Marijuana Arrests Down Almost 90% In Philadelphia

Category: News | Posted on Thu, January, 29th 2015 by THCFinder
philly-weed-arrests-down-90-percentMarijuana reform can save law enforcement a lot of time, effort, and money. A great example of that is occurring in Philadelphia. Philadelphia passed a marijuana decriminalization bill last year. As a result of the change in public policy, marijuana arrests are down 88% compared to years past. That is that much more time that cops can focus on real crime, instead of being tied up investigating someone for consuming a joint. Per Philly.Com:
Police made 63 arrests for marijuana possession between Oct. 20 (the day the new procedure went into place) and Dec. 31. There were 35 of the new citations issued in the same time period. The code violations are $25 for possession and $100 for smoking in public.
Philly420 first reported a 78 percent reduction in arrests during the first month of decrim. Now a police spokeswoman says the numbers have been adjusted down even further for simple possession. Police say they now have a new arrest code for those caught “in the act of a transaction.” Those “buyer of” weed arrests don’t show up in the possession totals.
Compared to previous years, this now amounts to an 88 percent decline in arrests. There were 559 arrests in November and December of 2013 for possession of less than 30 grams of cannabis.
This is great news for the City of Philadelphia. Imagine if marijuana was fully legalized in Philadelphia, and throughout Pennsylvania. Imagine how much money would be saved then. Add to that tax revenues generated by a legal marijuana industry, as well as the boost to local economies from the new jobs that would be created. Hopefully that day is not too far off in Pennsylvania.


Study: Patients Get More Relief From Medical Marijuana Than Painkillers

Category: News | Posted on Wed, January, 28th 2015 by THCFinder
more-relief-from-marijuana-than-pain-killersI always say that the best medicine is the medicine that works and is safer. That is almost always the case when it comes to medical marijuana compared to pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals almost always come with harmful side effects, and have led to a lot of death and misery across the globe. Sadly, marijuana opponents would rather have patients using those harmful pharmaceuticals than using medical marijuana, even in states where medical marijuana is legal.
The results of a study were recently released which found that Australians who were suffering from chronic pain found more relief from using marijuana than they did using other conventional pain killers. Per the Sydney Morning Herald:
Australians suffering from chronic pain may get more relief from their symptoms using cannabis than they do from some conventional medications, researchers have found.
A large study of people suffering from chronic problems such as back pain, migraine and arthritis has discovered many are turning to cannabis to relieve their symptoms, despite already being prescribed heavy-duty opioid medications such as morphine and oxycodone.
In a finding that is likely to further intensify the debate about medical marijuana use, the National Drug and Alcohol Centre researchers found people who used the illegal drug said it was more helpful than the highly addictive and potentially dangerous opioid medications.
I have had multiple friends die from overdosing on pain killers. I have never, ever had a friend die from using medical marijuana. If patients get more relief from medical marijuana, whether it’s in Australia or beyond, they should be allowed to use it. Any politician or opponent who says otherwise doesn’t have a heart or soul.


Former Buffalo Cop Gets Five Years For Marijuana Grow Charge

Category: News | Posted on Tue, January, 27th 2015 by THCFinder
former-cop-gets-years-for-growing-mjIn May 2012, Jorge Melendez was arrested along with Jason Elardo and Robert Osika after prosecutors said that they saw a surveillance video showing the men tending to a marijuana grow operation in a warehouse on South Park Avenue in Buffalo. Melendez was specifically observed going to the warehouse in his patrol care, while on duty, to tend to the plants. The officer was working for D District but the warehouse was in A District. Upon searching the warehouse, officers also found Melendez’s badge and other credentials, which he had previously claimed to be lost. 
With the discovery of this warehouse, officials found two other marijuana grow ops, one on Clinton Street and the other on West Woodside. Both of the grows were owned by Jason and Gale Elardo. Osika and Elardo are currently awaiting sentencing and are convicted of conspiracy. Jason Elardo died about a year after he was charged in this case, another casualty of the drug war on marijuana. When Melendez faces sentencing, he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years with a maximum of forty years behind bars.
Events like this just go to show you how many people are involved in the marijuana trade. Even police officers that are on active duty are growing pot. The business is too tempting and too profitable not to get involved. With such severe consequences for getting caught, it’s surprising that people are still growing and selling marijuana, even with full time jobs that pay well and have benefits. No matter what profession a person has, it’s still possible that they’re involved in the marijuana business. It just seems so awful to think that there are police that are arresting non-violent offenders for possessing marijuana while they themselves are growing it.


