"Legalize Medical Marijuana" billboard targeting seniors

Category: News | Posted on Thu, March, 15th 2012 by THCFinder
MIAMI, FL (CBS4) - A South Florida man is setting out to promote the use of medical marijuana.
Billboards are popping up along Sample Road in Broward County that are targeting senior citizens.
The more ornate billboard says, 'Legalize Medical Marijuana.  I'm a patient not a criminal' and another depicts an elderly person in a wheelchair.
Down the road, another billboard reads 'Reschedule Medical Marijuana, one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man." CBS4's Cynthia Demos spoke with folks who drove by the billboard.
"For my family I don't like it," said Roseanne Alves.
"Marijuana is a gateway drug," said Zed Castro.
The billboards are the work of 69-year-old Robert Platshorn.
Platshorm said he spent 30 years in prison for smuggling marijuana, a substance he says can help people and shouldn't be illegal.  He doesn't want others sent to prison for what he calls, 'not committing a crime', so he is trying to make it legal.
"The billboard is a way to bring attention to the cause," Platshorn said.  In the four years he's been out of prison he started his cause, "The Silver Tour" to promote the legalization of marijuana for seniors.
"They have the time, the inclination and the need," he said.


Mitch McConnell To Constituent: Marijuana Leads To Death

Category: News | Posted on Wed, March, 14th 2012 by THCFinder
Apparently we have another ignorant senator, Mitch McConnel who is making false statements that Marijuana is a drug that can lead to death, well we would love to hear even one instance where marijuana was the cause of a single death on this planet...
WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told a constituent in favor of legalizing marijuana that he doesn't support the idea because drugs like pot lead to death.
In a Feb. 14 letter to his constituent, McConnell said he has "serious concerns" about legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, a topic that the constituent had written to him about. He pointed out that the main ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, is already available in pill form for the treatment of certain illnesses.
He is also "troubled" by the fact that many legalization proposals would make marijuana available to the public "without following the scientific processes" of the Food and Drug Administration, McConnell said.
McConnell then cites a medical marijuana bill introduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and raises concerns about what could happen if it became law -- death.
"Because of the harm that substances like marijuana and other narcotics pose to our society, I have concerns about this legislation. The detrimental effects of drugs have been well documented: short-term memory loss, loss of core motor functions, heightened risk of lung disease, and even death," McConnell wrote.


Sheriff orders Compliance checks at homes of random Medical Marijuana Patients!

Category: News | Posted on Wed, March, 14th 2012 by THCFinder

Since when do the cops have a right to come to your house and request to see your medical marijuana card, identification, how many plants you are growing and more? Have you ever in your life heard of cops coming to your door when your doctor prescribes you vicodin for your pain to make sure that you only have the prescribed amount of pills in your bottle?


The answer is HELL NO! This is so f*cking ridiculous it just blows my mind that they can get away with this. At the very least I would expect my medical records to be a little more private and hidden away from the generaly public as well as local law enforment. It's none of their business if I am a medical marijuana patient or not and at not point should any patient ever have to worry about police showing up at their door for any bullshit compliance check!


Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said he plans to meet with detectives who conducted recent medical marijuana “compliance checks” in Dunsmuir to ensure they’re relaying correct information to the public.

He said the Sheriff’s Office will abide by doctor recommendations for marijuana amounts and that any misinformation put out by deputies and detectives will be corrected. Lopey stated in an interview earlier this week that cooperating with deputies doing compliance checks is completely voluntary. (See Lopey's full response in the blue column to the right.)
Earlier this month, Dunsmuir residents reported that Sheriff’s deputies, in some cases accompanied by a detective, made unannounced visits to their homes, knocking on doors and stating they were there at the direction of the Sheriff.
Without producing warrants, the deputies and a detective dressed in full camouflage were reported to have requested to see medical marijuana recommendation cards, asked to photograph the cards, requested and photographed identification, asked to view the number of plants in possession and, according to several people who experienced the visits, advised people on what medical conditions marijuana may or may not be used for. Citizens said they were also being told that if they donate marijuana to the local collective they will be prosecuted for narcotics violations.


Marijuana Sobriety Checkpoints: New Legislation to Outlaw Driving While Stoned

Category: News | Posted on Mon, March, 12th 2012 by THCFinder

Watch out Tokers, you might be getting a DUI days after smoking that green if you aren't careful!

​Some will swear that marijuana has merit for motorists. Others fear impairment of any kind, at any level. We're pretty terrified of teen drivers, especially those with cell phones and hangovers, but we'll leave it to the government to intervene on this great debate. 
Driving while stoned would become much more dangerous under a bill introduced last month by a SoCal Assemblywoman: It would result in an automatic DUI offense.  
The proposed bill would tag this "offense" onto the section of the Vehicle Code that addresses drunk driving. The new section states any level of "cannabinoids or synthetic cannabinoid compound" found in a driver's blood or urine up to three hours after a traffic stop would equate to a DUI, according to AB 2552, which was introduced by Assemblywoman Norma Torres (D-Pomona).
But wait -- doesn't cannabinoids remain in the body for days or weeks after consumption? True that, according to California NORML: If passed, Torres' bill would criminalize outright operation of a motor vehicle by any marijuana user. So hopefully tokers know enough beer-drinkers skilled enough to stay under 0.08 to designated-driver them to work.
Torres introduced the bill quietly: No press release accompanied AB 2552's Feb. 27 unveiling. 
Torres is a former 911 dispatcher for the LAPD and mayor of Pomona serving her second term in Sacramento, and is running for reelection this year. Her financial backers include booze, cops, Indians, and media. More specifically, tribal committees, NBC Universal, Millercoors, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, and the Wine Institute, Anheuser Busch, all of which contributed $1,000 or more to Torres's reelection campaign, according to records.
Word of the bill's existence broke over the weekend among the marijuana community: NORML issued a press release on Saturday, and union organizers pledged to fight the measure with "EVERYTHING we have," according to Dan Rush, national director of the medical cannabis and hemp division of United Food and Commercial Workers. The union is also fighting a similar bill in Colorado, Rush said.


