8th Graders in Indiana More Likely To Do Drugs

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 28th 2010 by THCFinder

Eighth-graders in Marion County and throughout the state are more likely to smoke, drink and use marijuana than their counterparts in the rest of the nation, a new study finds. Drug-prevention experts here know the problem exists. But they don't know why.n The high rate of use may stem from scant dollars for prevention, more accessible drugs and the lack of a community network to address teen drug use, they say.



"I wish we had a better handle on some of the specific reasons," said Randy Miller, executive director of Drug Free Marion County. "It would make it easier for us to address and reduce it. That's part of the struggle." While marijuana use in this age group has increased across the country, the numbers are dramatically higher here. About 17 percent of Marion County eighth-graders used marijuana in the past month, compared with 8 percent nationally, according to a survey conducted by the National Institutes of Health.

The gap between local and national statistics narrows for high school seniors. That may reflect Indianapolis' high dropout rate rather than any real distinction in teens of that age because those who drop out are more likely to abuse substances, said Nancy Beals, prevention project coordinator for Drug Free Marion County. In an effort to turn the statistics around, Drug Free Marion County will apply for a federal grant to beef up prevention starting with sixth-graders, Miller said. If his group is awarded the $125,000 five-year grant, it would more than double what the group has to spend on prevention annually.


I'm part Cherokee and we don't consider marijuana a drug

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 28th 2010 by THCFinder

CRESTVIEW -- A woman whose husband allowed officers to search their home was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after they found marijuana in a grinder on the kitchen table.

"I'm part Cherokee Indian and we don't consider marijuana a drug," the 30-year-old Crestview woman told officers.

She smelled of alcohol, according to her Crestview Police Department arrest report.

Three young children were in the house at the time. Her husband told officers his wife "ingests marijuana." Officers also found two smoking devices after the husband pointed out their location, the report said.

The woman was arrested Dec. 18.




Woman Beaten After Returning Drugs On Christmas

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 28th 2010 by THCFinder

Flint police say a woman was beaten after returning a stolen bag of marijuana to a drug dealer on Christmas Day.  The Flint Journal says the unidentified victim and a friend bought the illegal drugs at a home in the city about 50 miles northwest of Detroit about 10 p.m. Saturday. 



Police say when the woman tried to return the stolen bag to the dealer about 20 minutes later, several men and women punched, kicked and beat her with belts. The dealer drove the woman and her friend to the victim's home, where the victim's two dogs bit the suspect when he tried to enter the house. 


Oakland Eases Off On Plan To Industrialize Marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 27th 2010 by THCFinder

Former construction industry executive Jeff Wilcox has a $20 million bet riding on the future of marijuana commercialization in California. That is what his AgraMed Inc. venture has invested in a warehouse near the Oakland waterfront and a bid to open a "business park for the cannabis industry." He hopes to lease the space to pot growers, bakeries, labs and processing facilities and to create hundreds of well-paying jobs. But Wilcox is in limbo after Oakland officials last week suspended a plan to issue four licenses for factory-scale production of medical marijuana. Wilcox is only the most pronounced of numerous suitors for the coveted permits who suddenly have cause to worry.




Oakland City Council members approved the unprecedented plan to tax and license the industrialization of marijuana in July. At the time, Oakland was preening as the political epicentre for a California initiative seeking to legalize pot as a leisure activity and sanction a marijuana market extending far beyond medical use. But Proposition 19, defeated by voters Nov. 2, drew the ire of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who proclaimed the federal government wasn't going to tolerate retail pot sales in California. Oakland's ambitious cultivation plan designed to service the existing medical pot economy and potential recreational use also drew the suspicion of federal agents, who contacted the city.

Now, the process is on hold amid fears of government raids and warnings that Oakland's bold pot plan may violate California laws mandating that medical marijuana businesses operate as nonprofits. In a Dec. 6 letter to Jean Quan, Oakland's incoming mayor, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, warned that the city ordinance offered no "legal or equitable defence" against criminal prosecution of pot factories opening in town. City Attorney John Russo said he was contacted in October and again in November by U.S. Justice Department officials "expressing concern" over the city's plans. Oakland hoped to cash in on a 5 percent local tax on proceeds from the future pot factories that voters approved in November and a 10 percent tax on recreational sales if California voters passed Proposition 19.