Army Warns Washington Marijuana Stores To Not Sell To Troops

Category: News | Posted on Fri, January, 23rd 2015 by THCFinder

I was shocked yesterday when I was sitting in my cubicle at work looking at stuff on Twitter, and saw a couple of tweets from attorney Hilary Bricken (Weed Blog attorney of the year!) stating that the Army has sent warning letters to some of her marijuana business clients telling them to refrain from selling marijuana to troops. Below is the tweet:

army marijuana businesses tweet

At first I thought there must have been some kind of misunderstanding. However, a follow up tweet included a redacted version of the letter, which can be seen below:

army marijuana businesses letter

The letter doesn’t include what penalty will occur if the business doesn’t comply. It also doesn’t state what exactly the Army wants from the marijuana business as far as ‘evidence to the AFDCB that you agree to stop selling these substances to military personnel.’ How is that even possible? I’m assuming Army personnel don’t exactly come into the store in full camo and present their military ID at the time of purchase. This letter borders on harassment, and I’m curious to see how things play out.



Portland, Oregon Gets A NORML Chapter

Category: News | Posted on Fri, January, 16th 2015 by THCFinder
oregon-gets-a-norml-chapterI think that Portland, Oregon is one of the most underrated places when it comes to marijuana. Marijuana culture is very prevalent in Oregon’s largest city, and has been for a long time. There’s a reason that the late great Jack Herer started a headshop in Portland, which is still around to this day. The marijuana industry in Portland is growing at a rapid pace, and with recreational marijuana coming online fairly soon, the industry will obviously expand even more in the Rose City. So it’s very fitting that there is now a NORML chapter in Portland, which will be led by valued contributor to this blog, Russ Belville. Per Oregon Live:
The Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has formed a Portland chapter — Portland NORML. The group, headed by Portland-based radio host and cannabis activists Russ Belville, will push for rules and regulations that ensure marijuana consumers are “provided the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as adult alcohol and tobacco consumers, whenever practical.”
“Like booze, marijuana alters perceptions and mood; like cigarettes, marijuana produces smoke that can intrude on non-smokers’ right to fresh air,” said Belville in a statement announcing the group’s formation. “But marijuana brings with it far less damage and danger to the individual consumer and the non-consuming public, so there is no logical reason why adult marijuana consumers should be treated with any less respect, restricted more severely, and denied the same privileges we extend to responsible adult drinkers and smokers.”
There are numerous attack bills currently introduced in Oregon’s Legislature, with more likely on the way. A lot of those bills would have a dramatic effect on Portland, which has the largest marijuana industry base in Oregon. That’s why it’s so important that there is a NORML Chapter fighting specifically for Portland (although it’s worth noting that there are other chapters in the state working hard too!). I think it goes without saying that I will do everything I can to support the chapter via this blog, including asking people to donate to their causes.


Scientists May Have Discovered A New Species Of Marijuana In Australia

Category: News | Posted on Wed, January, 14th 2015 by THCFinder
new-strain-of-marijuana-possibly-found-in-australiaNew strains of marijuana pop up almost daily anymore. How many of them are actually new strains, versus old strains given a new name for marketing purposes, is tough to say. It’s not everyday that a new species of marijuana is discovered, but that appears to potentially be the case in Australia, where scientists believe they have discovered an entirely new species of marijuana. Per Culture:
Scientists at the University of Sydney believe they have found a fourth species of cannabis. The finding took place in 201 (sic), when a group of people were hiking in the Blue Mountains of Australia and discovered a single plant that resembled cannabis. The shrub was later donated to a research laboratory at the University of Sydney where a series of tests were conducted on the plant – proving that it was indeed cannabis. “When we first received the plant we were very skeptical about its relation to cannabis. It has somewhat similar growth structure, but the leaves look nothing like cannabis leaves,” according to researcher Christopher Pool.
The test results show that the species is resistant to freezing temperatures and the plant grows more like a shrub, without the archetypal candelabra shape of most cannabis strains. Countless cannabis breeders the world over have offered to pay upwards of $2,000 per seed, but Pool stated “The only problem is that we don’t have any seeds, we only have one plant,” adding, “We’ve exhausted our funding trying to find another like it.”
From what it sounds like, we may never get to taste the new strain of marijuana, unless scientists (or seed breeders) can find some more of it. What a tease, right? It begs the question of ‘are there any other species of marijuana out there?’ This is a fantastic development, and is certainly worth monitoring.



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