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Medical Marijuana patients facing drug charges?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, November, 1st 2010 by THCFinder

A state Judge in Hawaii is considering dropping drug charges against 2 medical marijuana patients who thought it would be a  good idea to try and get their weed on their flights to another island nearby. The two defendants admitted they were in possession of marijuana but that they had legal certification of their medical marijuana cards to prove they were in possession legally.


One of the biggest issues here is if a medical patient with another type of disease was found to be in possession of pills for their illness we all know they would not be charged or even ticketed, yet when medical marijuana patients are found with Marijuana there is always the chance of being arrested or even worse having to fight to stay out of Jail. Guidelines need to be set in place in order to keep things like this from happening over and over to medical patients who should have the right to carry their medication without fear of having trouble with the law.





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