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Effort supports marijuana to treat PTSD

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, August, 27th 2012 by THCFinder
PORTLAND — Medical marijuana supporters in Oregon are seeking to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions that qualify patients in the state to use medical marijuana.
According to advocates, many people with PTSD are already in the state program because they have other medical conditions that allow them to legally use marijuana.
But supporters want PTSD to be recognized as a standalone condition as more veterans return home and struggle to resume their lives, The Oregonian reports. Oregon is home to an estimated 300,000 veterans. They include more than 20,000 from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, according to the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
Two earlier attempts to add PTSD to Oregon’s program have failed.
Law enforcement entities in the state generally oppose expansion of the program.
Medical marijuana’s potential to help sick veterans deserves serious examination, according to Jason Hansman, senior program manager for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.
“We treat it like any other new treatment technique: We want to see it studied. We want to see increased research to see if it’s a viable solution," said Hansman, whose group represents 145,000 veterans.
Darryl Inaba, director of clinical and behavioral health services at the Addictions Recovery Center in Medford, opposes expanding Oregon’s medical marijuana program to include PTSD saying the drug “causes both physical and emotional addiction."
For some veterans, medical marijuana helps them function.
Jared Townsend, a 27-year-old Iraq War veteran, said the drug helps him sleep and “balance life out a little bit better."
Townsend, of Hillsboro, qualifies for medical marijuana because of severe pain from a ruptured disc and injured shoulder from his 2007-08 combat tour. Medical marijuana is a bigger help with his PTSD symptoms, he said.
“If I get racing thoughts and real worked up, it can break a panic attack pretty quick," Townsend said.
Seventeen states and Washington, D.C., have medical marijuana laws. Only a few, however, list PTSD as a qualifying condition.
In New Mexico, which legalized medical marijuana in 2007, the state’s Department of Health said 40 percent of medical marijuana patients list PTSD as their qualifying condition, far more than any other condition.
— The Associated Press


Superior Court Judge says Riverside, CA can't ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, August, 23rd 2012 by THCFinder

A judge overturned a Riverside, California injunction to shut down a medical marijuana dispensary in the city, saying that current law makes local government closures of the clinics unconstitutional.


The decision by Riverside County Superior Court Judge John Vineyard on Wednesday, Aug, 22, affects only The Closet Patient Care dispensary on Elizabeth Street in Riverside.


The city called the ruling “mind-boggling” and promised to appeal.


James De Aguilera was the man who filed the original court action for the clinic, and he said Vineyard’s ruling sets a precedent for other dispensaries in the city that also face an injunction to close them.


Riverside City Attorney Greg Priamos said there are about a dozen clinics in the city that are open and fighting injunctions to close and that the city has successfully shut down about three dozen.


“We believe the trial court decided wrongly and the Court of Appeal will see the issue differently,” Priamos said.


De Aguilera said Closet Patient Care is one of those that remained open while it fought the injunction since January.


Cities and counties all over California continue to struggle with medical marijuana regulations while the federal government bears down in a decimating series if threats and raids. What was once the bastion of cannabis freedom is being shaken to its very core.


Everyone who cares about this issue must speak up. The time for being silent has passed, as being silent is what allowed things to get to this point. Freedom is freedom, whether it’s about cannabis or marriage or anything else.


Doing anything is better than nothing. Even sharing this story on your social networks is speaking out. If you can influence even one other person, you have done something to stand with medical marijuana patients across the country.




Medical Marijuana to Appear on November Ballot in Arkansas

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, August, 23rd 2012 by THCFinder
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Medical marijuana advocates have succeeded in getting their proposal before Arkansas voters this November.
Activists on Monday afternoon turned in 74,406 signatures in 19 boxes of petitions to the Arkansas Secretary of State's office.  Earlier in the summer, the group turned in another batch of petitions, but fell  - 26,000 short of the 62,507 valid signatures they need.
The Arkansas Secretary of State Wednesday: "Our office verified over 69,000 signatures for Arkansans for Compassionate care. They will be certified to the ballot."


Federal Medical Marijuana Crackdown Hits Southern CA Again

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, August, 22nd 2012 by THCFinder

Federal prosecutors took aim at medical marijuana in southern California yet again, filing three lawsuits and sending out over 60 letters telling medical cannabis operations in Orange County to shut down or face the consequences.


