.



Medical marijuana law takes effect in Connecticut

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, October, 1st 2012 by THCFinder
HARTFORD — Connecticut patients suffering from certain debilitating medical conditions will soon be able to apply with the state Department of Consumer Protection to receive medical marijuana.
Starting Monday, the agency will make applications available online. The step is among the first toward creating a new system in Connecticut of legalized medical marijuana for palliative purposes.
Claudette Carveth, spokeswoman for the Department of Consumer Protection, said the agency has received calls from people interested in an application, but the agency has not kept a waiting list.
To qualify for a temporary registration certificate, a person must be at least 18 and a state resident. A Connecticut-licensed doctor must initiate the registration process and certify that the person meets the medical prerequisites.
Only certain medical conditions are eligible for the treatment. They include AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, HIV, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, among others.
Meanwhile, the consumer protection agency has until July 1 to submit new regulations to the General Assembly as to how the drug will be dispensed and other details.
The program is expected to be up and running by late 2013.
“From talking to a lot of people, Connecticut clearly will have the tightest, most restrictive system in the country,” said Michael Lawlor, the governor’s criminal justice adviser.
Lawlor said people who do end up qualifying for medical marijuana will now be allowed, under state law, to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana as of Monday. Until state-approved sources of medical marijuana are established, transactions to obtain the drug will still be illegal. But “the basic possession will be lawful, assuming you have the card,” Lawlor said, adding he doesn’t expect a large number of people will qualify in the first months.



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