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Councilman Credits Marijuana For Helping Put His Cancer In Remission

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, May, 3rd 2013 by THCFinder
LOS ANGELES (  — Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl announced Thursday his cancer is in remission.
The 67-year-old Rosendahl gave major credit to medical marijuana for his recovery.
Rosendahl told reporters last July he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the ureter, located between his kidney and bladder.
“Frankly I was given a death sentence,” he said. Doctors told him he would not live to see last November’s election and prompted his decision not to seek a third term.
“I went though five months of hell,” Rosendahl said.
Marijuana allowed him to get a full and painless night’s sleep and he said he started feeling stronger about two months ago.
“I hope to live another 30 years,” Rosehdahl said, “I’m very optimistic.”


Medical marijuana in Illinois will be wildly different

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, May, 3rd 2013 by THCFinder
The proposed Illinois medical marijuana program is not what you think it is. Lawmakers, policy experts, patients and advocates joined together to create legislation, although restrictive, that allows residents safe and legal access to medical marijuana. The four-year Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program will be self-sustained - not generating any revenue.
“We want the best marijuana program in the nation,” said Mike Graham, an Illinois resident who uses medicinal marijuana to treat severe pain caused by a degenerative disc disorder. “The way the bill is set up, we want a clear black and white picture of what the program is.”
Graham said that marijuana, which is still illegal in Illinois, gave him a better quality of life and while he advocates its use, he wants a tightly controlled program so the drug doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
“We don’t want this getting to kids on the playground,” said Graham. “We just want to sick people to have safe afford access to a product that improves quality of life.”


Oppose Efforts To Eliminate Medical Marijuana In Massaschusetts

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, May, 2nd 2013 by THCFinder
Opponents to medical marijuana are trying to ELIMINATE the program established by the ballot initiative, and replace it with a system that will not work for patients!
On Monday May 6 at 10 AM in hearing room A-2 at the State House, the Joint Committee on Public Health will be holding a hearing on Senate Bill 1031 and several other proposals that would prevent patients from safely accessing their medicine. MPAA has organized patients to speak at the hearing, and now we need help generating calls in opposition to the bills.


New Jersey Marijuana Laws Face Constitutional Challenge

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, May, 1st 2013 by THCFinder
Court Brief Argues Law Is Unconstitutional And Invalid
Burlington County, New Jersey — A prolific New Jersey Marijuana Activist, Robert Edward “NJ Weedman” Forchion has released a legal brief challenging the constitutionality of New Jersey’s marijuana laws designed to be used by anyone charged with violating the personal possession law that has caught the attention of major NJ Media.
The brief was written by Robert Edward “NJ Weedman” Forchion and Eric Hafner who acted as co-counsel on the brief.


52 Percent of Americans Support Medical Marijuana

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sun, April, 28th 2013 by THCFinder
A recent poll by the Pew Research Center shows that 52 percent of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana; 45 percent are against. Of course, there's another number which is a little contradictory.
More than 70 percent of Americans think that federal law enforcement money spent on marijuana prohibition is a waste of money. And alongside that, on Monday, the legislature in Maryland passed a fairly modest bill that will allow a certain amount of medical marijuana experimentation at approved research centers.
Now joining us to talk about all of this and what's happening nationally is Neill Franklin. He's the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or known as LEAP. He's a 33-year police veteran who's led multijurisdictional antinarcotics task forces for the Maryland state police and training programs for the Baltimore Police Department.


Medical Marijuana for Pets

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sat, April, 27th 2013 by THCFinder
Medical marijuana (also known as THC) for pets makes perfect sense to me. California veterinarian Dr. Doug Kramer is seeking to have medical marijuana legalized for pets.
As I understand it medical marijuana offers relief to pressure from glaucoma and helps people suffering from pain, lack of appetite and nausea related to cancers, and other illnesses - also to assist with end of life. Also, for people, one beneficial outcome of the weed is that it helps to relieve stress related to illness.  Our pets do feel pain as we feel pain, so therefore, pain relief is essential. And for pets, end of life can even be scheduled. And when ill, our pets do sometimes get very anxious.
There are problems with these ideas. First, not sure how to teach pets to smoke. And brownies are out of the questions, since chocolate is dangerous to pets (though carob brownies would do the trick!).
More seriously, though in theory I do believe it is a really good idea - there may be the same beneficial affect of medicinal marijuana  for pets, to my knowledge there have been no clinical trials. Many drugs have the absolute same affect for pets as people, however, some do not- and even prove dangerous. And what would the dosage be? Another concern is if THC was made available for say the dog in the family, who's to say the teenagers in the family - or for that matter adults - won't use it too.
Kramer, though argues that THC helped his own dog. Kramer is correct to say that not all pets respond to pain relief or appetite stimulants.



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