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Arkansas Works to Get Medical Marijuana on November Ballot

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, March, 27th 2012 by THCFinder
Well, on the bright side, Arkansas is petitioning for a medical marijuana initiative that would include Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a qualifying condition…
A Fayetteville-based group has about half the signatures it needs for a proposed law to legalize marijuana for medical use to appear on the November general election ballot, according to a group spokesman.
Arkansans for Compassionate Care (ACC), the proposed law’s sponsor, began its campaign to collect the needed 62,507 signatures from registered voters after Attorney General Dustin McDaniel certified the initiative in April last year. The group must collect the signatures by July 6 for the proposed law to appear on the November ballot.
“I strongly believe it will (pass),” said Ryan Denham, campaign manager for ACC. “Its main purpose is to protect sick and dying patients from arrest and prosecution.”
He said the law calls for marijuana, also referred to as cannabis, to be available by prescription only to people with certain health conditions, such as those with glaucoma, epilepsy, Hepatitis C and terminally ill conditions. Denham said the law also allows for those with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — such as those suffering from psychological effects of war, rape or other traumatic situations — to apply for medicinal use of cannabis.


Landlord Rents to Medical Marijuana Biz; Faces More Prison than Rapist

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, March, 26th 2012 by THCFinder

It's a scary thought that landlords can be sent to jail for more time than serious criminal offenders committing felonies!

Remember those letters from US Attorneys to landlords who rent to medical marijuana operations?  In Montana, prosecutors have charged a landlord and he now faces more prison time than the medical marijuana providers he rented to.
Jonathan Janetski, charged along with Kassner and Roe, is looking at up to three years in prison, according to his lawyer, Todd Glazier of Kalispell. But, he says:
Janetski didn’t grow marijuana.
He didn’t sell it.
He was the landlord.
“He has no criminal history,” Glazier said. “He just rented to some people.”
To the best of Glazier’s knowledge, Janetski is the only landlord charged as the result of two rounds of federal search warrants executed on medical marijuana operations in Montana last year.
Janetski is scheduled to be sentenced April 19 on a charge of maintaining drug-involved premises. Although that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine, along with three years’ supervised release, Glazier said the sentencing guidelines mean his client is likely looking at a recommendation of 30 to 36 months in federal prison.
“He would end up … serving more time than the actual people who manufactured the marijuana,” Glazier 


Medical marijuana delivery man attacked by ninjas

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, March, 26th 2012 by THCFinder

Weed powered Ninjas are on the loose!

WEST COVINA, Calif. -- West Covina police say two people in ninja costumes robbed a medical marijuana delivery man but it's not clear how much money or marijuana was taken.
Police Lt. Alan Henley told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune ( the victim had just made a delivery to a patient on South Sunset Avenue and was headed to his car when the pair confronted him and chased him with batons.
Henley says the attack took place just before 10 p.m. Friday.
Henley says the victim, in his 40s, was scared and dropped a bag containing marijuana and money and the attackers took it.
The lieutenant says he knows of no other ninja-style thefts recently.


Linsanity Marijuana Has Jeremy Lin's Lawyers Seeing Red

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, March, 22nd 2012 by THCFinder
Warning to marijuana shops selling Linsanity weed: Your buzzkill has arrived.
Jeremy Lin's legal team has sent a flurry of cease-and-desist letters to medical marijuana dispensaries offering "Linsanity" brand pot, and a few shops have already complied, a lawyer for the New York Knicks star told The Huffington Post on Wednesday.
"Their enthusiasm for Jeremy Lin got ahead of their understanding of the law," said Pamela Deese of the Washington, D.C., firm Arent Fox.
Although Deese would not name the companies, HuffPost found at least three California dispensaries that have stopped their doobie-ous enterprise.
The owner of 420 Specialists of Moreno Valley confirmed that he had received the notice and deleted Linsanity from the menu a week and a half ago. "They also wanted me to write a letter of apology," Josh Leibowitz said Thursday, adding that he hasn't done so yet.
Gourmet Green Room of West Los Angeles would only say that it had replaced Linsanity with Insanity.
L.A. Confidential Caregivers in Hollywood, which was listed in a post about Linsanity sellers, seems to have removed Linsanity from its menu as well. We reached out to L.A. Confidential Thursday morning, and we'll provide an update if it responds.


Medical Marijuana Expo in Detroit Draws Criticism

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, March, 22nd 2012 by THCFinder
Detroit, MI (Detroit Free Press) -- Just as state lawmakers move toward voting on bills to tighten regulation of medical marijuana, a legalization advocate has planned an event in Detroit that critics say points up abuses of medicinal pot.
Tom French, promoter for the second annual Medical Marijuana Expo, concedes that law-enforcement agencies would take a dim view of the three-day festival March 23-25 in Detroit. But he said he's staying within state law.
Alongside the hemp fashion show and a display of worms bred to aid the growth of marijuana plants, some of the show's 135 vendors plan to exhibit equipment ideal for growing marijuana -- but won't say that for fear of federal prosecution, French said.
The expo will include a "medicating tent for those who hold state registry cards, but French won't say where.
"We'll take anyone who wants to go on our vapor bus," said French, 47, who also runs a Roseville concrete business.
French expects the expo to draw about 8,000 people. His similar event last year in Novi drew 7,800 people, he said.
Scheduled speakers will advocate wider access to marijuana and full legalization for possession of small amounts of the drug in Michigan.
Finally, the expo will feature what critics call a "pot doctor," an MD who can certify would-be patients on the spot.


Family Uses Medical Marijuana to Treat Son’s Cancer

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, March, 22nd 2012 by THCFinder
MISSOULA, Mont. — A Montana family is using medical marijuana to save their son’s life. Cash is three years old and he’s considered the youngest medical marijuana
patient in Montana history.
He’s doing okay after two bouts with brain cancer. The toddler takes Hydrocortisone along with Cannabis oil twice a day. His parents say they’re not criminals. They’re breaking state and federal laws to keep their son alive.
“You know we just live our life three months at a time,” said Cash’s dad. “His scans are every three months and we just continue with our protocol that we had him on and just hope and pray that the cancer doesn’t come back again.”
The Hydes say the medical formula works for their son even though they’re going against doctors recommendations of different pharmaceutical drugs.



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