Tyson Griffin Tested Positive For Marijuana At UFC 123

Category: News | Posted on Fri, March, 9th 2012 by THCFinder
The UFC returned to the state of Michigan for the first time since UFC 9 when UFC 123 was held at the Palace of Auburn Hills on November 20, 2010. The event wasn't without some controversy as the first round of the Gerald Harris vs. Maiquel Falcao bout ended early due to poor time keeping and may have cost Falcao a chance to finish a choke.
Now, sixteen months later, another bit of interesting news from that card is bubbling to the surface.
In the wake of the news that the Association of Boxing Commission had sent a letter to all its member commissions telling them to no longer license fighters from the state of Michigan and to not recognize fights taking place in the state, Bloody Elbow Radio's Matt Bishop e-mailed me and asked if anyone was aware that Tyson Griffin had tested positive for something following UFC 123. Matt had found the information out while looking at some meeting minutes on the commission's webpage.
After searching up and down the internet, I could find no mention of Griffin having tested positive for anything, but the meeting minutes were quite clear (emphasis mine):
2. TYSON LEE GRIFFIN - Complaint No. 316174
The Commission reviewed the Stipulation and complaint. The respondent admits to violation of Sections MCL 338.3648(6)(a) and R 339.269(3). The Stipulation, in part, provides for the following:
a. At the next unarmed combat or boxing contest Respondent participates in as a contestant, within the State of Michigan, Respondent may be specifically selected for a post-contest urine screening to measure the presence of alcohol or drugs.
b. Respondent shall pay a fine in the amount of $250 within 60 days from the mailing date of the Final Order.
c. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions within 60 days from the mailing date of the Final Order shall result in a suspension of all licenses or registration renewals and denial of future applications for licensure until compliance is made.
d. Respondent license was summarily suspended for at least 100 days.
It was moved by Mr. Mueller and supported by Mr. Packer to accept the Stipulation. The motion passed unanimously.
With Griffin a recognizable UFC fighter whose bout at 123 was his twelfth on the sport's biggest stage, it simply didn't make sense for this to have been a non-story.
The test failure not only wasn't reported by any news website, it didn't appear to be publicly acknowledged by the UFC either.


'Marijuana' Diet Pill May Be Possible, Endocannabinoid Study Suggests

Category: News | Posted on Wed, March, 7th 2012 by THCFinder

Is the skinny pill right around the cornor? Would this be a game changer for society if our entire planet was filled with modelesque looking people without anyone looking larger than life? Would this change the game for models, actors, and other industries that hire people based on looks? If everyone was naturally skinny, would society stop working out, would gyms cease to exist becuase only the few would continue to work hard for muscle mass? This would be an interesting leap in the medical world if we could pop a pill and stop gaining wait!

A dreamy diet pill that someday allows people to eat as much as they want without gaining weight seems possible, based on new research into certain brain chemicals that influence how quickly we burn fat.
Scientists used lab mice to turn down brain levels of endocannabinoids, chemicals produced by our bodies that are similar in molecular structure to the active ingredients in marijuana.
Previous research has found that endocannabinoids play an important role in regulating energy metabolism. In the new study, blocking the activity of endocannabinoids in the brain enabled mice to stay skinny without exercise or dieting. The researchers explained that the mice were in a "hypermetabolic state," in which their bodies were using up energy (that is, calories) at a much higher rate than normal.
"We discovered that these mice were resistant to obesity because they burned fat calories much more efficiently than normal mice do," study researcher Daniele Piomelli, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, said in a statement. "We had known that endocannabinoids play a critical role in cell energy regulation, but this is the first time we found a target where this occurs."
This target is a compound called 2-AG, found in high levels in mammalian brains, and researchers think it plays a role in the brain circuits controlling how the body uses energy, which we get from food.
A previous study by Piomelli found these compounds make us crave fat. To see if lowering the levels of these compounds had the opposite effect, Piomelli engineered the brain cells of mice to express only low levels of this compound, then compared the animals' behavior and health with that of normal mice.
The modified mice ate more and moved less than their normal counterparts, but stayed skinny even on a high-fat diet. Not only did they look healthy, they had normal blood pressure, and no increased risk of heart disease and diabetes that usually come with a high-fat diet.
The researchers determined that the modified mice's brown fat was overactive — it was being turned into heat much quicker than in the normal mice. Brown fat is a type of fat that keeps mammals warm, and this heat creation burns off excess energy.
Jumping from lab studies in mice to actual health benefits for humans is still a ways away, though, since it is difficult to make a drug that acts only in one brain area.
"To produce the desired effects, we would need to create a drug that blocks 2-AG production in the brain, something we're not yet able to do," Piomelli said. "So don't cancel that gym membership just yet."
The study was published today (March 6) in the journal Cell Metabolism.



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