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Weed Takes Root

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This is not your usual run of the mill university, the name of this higher learning place is called Oaksterdam University and it takes its name from a bastardization of Oakland, where the university began, and pot-friendly Amsterdam. The whole idea to this magnificent learning center is to teach its students to learn how to grow and take care of marijuana plants so that they can spread the gift of pot to all.




Here in the pictures above you will see some of the most healthy marijuana plants ever growing in the indoor gardens and you will also see the founder of the whole operation Mr. Richard Lee who is tending to the indoor marijuana plants at the Oaksterdam University. Just remember this is not your average university and not anyone can join as you may well be aware, this is strictly a place of higher learning where people and learn the benefits that the wonderful plant has to offer medical wise and more.


Cannabis Advocate For Texan Of The Year

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Readers emailed that Texas native Richard Lee the force behind California's Proposition 19 which would have legalized marijuanause, should be recognized as Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year



Suzanne Wills of Dallas Wrote:

“Richard grew up in Houston. He had a happy, active lifestyle until he was 27. Then, while working as a lighting technician, he fell off a scaffold and broke his back The injury left him paralyzed below the waist. Suffering from sleeplessness, spasms and other complications, Richard told his parents he was considering suicide. Then he learned that cannabis relieved his pain and quieted his spasms.” “Since cannabis was illegal in his home state, Richard moved to Oakland after passage of Proposition 215, which legalized marijuana as a medicinal herb in California. ... Soon afterwards, he opened two dispensaries then, his most famous venture, Oaksterdam University. It has trained nearly 10,000 students in marijuana cultivation, law and advocacy”


The proposition lost last week with 46 percent of the vote in support. Still, 1.6 million Californians cast their ballots for the right to use marijuana without violating state law.


South Dakota to vote on medical marijuana

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South Dakota could become the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana on Tuesday if voters agree with supporters that it's an issue of compassion.


A similar effort to allow patients suffering from a debilitating medical condition legal access to pot failed four years ago, receiving 48 percent of the vote.


Supporters of Initiated Measure 13 say those dealing with the pain and muscle spasms of multiple sclerosis or the nausea from cancer chemotherapy treatments should have access to something that could help them. Opponents argue the proposed law would lead to increased use of pot by those with no medical need.


South Dakota's proposal is more restrictive than laws in other states that have legalized marijuana for medical uses. It bans storefront dispensaries, and instead requires patients or their designated caregivers to cultivate and handle the marijuana. A caregiver would be limited to growing for no more than five patients.


The proposal would legalize marijuana to treat debilitating diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, Lou Gehrig's disease and Alzheimer's, and conditions such as chronic pain, severe nausea or muscle spasms or seizures.


The state Health Department would issue registry cards, good for a year, to patients who get doctors to certify that they have medical needs that could be treated with marijuana. Qualified patients and their designated caregivers could not be arrested or prosecuted for having up to an ounce of pot.


The card holder or caregiver could have up to six marijuana plants, which would have to be kept in a locked place.


The law states that no more than one patient or caregiver could grow marijuana on the same property, unless the property is the primary residence for each of the cardholders.



'Mel Gibson' Marijuana Rolls Into Cali Weed Shops

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A new strain of weed is creating one hell of a buzz in California marijuana dispensaries -- all because it's named after Mel Gibson TMZ reports.



Here's the best part -- one dispensary employee tells us the Mel strain got it's name because, "Once you smoke it, it's supposed to make you go ballistic."


Read the full story at TMZ


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Medical Marijuana patients facing drug charges?

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A state Judge in Hawaii is considering dropping drug charges against 2 medical marijuana patients who thought it would be a  good idea to try and get their weed on their flights to another island nearby. The two defendants admitted they were in possession of marijuana but that they had legal certification of their medical marijuana cards to prove they were in possession legally.


One of the biggest issues here is if a medical patient with another type of disease was found to be in possession of pills for their illness we all know they would not be charged or even ticketed, yet when medical marijuana patients are found with Marijuana there is always the chance of being arrested or even worse having to fight to stay out of Jail. Guidelines need to be set in place in order to keep things like this from happening over and over to medical patients who should have the right to carry their medication without fear of having trouble with the law.





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