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R.I. sees no teen pot increase

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, November, 7th 2011 by THCFinder

RI is proving that medical marijuana may not be linked directly to higher teen use of marijuana at all.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 (UPI) -- Rhode Island did not find increases in adolescent marijuana use related to the state's 2006 legalization of medical marijuana, researchers say.
Dr. Esther Choo, an emergency medicine physician with Rhode Island Hospital, and co-authors of a study on the issue said state-level legalization of medical marijuana five years ago raised concerns about increased accessibility and appeal of the drug to youth.
The researchers compared trends in adolescent marijuana use in Rhode Island and Massachusetts using the Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System between 1997 and 2009.
The analysis of data on 32,570 students found while marijuana use was common throughout the study period, there were no statistically significant differences in marijuana use between states in any year.


Medical Marijuana Patients Will Take Sacramento, Protesting DOJ Crackdown

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, November, 7th 2011 by THCFinder
Medical marijuana patients and supporters will rally in Sacramento on Wednesday to address the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) crackdown in California. Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a coalition of advocacy and labor groups and the aforementioned supporters will descend on the federal building at noon to protest DOJ attacks on the Golden State's medical marijuana laws.
ASA California Director Don Duncan, one of the protest organizers, says that "no matter how you spin it, an attack on access to medical marijuana is an attack on patients," per today's news release. He continued, "Not only is this crackdown bad for the economy, workers and much-needed tax revenue, it literally pushes patients into the illicit market and into harm's way. We are sick and tired of being the target of the Obama Administration, and we're calling on the Justice Department to stand down."


Study: Legal Medical Marijuana Doesn't Encourage Kids to Smoke More Pot

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, November, 4th 2011 by THCFinder
Despite warnings from opponents of medical marijuana, legalizing the drug for medical purposes does not encourage teens to smoke more pot, according to new research that compared rates of marijuana use in Massachusetts and Rhode Island after the latter state changed its laws.
Rhode Island legalized medical marijuana in 2006, but Massachusetts did not. "We wanted to pair these two states because they have so much in common culturally and geographically," says Dr. Esther Choo, assistant professor of emergency medicine at Brown University's Warren Alpert Medical School and emergency medicine physician at Rhode Island Hospital.
Choo's analysis used data collected from 1997 to 2009 for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The analysis involved nearly 13,000 youth in Rhode Island and about 25,000 in Massachusetts. In each state in any given year, the study found, about 30% of youth reported using marijuana at least once in the previous month.
In other words, while marijuana use was common, there was no significant difference in rates of pot use between the years before and after legalization in Rhode Island. "We found no effect of the policy change," says Choo.


Fort Collins pot question draws lots of money, attention

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, November, 1st 2011 by THCFinder

Today voters in Colorado will decide the fate of over 20 local dispensaries who have setup to help medical marijuana patients have a safe and realiable location to obtain their meds.

FORT COLLINS — Voters here today will decide whether to jettison the city's 20 medical marijuana dispensaries.
Question 300, if passed, would ban medical marijuana dispensaries, grow operations and marijuana-infused products.
The proponents of Question 300 argue that since medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Fort Collins 2008, it has led to drug-related problems in the city and the local school district.
Opponents of Question 300 claim shutting down the state-registered dispensaries would severely limit access to those who need medical marijuana to deal with serious illnesses. Users would have to go to Denver to get the marijuana they need.
The campaign leading up to today's vote has attracted plenty of money, especially from the pro-dispensary said.
In all, the two groups have raised about $125,000 to fight against Question 300. The largest group - Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods - has raised $101,000, according to city campaign finance records.
The other group - Families for Safe, Secure and Regulated Access - has raised more than $24,000 to fight the ban. This group is also associated with the United Food and Commercial Workers union, which contributed more than $35,000 through in-kind services, according to the reports.
Concerned Fort Collins Citizens, which put Question 300 on the ballot, has lagged far behind in contributions. At one time the group was over $1,000 in the hole but recently got $3,000 in contributions, giving the group $1,071.


Federal raid angers California medical-marijuana advocates

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, October, 31st 2011 by THCFinder
REDWOOD VALLEY, Calif. -- REDWOOD VALLEY, Calif. The U.S. drug agents' vehicles rumbled past vineyards and cattle ranches, traversed winding roads through oak woodlands and cleared a gate marked with a sign: "Member, Mendocino Farm Bureau."
Camouflaged and heavily armed, Drug Enforcement Administration officers brought a battering ram to the door of Matthew Cohen and a chain saw to cut down his 99 marijuana plants earlier this month.
The raid on Cohen's Northstone Organics garden, which boasted of "farm direct" marijuana deliveries to medical users, has stoked a fierce debate over whether federal authorities sought to nullify California's most renowned local regulatory program for medical marijuana cultivation.
In Mendocino County and beyond, Cohen, 34, was applauded as a leader who worked with local officials to initiate a program in which the sheriff issues $50 per-plant zip ties, with serial numbers, to enforce 99-plant limits for growers with dispensary contracts or documentation that they serve medical marijuana patients.
In a county infamous for black market marijuana growing and trafficking and distrust of the government nearly 100 local pot farmers signed up for the oversight program in two years. They paid more than $8,000 in annual fees each to let the sheriff inspect their gardens, count their plants and enforce environmental standards and rules for fencing and security.


Patients Substitute Marijuana for Prescription Drugs

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, October, 31st 2011 by THCFinder

More and more people every single day are finding more reasons to switch from their prescriptions that carry multiple side effects to cannabis which only side effects include being happy, hungry and sleepy.

People who qualify for medical marijuana prescriptions frequently report substituting the substance for their other prescription medications.
In an anonymous survey, 66% of 350 clients at the Berkeley (Calif.) Patients Group, a medical marijuana dispensary, said that they use marijuana as a prescription drug substitute. Their reasons: Cannabis offered better symptom control with fewer side effects than did prescription drugs.
Two-thirds of a medical marijuana dispensary’s surveyed clients admitted to using cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs.
Those with pain symptoms said that marijuana has less addiction potential than do opioids. Others said marijuana helped to reduce the dose of other medications.
"Instead of having a pain medication, an antianxiety medication, and a sleep medication, they are able to just use cannabis, and that controls all of those symptoms," said Amanda Reiman, Ph.D., the director of research and social services at the Berkeley center. Almost 50% of those surveyed said they use cannabis two or three times per day.



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