Asset-forfeiture lawsuits filed against landlords who own buildings that house six marijuana shops in Anaheim and the letters order the closure of clinics elsewhere in the OC. Since the medical marijuana crackdown kicked off in CA last fall, more than 300 dispensaries have been targeted in what is known as the Central District of California, the area between Santa Barbara and San Bernardino counties.


In total, 66 warning letters were sent to marijuana dispensaries in Anaheim and La Habra, CA. Some have closed recently, but the feds say 38 remain open.


It has been over 10 months now since the four California U.S. Attorneys announced the crackdown. Since then they have decimated the medical cannabis industry in the state, destroying access for patients and killing thousands of jobs.


And all this comes after Presidential candidate Obama said he would not use federal resources to circumvent state law when it comes to medical marijuana; something that has now become an outright lie. A lot of federal resources are being used to circumvent state law in California as the feds target dispensaries that are completely legal under CA law and well-respected in their communities.


Many hope the upcoming Presidential election will help the situation, but how? Unless Gary Johnson or Roseanne Barr is elected, the crackdown will go on.


Advocates across the state will continue to fight on, but they cannot outlast the feds, who have a ton of resources and can always print or borrow money to get more.


Has there ever been a more disappointed group of voters than those medical marijuana patients who supported Barack Obama in 2008?




Washington D.C. Moving Slowly Toward Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, August, 21st 2012 by THCFinder

Several months ago 10 firms received permission to set up dispensaries in our nation’s capital, but according to city officials, none have acquired the regulatory documents needed to begin the process.


The successful applicants for six cultivation centers and four dispensaries have to apply for building permits, certificates of occupancy and business licenses before they register as part of the medical marijuana program. Each of these documents would be issued by the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.


“As of this morning, we have not issued any certificates of occupancy to any of the approved medical marijuana cultivation centers or dispensaries,” DCRA spokesman Helder Gil said Monday. Each firm needs a certificate of occupancy to apply for a business license.


Dr. Saul Levin recently took over as the city’s health director, and he said the program has “moved out of our area” and “into the regulatory side of getting this up and running.”


“I can’t even give you a date,” he told The Washington Times earlier this month. “In order to do this right, we don’t want to rush it.”


Some of those on the other side of the process seem to agree. “No one would want to sacrifice doing this the right way,” said Corey Barnette, a principal at District Growers. “I’m happy the District is being cautious in rolling it out.”


Mr. Barnette’s firm is among five cultivation centers approved for registration near New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road in Ward 5. He said his operation is finishing up the construction, or “build out,” of its warehouse to make it ready for marijuana cultivation and he hopes to apply for a certificate of occupancy by next week.


Patients in Washington D.C have waited a long time for better access to their medicine, and for some, relief may be coming soon.




Lawmaker in Montana Says Voters in North Dakota Shouldn't be able to Decide on Medical Marijuana

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, August, 21st 2012 by THCFinder

Montana State Senator Donald Steinbeisser, a Republican, says legislators in North Dakota should decide on medical marijuana, not the voters.


“The problem we had in Montana, before the last session, over half of the people that were using medical marijuana cards were 20- to 30-year-olds,” he said. “You know dog-gone well there’s something wrong with that.”


Is there something wrong with people choosing marijuana to treat whatever ailment they have instead of deadly and addictive prescriptions drugs? And since when do people under 40 have no medical conditions? This ignorance of this man is staggering.


But it seems ignorance is in abundant supply among officials in Montana. “A couple, three years ago it just exploded. Everybody was getting cards,” Fallon County, Montana, Sheriff Tim Barkley said. “One of the things that Montana failed to do is they kind of passed this law on the spur of the moment.”


At the peak, there were a little over 30,000 medical marijuana patients in Montana, out of a population of roughly 1 million. How that translates into “everybody” getting cards is anyone’s guess. It would be interesting to know how many people take prescription pills in Montana. It’s likely a number over 30,000.


“I don’t know if I know of anyone in our community or anyone personally that got a medical marijuana card for medical reasons,” Barkley said of that initial rush to obtain cards. “Most of the people that I saw get the cards were heavy users of marijuana for a lot of years. … I guess it was legal for them, then. But I didn’t know of any of them having cancer issues.”


Beyond the fact that studies have shown marijuana’s efficacy with many ailments besides cancer, this Sheriff acts like he knows more than a very slight fraction of people in Montana. I wonder if he knows any gay or black people. If not, they must not exist in Montana.


People shouldn’t be judged for actions that hurt no one else, period. Whether they use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons, people should be free to decide their own course in life.





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