Silicon Valley Investors Are Starting to Warm Up to Cannabis

Category: News | Posted on Tue, July, 12th 2016 by THCFinder

SAN FRANCISCO — When three Colorado marijuana entrepreneurs made a presentation to 40 Silicon Valley investors last year, it was as though they were discussing something dirty.

“There was an uncomfortable chuckle in the room, kind of like you’re talking about porn,” says Fulton Connor, the Sand Hill Angels Inc. member who arranged the meeting. His fellow venture capitalists just couldn’t get past the fact that marijuana remains prohibited under federal law.

They’re way more chill now, he says. In May, Connor’s firm, which typically invests in mainstream startups like the taxi-hailing app Flywheel, steered $200,000 to Boulder-based Tradiv, an online marketplace for wholesale cannabis. “They understand it more as a business and the direction of the market,” Connor says. “And they see where it’s becoming more acceptable.”


Initiative 139 to Limit THC Percentage in Denver is Withdrawn

Category: News | Posted on Mon, July, 11th 2016 by THCFinder

DENVER — The Cannabis Business Alliance has released a statement on the withdrawal of proposed Initiative 139, which would have crippled Colorado’s fledging Cannabis industry and pushed supply to the black market causing a loss in jobs and tax revenue. 

“In 2012, Colorado residents showed their support of the legal Cannabis market by overwhelmingly approving Amendment 64, which requires the state to regulate the Cannabis Industry like alcohol. Proponents of Initiative 139 who were attempting to add a purity limit of 16% to the ballot in November were extremely misguided. The restrictions on Cannabis purity would have been similar to limiting the alcohol content by volume on beer, wine and liquor. It would be the equivalent of only having 3.2 beer available. The industry is thankful that common sense has prevailed,” noted Cannabis Business Alliance Executive Director Mark Slaugh.

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Leafedin.Org : The Weed App Keeping Big Business At Bay

Category: News | Posted on Sun, July, 10th 2016 by THCFinder

Normally reserved for the advocates and supporters of the cannabis cause, the future of

cannabis is in danger of being monopolized by the interests of a few individuals with the goal of

creating a “Big Marijuana” – much like what has happened already with Big Tobacco and Big


Outsiders with little to no interest in advancing the marijuana movement are eyeing the

industry. The usual defenders, groups like NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), who

have worked on for years on the cause need help defending cannabis against big business


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Investigators discovered illegal marijuana growth site in Napa County

Category: News | Posted on Sun, July, 10th 2016 by THCFinder

LAKE BERRYESSA (BCN) — Agents with the Napa Special Investigations Bureau arrested two men earlier this week, after they were found at an alleged illegal marijuana grow site in a remote part of Napa County near Lake Berryessa.

On Wednesday morning, NSIB agents served a search warrant at the site of a large-scale growing operation in the 3400 block of Sage Canyon Road, NSIB officials said.

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Native American Meeting Gets Medical-Pot Provider as Sponsor

Category: News | Posted on Sat, July, 9th 2016 by THCFinder

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- A medical marijuana company operating in New Mexico and Arizona has signed on as a sponsor of one of North America's largest powwows.

Gathering of Nations organizers announced their partnership with Ultra Health this week, saying it's similar to health and dental clinics at previous powwows.

Founder Derek Mathews tells Albuquerque television station KOAT that marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes throughout the United States, particularly in Indian Country. He says it adds to the health and treatment options for the Native American community.

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Rio Drug Dealers Selling Marijuana Branded With Olympic Logo

Category: News | Posted on Thu, July, 7th 2016 by THCFinder

With the Olympic Games set to get underway in another month, it seems that drug dealers in Rio de Janerio are working to capitalize on the “Faster – Higher – Stronger” motto by branding packages of marijuana with the logo specially designed for the Rio 2016 event.

According to a report published earlier this week by the AFP, police recently discovered that marijuana is being distributed in some of the most downtrodden areas of the Brazilian state, labeled with the swirling rendition of the Olympics logo that was designed by the game’s organizing committee. 

Law enforcement officers are said to have found a number of packages of the cleverly marketed pot product some time last week in the Nova Holanda district. The force’s leading narcotics agent Felipe Curi told reporters that the herb “had the Olympic Games logo stuck to the packets,” which are believed to be connected to the cartel activity that has ramped up ahead of the games scheduled to begin the first week of August.

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