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How to control your Anxiety

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Medical marijuana sales begin in N.J.

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When Jay Lassiter took his first-ever toke of medical marijuana Tuesday evening, he knew it would relieve the nausea he experiences from the nine prescription drugs he consumes daily to treat HIV.
For years, the political consultant has kept a marijuana-filled pipe in his Cherry Hill kitchen to calm his frequently upset stomach and to nudge him to eat when his appetite flagged.
Still, it was an emotional moment when he finally was able to purchase the drug - legally - from licensed operators at the Greenleaf Compassion Center in Essex County, New Jersey's first dispensary.
Satisfaction and a sense of legitimacy washed over Lassiter, who spent six years testifying at state hearings and buttonholing legislators so that seriously ill patients could win the right to use a drug many doctors believe helps alleviate pain or treats serious ailments such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, HIV, and Crohn's disease.
The former Statehouse blogger for Blue Jersey, a liberal website, was among the first of more than 300 licensed medical marijuana patients in the Garden State to buy the drug. It was an auspicious day, he said.
"It means the beginning of the end of the drug war has come to New Jersey, and, on a more personal level, the completion of a longtime personal and professional goal, to make medical marijuana accessible to sick people. . . . Pot is not a bad thing," said Lassiter, 40.
The dispensary in tony Montclair opened Dec. 6 after much delay.
After consulting with a Greenleaf doctor for about 15 minutes, Lassiter emerged from the center wearing a grin. He waved a receipt showing he had just paid $406 for three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana. The olive-colored buds were in three ziplock pouches, sorted by strain and potency.


Humboldt County's Emerald Cup

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Tokin' Road Trip: Humboldt County's Emerald Cup






Ohioans divided on legalizing marijuana

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, December, 17th 2012 by THCFinder
Ohioans remain split on whether marijuana should be legal, despite recent votes in Colorado and Washington.
The state was even with 47 percent supporting legalization and 47 percent opposing it in a Quinnipiac poll released this past week.
Ohioans were slightly more conservative on the topic than the nation at large. Fifty-one percent of Americans supported legalization of the drug and 44 percent opposed legalization, according to a poll released earlier this month.
Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana through ballot initiatives, but that’s an unlikely route for Ohio, said Morgan Fox, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project. A recent initiative, the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment of 2012, didn’t make the November ballot.
“It’s so expensive to run a ballot initiative,” Fox said.
But efforts to legalize medical marijuana through legislation have not fared much better.
Ohio Reps. Kenny Yuko, D-Richmond Heights, and Bob Hagan, D-Youngstown, proposed legislation to decriminalize medical marijuana in April 2011, but the bill saw no action.
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use would be a mistake.
“When we say something’s legal, the law is a teacher,” DeWine said. “We’re saying it’s OK, it’s alright.”
That message would cause marijuana use to increase dramatically, he said.
Washington and Colorado voters still don’t know how their state initiatives will jive with federal law, which prohibits cannabis. A majority of Americans, 64 percent, want the federal government to stay out of states’ marijuana laws, according to a Gallup poll.
DeWine said he wouldn’t speculate on what the U.S. Attorney General should do.
Chillicothe Law Director Sherri Rutherford said she doubted Ohioans would support legalization of marijuana, even if taxing the drug would bring in funds for local governments.
“It’s a mentality we have. We won’t go for it,” Rutherford said.
In Ohio, support is strongest among Democrats (57 percent for legalization), African-Americans (60 percent) and people ages 18 to 29 (65 percent). Their views mimicked those of the nation at large, where 58 percent of Democrats, 57 percent of African-Americans and 67 percent of people ages 18 to 29 supported legalization.


Medical marijuana helps stem 6-year-old's seizures

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, December, 10th 2012 by THCFinder
Oakland, California (CNN) -- Six-year-old Jayden David violently shakes on the ground, his blue eyes vacant and then filled with searing pain. The video shows an unvarnished look at a seizure, something Jayden once experienced routinely.
Not anymore, says his father, thanks to medical marijuana.
Before he started taking a liquid, nonpsychoactive form of marijuana, Jayden couldn't walk, eat solid food or take a bath.
He has Dravet's syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy. It has triggered seizures so frequent that 44 times he has been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, his distraught father by his side.
Jayden's doctors prescribed 22 anti-seizure pills a day, which controlled the seizures but left him immobilized due to the side effects.
"He's in pain and suffering and crying," said Jayden's father, Jason David. "You can't help him no matter what. What are you supposed to do? You have to do whatever it takes to save their life."
Last year, he had enough. Delirious with fatigue and emotional pain, Jason David called his mother to say he wanted to put a gun to his head, just to end the heartbreak of seeing his son suffer. His mother convinced him to not give up.
David turned to something he had seen on television: medical marijuana.
On June 4, 2011, David gave his son marijuana. For the first time since Jayden was 4 months old, the boy went through an entire day without a seizure.
"Instead of medical marijuana, this is miracle marijuana," said David, holding up a jam jar full of liquefied and cooled cannabis.
Jayden is not just walking, he's running. He plays at a park, climbing up and down the steps of the jungle gym. He swims at his local pool, splashing in the water with his father and other children. He loves to go to Fuddruckers to dig into his favorite food, a cheeseburger with mushrooms. His father has begun to wean him off the powerful pharmaceutical pills, which he believes have kept his son from developing properly.


Reasons to Vaporize Marijuana vs. Smoking Marijuana

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, December, 10th 2012 by THCFinder


Many people who smoke weed typically just go the traditional route and use bongs, bowls or papers. Now, those will get the job done, but you’re putting a few things at stake. You’re exposing yourself to unnecessary carcinogens and actually ingesting less of the THC than you would from using a vaporizer. I understand that using a vaporizer is a new idea for a lot of people and it might seem like a big change, but it’s really just as simple as loading up a pipe. If you’re not fully convinced yet, let me go over some of the benefits of using a vaporizer.


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