Top Cop's House Used As Cannabis Factory

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 27th 2010 by THCFinder

A crime gang used a house owned by one of Britain’s top police officers as a cannabis factory, it has emerged. Drug dealers grew thousands of pounds of super-strong “skunk” plants under the nose of Rod Jarman, a Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner. The officer rented out the four-bed house through an online letting agent to a British man with a Chinese or Vietnamese name, who provided proof of identity and bank details.




Later, alerted to strange noises by neighbours, Mr Jarman visited the house, in Abridge, Essex, and found it filled with plants and equipment for growing the class B drug. There was also a machete lying on the floor and rear windows smashed – signs that the house had been burgled by rivals. The gang had run up a £20,000 electricity bill and caused an estimated £48,000 of damage.


Mr Jarman told the Mirror: “Despite 31 years’ experience of policing I didn’t see it coming. “It is an absolutely awful thing for people to find their home has been destroyed for somebody else’s illegal gain.” Police in England and Wales uncover about 20 cannabis factories every day and last year officers and customs seized 1.3 million plants worth £150million.


Asian with 57 pot plants victim of racial profiling, judge says

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 27th 2010 by THCFinder

VANCOUVER — A B.C. judge has thrown out the evidence against an Asian man stopped with 57 marijuana plants in his trunk after ruling he had been a victim of racial profiling.


Zai Chong Huang was pulled over in January 2009 as he travelled along a road in 100 Mile House, B.C., about 430 kilometres northeast of Vancouver. A search of his truck turned up the potted plants, a timer, a bottle of liquid fertilizer and 150 empty plant pots, and Huang was charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.


The officer, identified in court documents only as Const. Berze, said he'd pulled Huang over for swerving twice in his own lane. However, after reviewing circumstantial evidence, Provincial Court Judge Elizabeth Bayliff decided Berze did so only because of his own prejudice against Asian people.


The most damning evidence came in an interview between Berze and Huang on the night of the incident.


"You must be guilty as shit," Berze is quoted as saying in an interview transcript. "You're probably a gang member, aren't you? An Asian gang from Surrey, right? Well you're not saying anything so it must be true . . . . If I were the Canadian government I'd kick your ass right out of Canada is what I'd do.


"You come into my country and you start trafficking dope around. That's bullshit. My wife and kids live here in 100 Mile House, and pieces of shit like you are gonna come in. And if they are trafficking drugs in my hometown, I do not like it at all."


Huang, whose first language is Cantonese, only gave short replies indicating he did not understand.


Bayliff called the outburst a display of Berze's own anger.


"(Berze) demonstrates that he is personally very angry at a particular group of people of Asian extraction — those who are associated with organized crime, particularly the production and trafficking of marijuana and other drugs," she said. "He demonstrates enmity to that group of people. Further, he assumes that Mr. Huang is part of that group."


Around the same time Berze pulled Huang over, Berze's colleague, Const. Manseau, stopped another Asian man, whose vehicle also contained marijuana plants, a few kilometres behind. That man turned out to be Huang's twin brother, Zai Qing.


Manseau said he, too, pulled the man over for swerving in his lane. Bayliff noted the coincidence might not mean anything on its own, but "it is the whole of the evidence and all of the circumstances that must be considered."


She went on to say she found it "more probable than not" that Berze saw Huang, and perhaps his brother, at a gas station earlier on and followed Huang's vehicle, looking for a reason to pull it over.


Bayliff concluded by saying the principle issue is that it is a fundamental liberty for people to be able to move about the country freely without improper police interference.


"In my view, when I balance the public interest in seeing this prosecution proceed against the charter value at issue, I conclude that to admit evidence would bring the administration of justice into disrepute."




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