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Get Your Medical Marijuana From an ATM?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, December, 1st 2010 by THCFinder

PHOENIX - Medical marijuana approved by the voters will soon be available for patients across the state, but the details are still being hammered out about who will get to distribute the marijuana.

But that hasn't stopped some entrepreneurs from trying to cash in on the new law with some new gadgets. What do you think of a marijuana ATM?

Kind Clinics hopes to have their "med boxes" inside medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona.

Dr. Bruce Bedrick says the ATM-style dispensary technology not only is convenient, but protects against fraud and keeps inventory of the product.

"When they come into the dispensary, they will be able to get a prepaid debit card. Once they put the card into the machine, they'll be asked for their fingerprint, they'll put their finger on the machine, and then they will be able to choose the medicine of their choice at the amount of their choice and it will be dispensed," says Dr. Bedrick.

Bedrick says the ATMs will be located inside medical marijuana dispensaries and he hopes they'll be in place by mid-summer.

Kind Clinics is lobbying for one of the dispensary permits.




Illinois Medical Marijuana Bill Defeated In State House

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, November, 30th 2010 by THCFinder

Progressives hoping to see their agenda advanced in the Illinois General Assembly this winter were dealt a blow Tuesday, as medical marijuana legislation did not receive the 60 votesrequired to pass. Sponsor Lou Lang pulled the bill to keep it alive for future consideration.

Senate Bill 1381, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, passed the State Senate in May of last year. But if Lang is unable to gain more votes for it in the House this session, as appears likely, it will have to start all over in the next legislature.

The bill would have allowed access to marijuana for the chronically ill; patients would need a license from state public health officials and permission from a doctor under its provisions. It would have been a trial, and would face another vote three years after passage.

Opponents argued that restrictions in the bill were too lax. From the Fox Valley Sun:


(Read the full story HERE)


Search uncovers pre-signed marijuana forms

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, November, 24th 2010 by THCFinder

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) - A search of the offices of an outspoken medical marijuana provider turned up 729 medical marijuana recommendation forms apparently signed by physicians with no patient information filled in, a newspaper reported Wednesday.


Several former employees of the Montana Caregivers Network have told police that pot provider Jason Christ kept pre-signed forms, and that information was used to obtain a warrant, the Missoulian said.

"Christ stated he has physicians sign otherwise blank attending physician statement-new application forms and he keeps them in a locked cabinet in his office to be filled out by approved medical marijuana applicants," the search warrant documents said, citing a Sept. 17 police interview of Christ.

The records also said a documents examiner told investigators that four forms obtained by subpoenaing the Department of Public Health and Human Services contained the name of one doctor but appeared to have been signed by four different people.

Christ did not answer a telephone call Wednesday seeking comment from The Associated Press.

Police also seized a laptop, two external drives, bank records and other documents during the Nov. 18 search of the Montana Caregivers Network offices.

The network has been at the forefront of the Montana medical marijuana issue, with its high-profile traveling screening clinics as well as for arranging video conferences between physicians and patients seeking medical marijuana cards.

Christ's former bookkeeper, Anita Corrigan, told police in March that the business had stacks of blank, pre-signed physician statements. In June, another former employee, Susan Boykin, said she saw at least 1,000 such forms. Both Boykin and Corrigan had been fired by Christ.

Information from three other former Christ employees — Nicole Harrington, Tiffany Klang and John Phillips — also was cited in the application for the search warrant.

A lawsuit filed against Christ in August by Harrington, Klang and Phillips alleged that in January, Christ started requiring out-of-state physicians working with the network to sign blank certifications for medical marijuana cards that would later be filled in by network staff after the doctors met with patients via video conferences.

Christ has declined comment on the lawsuit, other than to say the opposing attorney has an interest in other medical marijuana businesses.

The lawsuit alleged that in March, Christ ordered employees to take all pending and denied patient applications and submit them to the state by filling out the pre-signed applications and saying the patients qualified with a chronic pain diagnosis, even if the patients hadn't consulted with a doctor.

The plaintiffs said that in June, Christ ordered them to fill out and send to the state pre-signed certifications with the names of 84 people who had been rejected for a card after seeing physicians at Montana Caregiver Network events in Kalispell, Helena and Missoula.

A copy of an e-mail directive detailing the order was attached to the lawsuit.




Patients protesting medical marijuana raids in San Jose

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, November, 10th 2010 by THCFinder

Drug agents have raided three local providers in the last few weeks, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Several others have closed, fearing they will be next.


While a statewide marijuana legalization referendum failed last week, voters in San Jose and several other cities backed local measures to tax and regulate the drug.


County narcotics agents also have run a sting operation, arresting almost two dozen people accused of "perverting" the California medical marijuana law.





Weed Takes Root

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, November, 9th 2010 by THCFinder

This is not your usual run of the mill university, the name of this higher learning place is called Oaksterdam University and it takes its name from a bastardization of Oakland, where the university began, and pot-friendly Amsterdam. The whole idea to this magnificent learning center is to teach its students to learn how to grow and take care of marijuana plants so that they can spread the gift of pot to all.




Here in the pictures above you will see some of the most healthy marijuana plants ever growing in the indoor gardens and you will also see the founder of the whole operation Mr. Richard Lee who is tending to the indoor marijuana plants at the Oaksterdam University. Just remember this is not your average university and not anyone can join as you may well be aware, this is strictly a place of higher learning where people and learn the benefits that the wonderful plant has to offer medical wise and more.


Cannabis Advocate For Texan Of The Year

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, November, 9th 2010 by THCFinder

Readers emailed that Texas native Richard Lee the force behind California's Proposition 19 which would have legalized marijuanause, should be recognized as Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year



Suzanne Wills of Dallas Wrote:

“Richard grew up in Houston. He had a happy, active lifestyle until he was 27. Then, while working as a lighting technician, he fell off a scaffold and broke his back The injury left him paralyzed below the waist. Suffering from sleeplessness, spasms and other complications, Richard told his parents he was considering suicide. Then he learned that cannabis relieved his pain and quieted his spasms.” “Since cannabis was illegal in his home state, Richard moved to Oakland after passage of Proposition 215, which legalized marijuana as a medicinal herb in California. ... Soon afterwards, he opened two dispensaries then, his most famous venture, Oaksterdam University. It has trained nearly 10,000 students in marijuana cultivation, law and advocacy”


The proposition lost last week with 46 percent of the vote in support. Still, 1.6 million Californians cast their ballots for the right to use marijuana without violating state law.



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